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  1. Nice vid, one thing I'd like to say, if you do like epic story stage and great character performance, you don't really want to miss the "Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa", just don't know if it been TL or not.

  2. Well, I laughed at Ever 17 even making it into that list at first, but then I checked your VNDB and found out you've not read Remember 11. That explained everything. Also, Saya no Uta being ranked higher than Chaos;Head is kinda hilarious too. And too bad you couldn't into the WaB series, because it's more popular in the West than it is in Japan, as far as I know. And some remarks about Umineko. Agatha Christie is spinning in her grave every time someone calls Umineko a "mystery novel". I mean, seriously, regarding the mystery department only episodes 1 and 7 very quite good. Everything else was complete rubbish, (I'd give BGMs and psychological drama parts 10/10 though). And there's also a common thing for Rewrite's review. I hate it when people judge it by its female characters. Let's be honest, none of them, except for Akane, are usual Key-level(and that's pretty high in my world). Kotarou, on the other hand, is disregarded by most of the reviewers. And that's fatal, because Rewrite can't exist without him. The sole purpose of the 2 last routes is to show the depth of his character. Rewrite should not be looked at as your normal romance kind of VN.

  3. Related to Muv-Luv Alternative, from what I heard the project lead had to sell his Ancestral Home in order to get enough funding.

  4. Is there any webpage where I can download Clannad? I didn't know there was such a game, since I only saw the series. Actually, I don't know a thing about all of this, you could say this is my first time ever wanting to play a Visual Novel lol

  5. Honestly, I would play Higurashi and Umineko if they had choices in them because I don't want to read a book that takes 100 hours to finish.

  6. Chaos;Head is for playing at night in the dark with high volume actually… you miss out on the whole atmosphere if you don't

  7. Oh man, I'm so confused as to what I should read/play next… I liked Sharin no Kuni and I loved G-Senjou no Maou and Clannad, my favorite being Katawa Shoujo (these are all the visual novels that I have read). Can anyone offer some advice please?   PS: I forgot to mention that I have also read Saya no Uta– one fucked up visual novel…

  8. have u played some non translated games of nitro+ yet?
    i think nitro+ is the best maker if its about VN   like SUMAGA , Kanojo to Kanojo to no Koi  they are really pulling the player into the game. And i mean that literally

  9. My thone dont let me edit comments ;/ I found out there is more "out if infinity" series. Never7, remmember11. I think they may be good to read just to understand ever17 in full

  10. Only bad thing about dracu-riot is that it isnt translated 100% and i cant read japanese and its 1 of the vns i WANT and NEED to read cause of the good things i hear from my friends who can read japanese.

  11. There are so many things I want to say to this…
    This is a very solid list…
    When you described hoshizora I insta-subscribed… Why is it enjoyable exactly? I still don't know
    G-senjou's ending is one of the most memorable indeed…. It just squirms your heart
    I have played two routes already of Ever17 and I'm confused why it is so high in rank just as you said so I'm gonna continue it now…
    At this point I asked "Can this guy read my mind?"
    Aiyoku no Eustia is interesting but unfortunately I can't read Japanese
    I was surprised when you put Alternative as your 1st since I haven't seen much hype of it in discussions.. but well I haven't read it yet.. A question tho.. Is it necessary to read the first Muv-Luv?
    Thank you so much for this, I'm gonna watch those I haven't yet….

  12. Well, due to the micro quality (and the fact that English is not my language^^) I can't ay that I understood everything but some of those VN seems to really interesting to play, even if many of those seemed to have only Loli girl (lolicon). but the top 4 seemed to be epic^^. On another note, I only played to 3 of the VN in your vid ><.

  13. I have a question:

    I really really want to play Higurashi; When They Cry. And I would prefer not to get a sketchy free download service on my nice fancy new computer. How would I go about finding an English copy? I noticed Desura sells a copy for 20$. Is this what I should get? 
    Great video by the way.

  14. You have good tastes! I was only half listening during the video so excuse me if I'm wrong, but why aren't there any Setoguchi works up there? :C

  15. Hi, the visual novels you presented seems to be interesting, i'm planning to play at 17# Yumina the Eternal who seems to be pretty fun with action without to much loli !

    Even if i'm not a big visual novelovore, i'm currently playing at Cho Degenki Stryker who is pretty entertaining ! I think this one can climb on your list to the 15 rank hehe

  16. Well, I was going to make a comment about shit taste for having G sen and Grisaia so low, but you at least had Alternative as your number one, so I can forgive you.

  17. next time trying turning off the sound while making a commentary since where here not for the music but your own opinion of the game. 
    and try to put the title of the game in each list

  18. clannad at 16 because "it didn't struck you that hard"?? what's wrong with you?? it's like the worst possible thing a man can live through
    is it necessary for these people to actually go through these problems to understand what it actually means to live?

