My Boyfriend Could Actually Be My Father. Good Lord! || Best True Stories Animated

My Boyfriend Could Actually Be My Father. Good Lord! || Best True Stories Animated

Hi guys! I’m Lana. If you think that you are the one who always
chooses the wrong person to fall in love with, then my story is going to prove that I am
an even bigger loser in this respect. I am only 18 now, but I have already experienced
the weirdest romance ever, so bad that my mom booted my boyfriend out of the house right
after a funeral dinner. Now I am so not available for any new relationships
and here is why. Everything happened during my first summer
after high school graduation. I was so happy that my parents allowed me
to join my friends, who were traveling across Italy, to have a little break before college. As a matter of fact, it just so happened that
I fell in love. Jonathan was there on a business trip. We met when we happened to be dining at the
same café and… Oops! He turned out to be way older than me, but
he was so handsome and behaved like a true gentleman. He courted me in an extremely fairy tale way,
with all the flowers, and romantic walks, and everything. Even though it sounds cliché, I doubt that
there is a single girl in the world who wouldn’t fall for it. So, pretty soon I’d fallen in love with
him and my trip turned out to be something more than just a school break. But then my mom called with the most devastating
news possible. She said that her mother – my granny, had
just died and that I’d better hurry up and get back home. Of course, this was awful news. I totally began packing as soon as I hung
up the phone and my eyes filled with new tears immediately after I wiped off the old ones. It was strange, but a couple of weeks ago
when I flew there, I felt that I was so grown up already, and now all I wanted was that
somebody was there for me, to make all the decisions so I wouldn’t have to. Jonathan was the only help I could count on. He took care of the tickets and stuff and
even suggested that he could help me through this period and I really appreciated that. But as soon we landed at the airport, a chain
of pretty weird events began. So, my dad came to pick us up and drive us
home. When he saw Jonathan, he was a little “surprised
by his age,” let’s put it that way. I mean, I told my parents that I wasn’t coming
home alone, but they must have been waiting for a young guy to arrive with me and not
someone who could be my dad’s peer, I guess. The whole way from the airport, both men kept
silent. From time to time, I caught my dad’s look
through the car’s rear view mirror, and I bet he was silently hoping that my new relationship
was just a joke. It was awful, especially taking into account
the reason we had come to see my parents. But just wait till I tell you about my mom’s
reaction. As soon as all the official procedures with
the funeral were over, we all gathered for a meal with our closest relatives and friends
at my granny’s house. My mom seemed to be avoiding looking at me
and Jonathan directly. And he, by the way, was also acting a little
bit nervous and gloomy, so to speak. But what was really strange is that at some
point when I was talking to one of my granny’s old friends, out of the corner of my eye I
noticed that my mom was talking to Jonathan. It was odd because I hadn’t even had a chance
to get the two of them officially acquainted with each other, but she already didn’t
seem very friendly. Even more, she was sort of trying to boot
him out or something. I tried to end that conversation I was having,
but you know old people, when they start talking and reminiscing about something, you can’t
just say “stop” and walk away. Suddenly my mom appeared, as if from out of
nowhere, and took me aside trying to sort of hide the two of us behind the bushes. In a very angry whisper, she asked me to take
Jonathan out of the house and to promise to talk to her in private later that night. I had no idea what was going on, but I’ve
never seen my mom that serious and persistent before. Of course, I rushed to fulfill her request. However, I didn’t expect that Jonathan would
be so happy to leave the house. I thought that we should both just go somewhere,
but he said that it would be better if I stayed here and that he’d pick me up later that
night if I wanted him to. That sounded strange, but I thought that he
was probably not very happy with my parents’ reaction toward him or something. Anyway, after all of our guests left, my mom
and I could finally have the talk she mentioned earlier. It quickly became evident that that day was
awful, and it was not just because of the funeral. My mom said that she already knew Jonathan. They were a couple about 19 years ago, but
he cheated on her and she decided to get revenge by starting a relationship with my dad. Soon after, she found out that she was pregnant
and the two of them had to get married. Mom never saw Jonathan after that. And on that day, when she saw him and he told
her that he was there with me, she was ready to stir up a scandal but she was afraid that
my dad will catch wind of everything. Apparently, he knew nothing about their affair. I think that if, at that moment, a dinosaur
would have passed nearby or a comet or something would have fallen from outer space right onto
my lap, I wouldn’t have noticed it. I guess someone can never be ready enough
for that kind of news. And this still was not the end of the story. ‘Cause when I asked whether mom was sure
that my dad was actually my father, her “yes” sounded pretty doubtful. I felt like I was going to be sick. Now you see that there couldn’t be a bigger
loser in love affairs than me, don’t you!? Mom also said that she was sorry, and that
she couldn’t let me be with Jonathan in any case, but especially because of his age. And soon after our talk began, it grew from
the “I’m really sorry, baby” talk to a “What were you thinking” lecture. But what I was really thinking at that moment
was what if I had fallen in love with my biological father? The talk with Jonathan was twice as hard as
I thought it would be. He looked devastated, because as it turned
out, he was even thinking about proposing to me – this is how much he managed to fall
in love with me. But now, since he had figured out who my mother
was, he couldn’t even look at me. And I couldn’t look at him either. He assured me that he was never able to have
babies, like in physical terms, I mean, but we still did a DNA test. I insisted…just in case, right!? Thank God it was negative. I mean, he was not my blood relative. And then he was gone… forever. He went back to his business in Europe and
I stayed at home and started getting prepared to leave for college. My friends got back from Italy, by the way,
and kept wondering where my Prince Charming had gone, but I could never find a good answer
for them. Of course, I couldn’t tell the truth. And dad… well, he still knows nothing about
my mom and Jonathan. At least, as far as I know. But he definitely doesn’t feel sorry that
we’ve broken up. If you agree that my story deserves thumbs
up from you, then you know what to do. By the way, when do you think I will ever
be able to fall in love again? Share your thoughts in the comments to this
video. Ciao!

