Neevalle Nenunna Trailer | Surya Sreenivas | Sri Pallavi | 2020 Latest Telugu Movie Trailers

If you love a girl sincerely, you wouldn’t care about the world. Because that girl is your world. I don’t know if it is right or wrong. But I can tell you one thing I truly love you. But for me, I have no good
impression on post-marriage life. How come you are addressing me informally? Of course… Do we address a friend formally instead? Hmm… Initially, you’ve
addressed her as Ms Avani. Now, you are addressing her
informally as Avani, girlfriend, lover and so on… Tell me.
No problem… Come on, tell me. There is not only a good actor in you,
but there is a good poet as well. One need not become
a poet to describe, finding a proper girl would be enough. Hey! No… You are kidding, right? -It’s cold, right?
-Yes, ma’am. NEEVALLE NENUNNA You fool! What would you do if
you are given a lip-kiss? [sprays]
Hah! Mwah! Oh my God! Again my life has… ended up in a doubt.

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