  19. Verkar va väldigt svårt o hitta bra visual novels så är redigt bra att du gjort en sån här video 🙂 har du någon ny favorit nu så här ett år senare?. Har du testat Everlasting summer?

  20. Suveränt! Tack för det här!

    I havn't played many VN's. Ever 17 was my first one and imo the story in that game is one of the best stories that have ever been written. Damn that game is good. I didn't really know where to go from here, but now I have my VN itch scratched for years! Damn, how will I find the time?! Thanks!

  21. I wish I could find an english download for the version of higurashi you used the OP of. I'm such a huge fan of that series, I own all the manga, watched the anime, and read all the original visual novels multiple times, just enjoying the way its set up and all the hints you get.I even cosplay Rena at cons.

    But those cool CGs and visuals would be really nice. sigh

  22. Do I have to play Muv-Luv to play Muv-Love Alternative? I don't know if I can handle 2 50+ hour games in a row.

  23. I just wanna thank you for recommendations you gave me , I just finished Umineko and it's probably the best story I have ever read .I am currently playing the muv luv series and will go on with ever17. So far I have to give you props for your great taste in VN.

  24. I have a question regarding Number 1 Muv-Luv Alternative. I researched it under this link ( ) and it said there that there is a single ending but in the scenes i saw  several girls so i was wondering wether you can only get the ending of one girl or all of them?

  25. WTF yumina better Saya for instance? Yumina is like complete shit.. and Steins kinda low imho, otherwise i kinda agreee, even tho i didnt read like 3 of those… Also give a shot to Tsukihime and DraKoi if you didnt read those already.

  26. when they cry anime is one of the most gore heavy series iv seen so i can imagine that the game isnt that different in that it as allot of gore.

  27. thank you for your review and i'm so glad that you put MLA the first place , and to the ppl that still not read it , it has the best love that you 'll never see in any other VNs , that almost makes me cry when i see how much she loves him ….

  28. Whyyyy?! Every August visual novel is so good and yet all of them are only partially translated why??? btw i just finished Rewrite and now im suffering a very "bad" disease called FEELS. And to think of it it's only the 5th in your list OHOH i'm going to enjoy the other 4. Very nice list.

  29. I would absolutely put Umineko first place haha
    It's pretty much flawless (some silly dialogue here and there since we have Battler as the MC, but still…).
    The plot is probably the most complex and well-written I've ever seen in a VN, the music is perfect, the characters are all masterfully crafted for their roles, as is their interaction with each other (one can criticize the art or the lack of voices, but then, we have the PS3 version, that pretty much offers even lip synch and animated background in the action scenes).

    Nice list regardless xD
    MLA is my second favorite!

  30. ERMAHGAD YESH!!!!!! I was really hoping that ChäoS;HEAd was in here and boom its #19 😀

    I am a massive C;H fan I have not played the VN yet but I have seen Flokkerdude's Lets Play of it also Ik people think that the Anime Series is shit and it was only a mere 12 episodes with questions left unanswered but for me its in my Top 5 also I am tired of people always calling Takumi a "Pussy" or a "Wimp" he has Paranoia and I think he might also be a little Schizophrenic but tbh Takumi is my favourite Male Anime Character because we relate quite well to one another ^ω^

  31. I've read only four VNs in my life: Umineko, Ever17, Rewrite, and Tsukihime. Umineko and Ever17 were both amazing. Rewrite was pretty good, but definitely a tier lower IMO. And Tsukihime was meh. Not surprised it wasn't in your top 20.
    I'm also familiar with Clannad, Steins;gate, Little Busters, Higurashi, and Fate Stay/Night through their respective animes.
    It would seem we have similar tastes, as far as I can tell, except I'd probably swap Little Busters and Rewrite. Refrain hit me pretty hard.
    As far as your top two, I'm not really familiar with either. I'm sold on giving Aiyoku no Eustia a try, but the MuvLuv clips really strike me the wrong way. It's hard to explain why, but it has something to do with just seeing a bunch of girls in mech suits.
    Could you tell me a bit more about what kind of person would like it?

  32. nice list man, only played like a quarter of them though. Just finished Hoshizora and stumbled upon your vid…looks like i lot of vn to find

  33. Did you play schwarzesmarkan? Cause ik theres an ongoing anime but i heard the visual novel is good so need some advice.

  34. Erik I have a question.. Do you speak fluent Japanese so you can understand visual novels? Or do these have subs? OR do you use a translator program? Hahah sorry just wondering because once I get my new desktop I will play visual novels non-stop probably xD

  35. has anyone played this yet? I tried it the other day and cant decide if I like it or not.

  36. I have a lot of thing that I want to talk about this video and visual novel, so this will be a very long comment.

    First of all, I really appreciate that you don't just throw out 20 name but also give you opinion and give your reason.