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  1. I wouldnt fall for it it will make me awkward and so die break up with the guy or make and excuse not to talk or see him

  2. Girl: I doubt there is a single girl in the world who wouldn’t fall for it!
    Me: Soon coming out of the closet as lesbian

  3. Che ti posoo dire…
    Io stesso sono un essempio di cuore spento..
    Ho 27 anni, e per la prima volta ho incontratto il mio amore, pensavo che sono sbagliato, che non posso trovare qualcuna che sia sul mio piacere..
    Ed e successo…
    A 26 anni e 11 messi di vita ho incontratto lei.
    Una Donna Indonesianna, molto intelligente, bella ed.. come me, che trovava difficolta in scegliere qualcuno..
    Io sono Rumeno.. quindi ci dividanno 10000 km…
    Ad inizio, ci abbiamo salutatto, poi abbiamo iniziato a parlarci cose belle, ma…
    Lei.. non sperava che io potrei pensare sul serious ad qualcosa serio …
    Io invece…
    Avrei fatto ogni cosa necessaria per essere insieme a lei…
    E dopo molte spiegazzioni da parte mia …
    Lei capisce che io sto parlando sul serio..
    E abbiamo iniziato a parlare cose serie, come dobiammo fare ogni cosa…
    Poi… un altro ostacollo..e la sua madre, che non piace Me.
    Ma in finale..
    Vedi tu…
    Non importa se non lo hai ancora incontratto,
    Cercalo, guardalo benefit, vedi I suoi intenzzioni, e compara che ti dice la tuaw mente e il to cuore…
    In mio caso…
    Ho trovatto una Donna che ha I stessi sentimenti come me.

    Ti auguro di essere felice e di avere fiduccia in Te!
    Il to cuore battira di nuovo, forte come mai prima….
    E .. lo Farra .. per quello giusto!


  5. My boyfriend could actually be my father and the father of my baby. Good lordie lord lord nooooo!

    Actually happened

  6. You did nothing wrong. I am 31 years old and I have a boyfriend who is way older. In his 50s aroundy dad's age. Your old enough to fall for who you want. I think the guy was a jerk for acting shady. You don't need that if he was a real man. He would get tested to see if he was your father to be sure. Bec being fixed don't really mean it's 100% he may have had feelings still for your mother. He is a sleeze ball. Your better off with out that jerk. He didn't try to tell you his side a real man would.

  7. Storied like this is disgusting snd makes me want to vomit. This a sick world we live in. Too much sin going on. God please help us.

  8. 1. The voice actor sucks. 2. If he not her dad why couldn’t they get over over something that happened 19 years ago and date

  9. 3:44 I haven't watched the whole video yet, but I'm sure that The Mom dated this Jonathan Joestar Kid.
    Edit: 5:05 Bruh moment

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