NIGHTMARE At The Cinema | Scary Stories Animated

NIGHTMARE At The Cinema | Scary Stories Animated

No one likes going to the movies alone. But my so-called friends bailed on me at the
very last minute and I was left stranded at the cinema. Since I had already been waiting for almost
an hour at the movie theatre, I decided to go see a movie anyway. The turn out wasn’t all that great, Gorgon’s
Ghost? What kind of title was that for a movie? But it was either this or Twilight so I thought
I would give it a chance. About halfway through the movie, I noticed
something strange in the corner of my eye. While everyone was looking forward at the
screen, someone was looking in the opposite direction. I glanced behind me but couldn’t see anything
of interest. Then I realized this person was looking back
at me. At first, I thought it was just some kid,
but as I looked closer, I realized that it was an older man. His eyes were wide open and I could see a
faint smile appearing on his face. I was freaked out by the fact that someone
had paid just to sit there and stare back at a random stranger. I found it almost impossible to ignore him
staring at me like that, so I pulled out my phone and pretended to send some text messages. At least the strong glare from the screen
of my phone made it easier to ignore him. Eventually, I ran out of things to do with
my phone and I checked to see if the guy was still staring at me. Fortunately, it appeared that whoever it was
had run out of patience and continued watching the movie. I let out an instant sigh of relief and tried
my best to enjoy the rest of the movie. But it wasn’t long before a sudden movement
to the far left of the cinema, caused me to turn and look only to realize that the same
creep that was staring at me before, had moved to the other end of the row where I was seated. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck
raise as I looked directly forward again to try to avoid giving any further attention. As I cautiously scanned for the nearest exit
to my right, I felt a strange vibration. I looked to my left and saw that he had moved
a few seats closer. I looked away trying to recall how many seats
were between him and me but as I felt another strong vibration I could only assume the worst. Without thinking twice, I stood up and ran
for the exit. As I reached the main hallway of the cinema
complex, I tried to call one of my friends for help but I realized my phone was gone. I must have dropped it as I was running for
the exit. It felt like such a big risk going back in
there, but then I heard a commotion coming from inside. It sounded like the movie had finished and
everyone was heading for the exits. I decided to wait for everyone to vacate the
cinema before heading back inside to get my phone so I patiently waited as everyone poured
into the hallway. I quickly snuck back inside and I was relieved
to see that all the seats were empty and there was no sign of that strange creep from earlier. Now I just needed to find my phone and be
on my way. I couldn’t see much against the dark floor
and poor lighting but I was optimistic when I suddenly heard my phone ring. I looked around frantically to find it but
it sounded like it was coming from the other end of the cinema. I followed the sound until it led me to one
of the trash bins next to the front row seat. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would throw
a perfectly good phone in the trash instead of handing it in or even stealing it. The cinema staff were probably already on
there way to clean up so I had to be fast and find my phone before they showed up. After rummaging through the trash, I finally
found my phone but I almost wish I hadn’t when I realized it was covered in…blood. Suddenly, it all made sense. What kind of disturbed person would hide my
phone far from all the exits after everyone had left? When I realized I had walked into a trap,
I instantly looked behind me and saw him almost grabbing me. I dropped everything and just ran out of the
theatre this time without even stopping. I never did quite get over the events that
took place that day at the movies, but I knew I needed to move on and come to terms with
the fact that a public place, isn’t always a safe place, especially at night.

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  1. WOW your channel is AMAZING! I can’t wait to see your channel grow! With time you’re gonna be HUGE! Keep up the awesome work! ♥️

  2. You are awesome! I subscribed right away! Your animation is so smooth and the scenes you come up with are very creative! Looking forward to more of your work ?

  3. I just hit 100 subscribers and I wanted to let everyone who is watching my videos know that you're awesome! Thanks so much for all your support and continued interest in my scary animated stories. I really enjoy making these and seeing my channel grow has been truly humbling. Couldn't have done it without you guys!

  4. I feel bad for you ☹️ Your animation is Great but why the fuck You have only 500 subs

    Btw Subbed Hope For more 😉
    Edit:IAM your 501st

  5. Good work my friend. But this is why I hardly go out. Some people are just plain evil. Or maybe mentally ill.

  6. so you waited after everyone got out of the cinema to go back..while a creep was stalking you ? seems like a legit move

  7. Very interesting story, clean graphics and narrated well…I enjoyed it alot i have to check out ur other stories, keep 'em coming….I jus subcribed?

  8. I really loved your animation, voice system , characters expression . Love from India . Hope your channel get success .??❤️❤️

  9. T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉w҉n҉ ҉R҉i҉g҉h҉t҉ ҉B҉e҉f҉o҉r҉e҉ ҉ T҉h҉e҉ ҉S҉u҉n҉-҉R҉i҉s҉e҉ ҉I҉s҉ ҉T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉r҉k҉e҉s҉t҉ says:

    01:33 A scary thing a lot of people didn't notice: That phone is shining like a lightsaber amidst the darkness, yet this dude is looking at it wide-eyed

  10. Well, 2 weeks later you've got almost 2k subscribers, you're already doing great dude and I love your animations as well as the narration.

  11. Why does everyone in movie theater story animated always watch the movie alone and sit by themselves in a huge place when there only other person there ?

  12. Liked, commented and subscribed good job on everything friend and thank you for the fantastic entertainment ????

  13. Youre videos are awesome? I love animated horror story’s. you would have earned more subscribers?????

  14. Love your work, your animations are amazing and you are such a great story teller. ???? keep making videos please. ??

  15. 3:15 anyone watching please dont ever do this. go in and get your belongings when other people are around. also remenber its fine to make a scene if you life depends on it.

  16. What the heck was that noise at 4:28!!!! What kind of normal person ever does that voice? Lol, I'm crying of laughter right now.????

  17. I get irritated when bad people try to kill you when there is many people in the movie theatre to kill. Plus I would buy another phone. Forget the phone that was in the trash bag. I dislike running away from someone. I be throwing punches and kicks. Throwing him off across the movie theatre.

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