My Embarrassing Old Plays w/ theodd1sout

My Embarrassing Old Plays w/ theodd1sout

Jaiden: Okay,
James: Do we need to do a, “Hello everyone and welcome to Jaiden’s channel.” Jaiden: Yeah, we should. Okay, hello everyone and welcome to Jaiden’s Channel! We’re back with reacting to stuff, we-.. James here.
James: Yay. Jaiden: My parents sent me the full recording of the Camp Operetta footage of both the shows and I was like, “Let’s react to it!” James: (whispers) Is this the one where the one actor doesn’t have an arm? Jaiden: Yeah, I went through it, but they didn’t- so like full- like SPOILER, I briefly went through it, but they didn’t record her. So you have to just trust me on that. James: Whoa. Okay, so this is all well-edited clips put together? Jaiden: Yeah.
James: You’re doing a… Ritualistic sacrifice? (Both Laughs) Jaiden: The teacher said we choreographed all of this, by ourselves. James: Oh, okay, don’t mean to sound like a bad friend, but which one are you? Jaiden: I’m the cheetah. The one with the spots. Not that one! Not the giraffe! James: Okay, I… Jaiden: Listened to the sad music James: Wow Jaiden: I think she’s a warthog.
James: Banging on a drum… James: So what’s this?? I still know this story of this play- Oh, there you are! (Both Laugh) James: Hiding… James: I heard this singing James: Okay…
Jaiden: She’s the smallest warthog. *Headphone User Warning* (Both Laugh) James: Wow… James: Wait, I’m trying to listen… James: You’re useless! (Both Laugh) James: So they are the bad guys?
Jaiden: The- she’s like- James: There you are!
Jaiden: There I am, what am I gonna do?? James: Uh-huh.
Jaiden: I look really good… Wait Wait, I don’t know quite what I said, but is my hand gestures really good look at me I’m still like in the pose wait this song song London Bridge is falling down you’re seeing this to the tune of London Bridge is falling down Yeah, do you think anyone in this video? We’ll watch this reaction video. I hope Making fun of children if I didn’t know that I was in this I would have been like oh These are all just like kids. I mean they’re we’re also wearing masks to know so I think that helps hide identity Yeah, but if you saw yourself, I think you know, I don’t think I’d know Like I pulled up the the file I’m just like which one am I am I doubt one? Oh, no, and that one There we go Yeah, you’re you were a bad guy yeah everyone I told her she’s ugly yeah How long is this play because I’ve watched it for 15 seconds What am I doing? What am I is that did they Oh So like Them. I think what happened was the the gazelle gave the stupid warthog the bongos and they must Be like magic and then for some reason it affected us. I do not remember the story of this. It’s just the repressed Now she’s fine she looks really comfortable Let’s all support the warthogs have all the the spots and stuff now Is that the teacher in the corner right there looks like oh, this is where I’m switching now. I’m doing music Oh Now it’s just The next play Okay. Okay. I don’t know cuz this set looks so the same No now we’re under the OSHA. Okay. Wait, what is this? So this one is rainbow fish. I know right? the one with those scales Yeah The one fish has like all the rainbow scales and people are like I want one and she was like no go away and everyone Hated them James: but then she learned to share Jaiden: spoilers Yeah, that’s the one what is happening What? Wait, wait, wait go back go back. There’s wait for it On the right side the person just wait Was that supposed to happen I’m assuming you’ve taken creative Liberty in this play because you’ve added so many characters It looks like there’s like a bunch of paparazzi fish and the rainbow fish was trying to go to the restaurant and then the right Alumi it’s me doing that. That’s oh wait because your piano right? Yeah, that’s the part where they’re like, okay we need someone who plays piano to do this and then I won because I was a piano player and then they made they put My hard-earned talent to that Do you think when your parents are filming this they were also thinking what are they saying probably Is that the London Bridge is falling down again, yeah What is that your go to melody? Did you hear that? Do you think that’s Halloween costumes that is like the costume that we had That’s a mood right there Really bad there’s me. Oh I would Look at that. I thought I was really good at singing Heck yeah Wait, that’s you. This is the part where my bracelet got stuck and I’m supposed to put up two hands and You kept it. Cool. My arm is stuck at this moment That’s disappointing Yaay!! Why do kids talk like that? You see I was at the I was riding my bike and I went and I fell but then I got up and then I kept going and you like learn articulate with this show I’m laughing too hard That’s pretty cool that was dope I mean yes standing ovations 10 out of 10 What was that was really hard to follow we didn’t do theater in like school ever again No, I didn’t do it ever before or after Wow. It was fun. Like I liked doing it Yeah, I did. I did theater in high school and I did improv too and I had a lot of fun time doing improv I remember like little spotty memories of this and performing and stuff and I had the memory like man. I was really good Oh Yeah, that was like pretty impressive All right That was so I think the the what happened in the the first one was there’s a tiny Warthog and everyone’s like you’re useless. You’re ugly. And then she got like magic bongos like a fairy godmother Yeah, instead of slippers. It was bongos Yeah, and then it didn’t even affect her just like made the stripes and all the patterns on the animals switch everyone’s upset And I don’t know I don’t remember the ending of the my parents didn’t record it If they did would we be able to understand it? Probably not Yeah, the moral is that if you’re ugly then make everyone ugly the rainbow fish thing We we made it. So like the rainbow fish was like a snobby model and then everyone’s like Oh paparazzi I thought I saw Ariel in that play. Was that Ariel? I think so I don’t know what her character was also saw Patrick So yeah just like throwing a bunch of characters and then I had like a Modeling fashion show and everyone had a rainbow scale and everyone was beautiful So that’s your theater. Yeah Great, and then I never did it again. I don’t know if I would have done it again I think I would have but they didn’t have a lot of money so they couldn’t afford. Oh no, I Didn’t get shut down. Yeah Whoops. Thanks for watching. Thanks that me that J that like car accident. I’ll go watch James’s channel Me and Jaden played Mario maker – on my second channel. Is that going at the same time? I don’t know I don’t know when it’s coming out we could coordinate it. I smart It’ll be a while though because I have to upload the camp operetta animation first Okay. Well a while ago me and Jaden Super Mario maker – we’re trying to plug things wear your seat belt

