Mumbai se aya Mama  – Episode 9B| Chhota Bheem in English

Mumbai se aya Mama – Episode 9B| Chhota Bheem in English

humming a song…. raju….where are you going so early in the morning? without brushing your teeth how can you go to Bheem’s place? i wonder what you guys are upto please dont ask me anything now mom. I am in a hurry and getting late silly boy..when will you get serious in life? hey where are you..hmm he’s gone already! how come your here early in the morning raju? Bheem, i hope you remember what to do today what is it todayyy…. today you have an arm wrestling match with Kalia Oh yes he has challenged me for a match that day have you done any preparation for it? Kalia has been training for it regularly ohh is it? will see soon..Raju you get ready and come..leave the rest to me ok Milk..freah creamy milk..take it give me some extra milk today Is anything special that you want extra milk today? my friend has an arm wrestling match with Bheem.. then here..take as much as you want here have some milk and get ready soon Dholu just see i will beat Bheem today push him down Bheem give your best i have won it again what boss you lost to Bheem again we must think of a way to beat him guys dont uncle a very well known gangster in Mumbai is on his way to teach me few tricks. he must be here any moment wow then it will be fun for sure hey look out! help me…help me uncle that Bheem is younger to me and not as powerful as I am but, i dont know why I always loose to him relax boy…say goodbye to fear when I am here But do i beat him il tell you how…first listen to my words and place them properly in your brain y brain? yes in that brain which is empty and thats why you keep loosing always listen…people like this shocked be tackled by brain not by power but how uncle? I have brought you a book which will have such tricks..take it uncle just teach me all these tricks ok…i will start teaching you such an idiot.. yes that’s the way to do it hey Dholu is your boss? he’s fine..he is with his uncle They say his uncle is a powerful gangster can go and see for yourself ohooo…so your Bheem…heard a lot about you Can you dare to challenge for a race with Kalia? yes ofcourse then get go get ready! i will also see how much guts you got when I say run..then run ok 1…2….3! now dont do any mistake..make him eat this laddoo and make him cry Kalia’s uncle has brought a book of tricks..why dont we use a trick on them from the same book? yes..lets go to his place and see whats happening oh my God…you had those laddoo’s? I couldnt beat Bhem again silly Kalia..why are always sleeping, better read the book and improve your knowledge you always keep sleeping like a lazy bug…I am going to bath, get up till I come Jaggu go inside silently and see if you can play a trick from that book then do it oh my God your still sleeping? Get up soon and take a bath Will practise on a new idea this time whats happening to me? I think they have used my trick on me This Bheem is dangerous to take on with Hey Mumbai’s don…couldnt win with kids!!

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