Motu Patlu New Episode | Cartoons | Kids TV Shows | Jhatka Kidnapped In Modern City | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu New Episode | Cartoons | Kids TV Shows | Jhatka Kidnapped In Modern City | Wow Kidz

Ghasita, my brother, my friend. If Motu Patlu had been with us then it would have made me happier. It isn’t fun in Modern City without them. You are absolutely right, Dr. Jhatka. I told them so much bu those two were not ready to come. I was listening to you both. And if you don’t have any problem then I can call your friends, Motu Patlu. Come. Come in my car. My brother, my friend. Why should we sit in your car? You’ll have to sit. Because you will get your friends and I will get my money. If you love your life then sit in the car. Come on. Now call Motu Patlu. I don’t like the idea of calling them like this. I’m telling this to you with my 20 years of experience :
Call at your own risk. Stop talking nonsense. Are you calling or should I shoot? Motu, my brother, my friend – Give it here. Motu. If you want to save your friends then get 50 lac rupees in Dabista Coffee House in Modern City. Right away. You are of no use. If you don’t work properly, you will be fired. Chingum Sir. Chingum Sir. Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram have been kidnapped. You have such guts to kidnap them and then come and tell me? The name is Chingum. And it is impossible to escape the claws of Chingum. I mean impossible. Arrest them both. Father. Did you see how I caught the criminals in a minute? Are you happy now? Smile father. Chingum, Motu Patlu solve all the crimes in this city. Why will they kidnap their own friends? Father, I did not think of that. Hey, Patlu. Speak. Chingum Sir. Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram have been kidnapped in the Modern City. They have asked for complete 50 lac. We are taking the money and going. You also reach the Dabista Coffee House out there. Chingum, I’m very disappointed with you. If you don’t get Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram back safely then I will fire you. Don’t say that. I will put my life on line and save them. Sorry Father, I mean Commissioner Sir. I will save them and then only come back. Kidnapper speaking. You both take the money and wait for me in the Dabista Coffee House. I’ll be right there. But Kidnapper Brother, how will we recognize you? My personality is such that I will stand out in the crowd. You will recognize me when you see me. Okay Okay Okay. Patlu, Kidnapper Brother has said that his personality is such that we will recognize him when we see him. As soon as the Kidnapper takes money from Motu Patlu, I will catch him. I will free Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram and make my father- I mean I will show the Commissioner Sir that I am Inspector Chingum who does what he says. Patlu, the kidnapper had said that he would look different in the crowd. Look at that man. Look. He looks like the kidnapper to me. I feel the same. Motu, don’t let him off. I won’t let him off Patlu. Listen Listen to me. Mother. Mother? Now you remember your mother? Where are my friends? I recognized you when I saw you. You are a kidnapper. I am not a kidnapper. What is happening? Chingum Sir. Is that you? Yes. Me me me It is me. The name is Chingum, Inspector Chingum. I am trying to explain that to Motu since when. I did not recognize you. The kidnapper had said that he would stand out in the crowd. You were standing out the most. So we thought you were the kidnapper. Sorry Sir. Oh? So these two have brought police along with them. Chingum Sir. Very sorry. Very sorry. But the kidnapper must have seen you by now and must have run away. You both brought the police along with you? They came this time but if the police comes next time then it won’t be good. Now I will give you one last chance. Next time meet me at the Half Century Tower. The lift there is broken. That is why you must come by foot. I can meet you on any floor. Such a tall building. The stairs are very long. But we must go. Motu! My best friend has come to save me. Motu Patlu. Motu Patlu. Quickly release us. I have never been kidnapped in my 20 years of experience. Kidnapper Brother, I had told you :
Call at your own risk. Now look Motu does to you- I knew that you all would try to do something smart. That is why I called you by stairs. So that by the time you both reach up, you will have no energy to fight. Give me my 50 lac rupees. Patlu what should we do now? I cannot think on an empty stomach. You only think of something. Idea. Hello. We want samosas on the 50th floor of Half Century Tower. I must praise your guts. You don’t have the strength to move yet you want to eat samosas. Hey. Stop. Stop in the name of law. On the swear of law. On the swear of Mother India. On the swear of India. Aroma!!!!! Hey Kidnapper! Kidnapper Wrestler. Open the lift. I won’t open it. I won’t open it. You won’t open it? Motu, don’t send the lift now. We can’t go up and down continuously. Let’s go up. I will send you up along with the left Kidnapper. Sorry. It was a mistake. Arrest me Chingum Sir. Arrest me. Father! Sorry uh… Commissioner Sir. I have caught the Kidnapper. I’m proud of you, Inspector Chingum. Keep it up. Stop staring and subscribe.

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