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  1. hopefully i can pull up some of my plays in the future because i’d like to see my stuffed up pillow but again

  2. i know the story you’re talking about!! the one with warthog and the bongos, it’s called Jungle Drums by Graeme Base!! i loved it as a kid!!

  3. 「S T A N D M A S T E R 」S T U P I D W A R T H O G
    「S T A N D N A M E」M A G I C B O N G O S
    ABILITY: Nukes people who make fun of the stand user.

    Destructive Power: A
    Speed: A
    Range: A
    Persistence: A
    Precision: A
    Development Potential: (?)

  4. Jaiden I'm pretty sure in the last video you said that you couldn't remember what book the first play was about, but I did a little searching and I was wondering if it was Jungle Drums by Graeme Base?

  5. Can we just pause 5 sec to just appreciate how smooth is da animation and da work made for just some….. kind of cartoon face react X) ?

    Thx for being so generous wissa da work !

  6. I remember that in 6th school grade(of México) de are dancing and some parents are saying things like is a s**t
    What a bad show
    And other mexicano bad words. The show was bad everbody of muy class didnt like it .but that dont give the parents that right

  7. i did the rainbow fish as a play when i was younger, and i was a dolphin who wasn't even in the original story (i was the last one to get a part in the play)

  8. Lol I did a play that had to do with a rainforest. I was a monkey and when my sister did it she was a sloth

    Also you just had nostalgia hit me in the head

  9. a person was killed in a car crash one day ago and it was bye a woman on drugs with a 3yo and a 6yo and the man guiding traffinc was hit and kille and i live in vt

  10. I played a pig in the three little pigs, I was the one with a straw house

    Yeah that was fun for my class….

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