Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down Combat Scenes From Movies | GQ

Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down Combat Scenes From Movies | GQ

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  1. The US Navy Seals are considered SF after only 24 weeks of basic training. The British Royal Marines perform 32 weeks of basic training and will only be considered SF after SBS selection. If a Royal Marine is selected he'll do another 32 weeks to attain the designation "SF" and after that, he'll be SBS.

  2. This was really interesting. Thanks for the perspective.
    I've only ever known two seals, one while I was in the navy and one was a friend of my dad's. I'd have to say every seal I've ever met are some of the coolest and most chill people. So yea if I was going to consider a seal super human it would be because every one I've met is a shining example of what people should be like as well… people.

  3. This is the guy runs his finger under the rim of the toilet bowl to check for cleanliness. And if it looks clean, tastes it just to be sure

  4. Just another guy named whatever who kills "terrorist" in other countries for politicians that serve no purpose to the American people……(insert racist/stupid comments below)

  5. "Procedures", these soldiers are nothing else than brain washed robots in real life,

    movies show a romanticized version of reality, making us believe that soldiers are …smart.

  6. Jocko peepee so big when he got his girlfriend pregnant when she went through labor the baby came out like butter…

  7. thank you for your service but practically all the movies listed here were REAL events. they looked cool cuz they were based on real events. you were there for one.

  8. Who's idea was it to create these videos, your comparing facts against the fantasy that is found in films. Of course they are going to be different to real life, because its a film not a documentary!!!

  9. I would love to see someone in the military react to the COD breach and clear missions and especially the one in Modern Warfare 2019

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed this. That must have been a really long session with all the movies he went through. I'd love to see him do more.

  11. While lazy Americans sit back and watch sports….paying good money .these Brave Warriors get NO recognition. Im here to say ….I refuse to watch sports. Pay our Brave Heroes.

  12. he is right, we should remember the sacrifices. but we should also remember that most of the recent wars the US has started have been out of economic interests more than anything else. and that contradicts his claims of the seals beim some of the best people. good humans would refuse to enter another country illegally to go kill people in an illegal war.

  13. THIS Guy, this is who I want in the military protecting my people. Scary dude, because you know he has the ability to kill everyone in the room but only does it when necessary and under strict guidelines. I could walk up to him and cuss him out and I know he would ignore me but if I laid a finger on him then I would wake up in a hospital if he was feeling good that day. Graveyard otherwise

  14. They never rent quality flicks. They always pick the most intellectually devoid movies on the racks.

    0:18 OOOOOH "NAVY SEALS"!!!

  15. Danny Dietz and Matthew Axelson were on the SEAL team aboard USS Shreveport when I was on board. Danny hung out with us engineers when we pulled into port, he was a great kid. I got out in 2004, before Operation Red Wings when they were killed.

  16. Judging by your looks, the moment you said you had a parachute malfunction I wasn't worried at all. I was more worried about the floor since a meteorite was about to strike it

  17. " can be liberal on how you employ your weapons systems.." 20:43

    " can be much more discriminatory on how you engage the enemy". 20:451

    he indeed went to a communication school. lol.

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