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Father. Father. I want to eat samosas. Please. Please. Give me. Eat son, eat. Such good samosas, forget the entire Furfuri Nagar, you won’t find them in the entire country. Come. Come son. Have these tasty samosas. Alright son, tell me, what is your name? Sidhsarchit Uncle. Sidhsarchit. Wow. Wow. Wow. What an amazing name. Tea man, give him hot samosas to eat. Mr. Agarwal. We are taking your son Sidhsarchit with us. Bring 25 crores and take your son. Come on. Grab that kid. No. No. Don’t do that. John beware! If your men even touch Sidhsarchit then! Motu, don’t be a thorn in my way today. My wrestler. My wrestler companion will deal with you. Patlu what should I do now? What should I do? This John has brought mountain-like fighters with him. Idea. Eat samosas and start. Wow Motu Uncle. Wow. What a way you fought. Eat samosas and start. What a style. It was fun. What are you looking at? How much more do you want to be beaten up? Run. Run. The work has been ruined. Hop and run. They ran away. They ran away. Motu Uncle hit them. Thank you Motu Patlu Sir. Thank you so much. You saved Sidhsarchit. Come son. Let’s leave from here. This place is very dangerous. Say ‘bye’ to Uncle. [Bye.] Mr. Agarwal you can roam around in Furfuri Nagar without any worries. You won’t face any problem as long as we are here. Motu we must keep an eye on Sidhsarchit. John can try again. Yes Patlu. You are right. Tikam Sharma. Be a bit ashamed. You sent paper fighters. Motu beat them up, blew them away. Beat them up and made them sleep. Will you do the kidnapping like this? You can’t do it. The thing is John brother, Tikam Sharma does not feel ashamed. Kidnapping is my work. And if I don’t work, how will I earn money? And if I don’t earn, what will I eat? This work will not be done in 1 crore anymore. If you give me 5 crores, I will go and get him myself. After all I am a kidnapping expert. Okay. Given. Alright then. Come. I am Tikam Sharma. I am a very dangerous man. Come with me. Or else… Uncle. Come quietly. Beware Tikum Uncle. I will eat the samosas now and I’ll start. There is a lot of power in samosas. What? There is a lot of power in samosas? Eat and start. What was this? No. Don’t hurt me anymore. Did you see the power of samosas? Eat samosas and start. I am a fan of Motu Uncle. Son what are you doing here. Come on, let’s go. Motu. We must keep an eye on Sidhsarchit. John’s men are behind him. There he is. The ground is clear. Now I’ll deal with this boy. You came again Tikum Uncle. The thing is, kid, that kidnapping is my work. If I don’t work then where will I get money from? If I don’t have money, what will I eat? Uncle. Food reminded me, Eat samosas and start. Why are you behind that kid? If you even touch him then I won’t let you off. Tinkum Sharma is my name. I am a kidnapping expert. Once I take the work in hand, I will rest only after completing it. Motu he speaks a lot. Eat samosas and start. What is this thing with samosas? Thank you Uncle. What a punch you gave him. Do you know Uncle? I also ate samosas two times and punched him. He will remember it. Son, small kids should not fight. When you grow up, eat samosas and stop criminals from committing a crime. Yes, Sidhsarchit. What even is your age now. It is your age to eat, play and study. It is the elder’s work to catch criminals. Not of kids, son. Don’t worry Motu Uncle. If he comes again then I will eat samosas and blow him away. Bye Motu Uncle. I am your fan. Bye Patlu Uncle. See you. Bye bye Sidhsarchit. Take care of yourself. He is coming. Okay Okay Where will you escape? Come Sidhsarchit son. [Leave me.] Leave my son. Leave my son. Don’t worry Dad. Eat samosas and start. Take this. Take this. Where did the power of my samosas go? Son. The power of your samosas is not going to come now. What were you thinking? The power is in samosas? That Motu Patlu were punching me and making me fly. And you were thinking that this was the power of your samosas. Now he won’t come to save you. Come with me. No. No. No Uncle. Stop. Look. [Uncle.] Motu’s state. [Uncle.] Patlu do something. I cannot think on an empty stomach. Take this Motu. Stop the car. Stop me is you can. Give me samosas. You show me the power of samosas, right? Tikum Sharma will also eat this and beat you up. Come. Even I ate samosas. You hit me with a big ounch, right? Take this. Everything is not due to eating samosas. You also have to digest it. Or else you will be beaten up like this Take this. Grab that kid. Run. Run. Today Motu Patlu don’t seem okay. Sorry. Sorry Motu brother. Tinkum Sharma does not feel ashamed. But today he feels ashamed. I will never do any bad work from now. Son, fighting is not a good thing. You should study, learn and become knowledgable But Uncle you also fight. Son, I am not a kid, I’m a grown-up. And these samosas give power only to me. It does not give to everyone. I use my power to stop crime. When you grow up, eat samosas and stop criminals from committing crimes. Okay Uncle. I will only play, study and learn till I grow up. Thank you very much for saving my son at the cost of your life. This was my duty. And if everyone understands this duty then so many criminals will not be seen committing crimes. Did you understand Sir? Okay. Bye Bye Sidhsarchit. Bye Motu Patlu Uncle. I will come to eat samosas some other time. But don’t fight after eating samosas. Stop staring and subscribe

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