    I heard and played most of the game you have mentioned in the video. They are all pretty good. The reason I started playing more and more VN is because I realize that there are actually a lot of VN that have better story than most of the anime out there.

    Kamitori is the best game have played from Eushully. I spent 100+hr on this game and still can't get 100% clear. Other game from Eushully is quite good too, but I think the recent games are getting worse.

    I have played several game from Yuzusoft but I never get amazed by them. Yes, they have some solid visual and comedy. But compare to the other VN in your list, they are just average. Of course, that's just my opinion. The king of slice of life is Maruto Fumiaki in my opinion.

    I have played both LB and Rewrite. I would put LB above Rewrite. The main problem of Rewrite is not the inconsistency, since there are only two routes are not written by Romeo Tanaka, the common route, Moon, Terra and three personal routes are all written by him. The main problem I have with Rewrite is the theme and message that the story want to tell to its readers are unclear. The theme in LB is very clear. Friendship. And I personally am more touched by LB. I just kept crying when I was playing Refrain. One good thing that Rewrite is better than LB is Rewrite is all-aged and LB EX is 18+. Key is really bad at making H-scene and being all-aged can allow some really famous VAs like Kitamura Eri and Saito Chiwa perform in the game.

    I am recently playing Ever17, I finished two routes from Takashi and half way through Yui route. I know it is a masterpiece and I know Coco's route is mind blowing, but I still put it aside a month ago. The problem is the routes are too repetitive. The things that the main characters go through in different routes are mostly the same. But I will still try to finish it.

    I also have some questions for you.
    I know there are many game for Mul Luv. Which I should start first and then what's next?
    Did you played Baldr Sky? I only heard good thing about it.

    Finally, if you are confident enough with your Japanese, then you may want to check out this site:
    This is the most popular and famous VN site in Japan. And the ranking list is here:

  37. Can heavily agree with this list except Ever17, like it has a huge flaw at the end, which is a
    A Paradoxical Time Loop.

    Okay so this is how it goes.

    “2034 Incident>BW Appears>BW warns You about the Future>2034
    Incident>BW Appears….”

    Isn’t this supposed to be a simple Time Loop?

    No it isn’t.

    Let’s just focus on a single world.

    Let’s Imagine that You just escaped from 2017 LeMMuria Incident, she’s just
    recovered a little  from the TB Virus and
    she’s walking towards the helicopter which is going to take her home to her

    You think BW is gonna is appear at this moment don’t you? But he won’t.


    Because You isn’t thinking about causing the 2034 Incident.

    And if she doesn’t cause the 2034 Incident BW will cease to exist.

    Which means he won’t be able to go back in time to tell You about the accident
    she has to cause in the Future.

    Wait so isn’t this supposed to be a Time Loop?

    Sit and think for a second.

    Theoretically  You walking towards the
    helicopter is the start of the Loop.

    But there is no Loop is there? How can BW warn her unless she doesn’t cause the
    accident by her ownself?

    Exactly, this is A Paradoxical Time Loop.

    There has NOT been any proof given why this Loop even takes place, it’s an
    illogical loop…a loop that can never exist.

    If I Remove You for a second then what conclusion do we get.

    “BW created Himself’’.

    Yes, I think you’ve started to understand.

    There is not just ONE Paradox that takes place in Ever17, there are two of

    One is overcome but the other is not.

    There is one way for the Loop to exist.

    You is the one who initially causes the events in 2034 without ever meeting up
    with BW.

    However this is impossible.

    Because You thinks both Takeshi and Cocoa are dead and there is no need for her
    to Prepare another accident in the future.

    Unless the developer’s made it so that You knew that BW was present at the 2017
    incident and that she believed that BW would be able to save them both and she,
    herself, caused the accident in 2017 to summon BW again in order to save Cocoa
    and Takeshi.

    However the Developer’s did not consider this. They created the game such that
    BW was the mastermind behind the accident all along, it was supposed to be a
    brilliant Plot Twist, but it was illogical all the same.

  38. Also be sure to play Kara no Shoujo and Cartagra, also games like Danganronpa like Dr is prolly the only game that I straight finished in a single day that is how much hooked I was on it and SDR2 is a straight out masterpiece

  39. Aiyoku no Eustia is a visual novel I've had my eye on for a while but looking at vndb it seems the english patch is incomplete. Is it worth reading it even if the rest of the story never gets translated?

  40. Just want to point something out., Muv-Luv Alternative is overrated af so don't get your hopes over the top. Don't make the same mistake I did. Also, prepare yourself for info dumping.

  41. Tack som fan! Played through the Infinity series(Ever17 etc) some years ago. When i was done my standard for VN's was so damn high. I got depressed. Nothing in the genre got me interested anymore, even after days of searching. But now after 4-5 years, i am going to take a look at some of the VN's from your list!

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