**Multi-Award-Winning** CGI Animated Short: “The Looking Planet” – by Eric Law Anderson | TheCGBros

**Multi-Award-Winning** CGI Animated Short: “The Looking Planet” – by Eric Law Anderson | TheCGBros

*atmospheric music plays* *Dolphins whistling* *NASA speaking* *more muffled speech* …fraction of an inch, maybe an eighth of an inch–. *Sounds of wildlife* *Children laughing* Lufo! *Spaceship beep* *NASA speaking* That’s one small step for man One giant leap for–.

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  1. Almost like there was intelligent design involved with creating life. What an original idea eh God? "Yeah" 😉

  2. Makes more sense and certain books I know of that shall remain nameless because certain people get to butthurt

  3. So here is the truth,moon is not created by the one and only god ,its been designed by a lonely boy,called lufo,hehehehehehehe time waste

  4. So Lufos was a god… this explains how the moon is at constant movement around the Earth in a way that the other side of the moon is not shown to us… OMG

  5. Created by a child's mind, no imagination, no life experience. nobody cares about a disobedient boy and his eccentric Old man, or bitchy mother. Really stupid stuff… grow up and try again later when you become a man….

  6. An evolutionist fairy tale. They even inserted elements of infantile intelligent design. Just so the kids don't ask anything about God.

  7. If find it humorously ironic that this starts out with blatant, unproven statements about evolution, the moon's role in it, etc. So solid, so sure that is how it happened. But then the ENTIRE short is basically filled with god-like creatures laying out the plans, designing and then building the perfect universe – with only one planet in it that can support life. Sounds familiar (hint: Bible/God). https://answersingenesis.org/evidence-for-creation/

  8. Algo muy cierto…. La luna nos la vinieron a poner para tener gran influencia sobre todo ser viviente en este planeta, sin ella la tierra no sería tierra y no estaríamos aquí, es verdad que además de la luna, existen otros factores muy importantes, El Sol, el Aire, Nuestro Oxígeno, El Mar, Las plantas, las Nubes, los ríos, los lagos, la tierra misma que nos da absolutamente todo. Pero la luna esta puesta apropósito para todo ser viviente de este planeta y el Planeta Marte, carece de una Luna tan bella como la Nuestra.

  9. "Wait, your son did WHAT to the universe design!? No no no, Now they have a launch point to get beyond the universe sky box! Shit, we didn't program anything beyond that event horizon. We'll have to patch it so that physics is way less forgiving to compensate. What do you mean we only have about 13 billion years to recalculate that!? Why did you start it before we could fix this!?!?"

  10. It looked amazing. What an accomplishment. And the music worked well too. Too bad the story was so weak. But story is just a vehicle to show the cgi. I never have high hopes of an engaging story if it's cgi.

  11. Sir I have an idea. A story .for a short movie..
    Listen ..there is. Lots of palnet. In the space…it's showing that. There is. Some planet.
    There is earth. But the planets. Are a diifrent human. Body shape ..like. The Earth is the. Head of. That planet man. I mean. Like Earth is around so. It's is. On the top of the a man ..it's mean. The around earth planet is. The head or brain is the planet man .
    So on erath. There is people live.
    The planet man is so. Happy. Because his head I mean Earth is. So. Healthy. .
    Time going. People's. Do. Factory..and. Cabrages on planet. The do. Lots of pollution on Earth. .
    After some time the planet man. Who stand in sapce. His. Head. Going to. ..weak. I mean Earth going to. Weak….
    And at the end .
    The Earth. Turn into…no. Population…. And. The head of. Planet man get. Destroyed. .
    It's mean. We people.destroying. .planet Earth…

  12. Lufo you stupid kid, now that walking fish is going to multiply and start killing everything, including itself and the planet…

  13. Lufo would be heart broken to see how we are treating his masterpieces. Don’t pollute stop plastic pollution #saveearth #stopplasticpollution

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