Motu Patlu Ka Aam |  Motu Patlu in Hindi |  3D Animation Cartoon for Kids | As seen on Nickelodeon

Motu Patlu Ka Aam | Motu Patlu in Hindi | 3D Animation Cartoon for Kids | As seen on Nickelodeon

Diwali at enemy’s place and my hands are empty. Wow boss! What a poem. Leave the poem and think of an idea to ruin the enemy’s business. Boss, come on let’s rob all the mangoes from Motu Patlu’s shop. Why to sit here and give trouble to our minds? Shut up you fools, let my devilish mind think of some thunderous idea. Got it! I got a super plan, number one, go and buy few mangoes from Motu Patlu. Boss, you drank the juice from all mangoes and now you are serving glue to us? This is not for you both, this is for Motu Patlu, just wait and watch. You fooled the John Don? You took the money for sweet mangoes and gave sour ones. What are you saying John? All our mangoes are sweet, till now nobody has complained. Oh! So this is the matter, taste them by yourself then we will decide whether they are sweet or sour. Yes, give me, if they are sour then we will return your money back. Now speak something? Say? Why you aren’t speaking? Why is your mouth shut now? You are selling sour mangoes, what will you say now? Tell me the price of Mangoes? Ok, two rupees per kilo? Give twenty kilos. Oh! So you don’t need money? Are you selling all the mangoes for free? Wow! This is fantastic, It is good to serve mangoes for free, thank you Motu Patlu. Hey Motu my friend, my brother, I can’t understand this reaction language. Whatever you want to say, just say clearly, in pure Hindi language. Oh my lord! Motu and Patlu are you fasting today to keep quite? oh, John has filled something in the mangoes and gave it to you both. Ok, why you didn’t you tell me before? I will give you medicine right now, this is an infection of mangoes; you both will be fine till tomorrow morning. Hey! What is this? Their roots are tightly held, this is all because of Dr. Jhatka’s medicine. Let’s rush to him quickly, otherwise people will laugh at us. Hey Motu Patlu, what is this drama? Have you participated in some drama as a tree? Big brother, it is a long story, we will explain you some other day, now let us go. Ok, you can leave, but let me eat few mangoes first. Wow what mangoes, I have never tasted such sweet mangoes before. He is always present as a black cat to cut our way. Hey! Did you say something? We didn’t say anything Boxer brother, now if you are done with eating mangoes then can we leave. How can I let you go? Now I will eat mangoes till I am satisfied. And dare if you move from here, these mangoes are very special. I said wait Motu Patlu, otherwise you both are gone. Chingam sir!! Chingam sir, save us from Boxer. Oh my god! Motu- Patlu, what is the scene? You both have turned into a tree. Or the tree has turned into Motu Patlu? This is all because of Dr. Jhatka’s medicine, we were going to take the anti-dote for this. But Boxer is not letting us go, he stops us in between, hits us and eats the mangoes. I will just take care of Boxer. Hey Chingam sir, stop looking and showing, eat mangoes, these mangoes are very sweet. Are they sweet? Even I would like to taste them, Motu Patlu, don’t mind, let me also eat some mangoes. Oh my god! Motu Patlu, I haven’t tasted such sweet mangoes before. Come Hera Feri, come Boxer, let us have these mangoes first, rest of the work later. Now even they are with Boxer, run!! Stop! Stop in the name of law. Motu Patlu, swear on the law, swear on Mother India, stop! Oh my god! My back broke. Sir, are you injured? Sir, is it paining a lot? A real man never feels pain, I am telling the truth, mangoes on Motu Patlu’s head are very sweet. But why are they so sweet? How? Sir you are great, but born little late. Yes I know, you both wait here, I will be right back. No sir, you wait, we will leave, the mangoes are very sweet. Oh my god! Today they both left Chingam for mangoes, I got it. And this is all because of the sweet mangoes grown on Motu Patlu’s head. Hey! This tree is mine, dare if anybody plucks a single mango from this tree. And this tree is mine. So are we here to just stand beside the tree and click pictures? Yes, break them, no trees no fight. What is this big brother? We came to you to get rid of one problem. But you added another problem in its place. Oh my lord! I haven’t seen such tress ever in my twenty years of experience. You both are prepaid or postpaid? Ghasitaram, stop your nonsense, Dr. Jhatka, please give us the anti-dote fast. Dr. Jhatka, don’t give them any anti-dote yet, first taste the mangoes. You must have not tasted such sweet mangoes ever. Even I haven’t tasted such sweet mangoes in my twenty years of experience. So, why wait? Come on let’s eat the mangoes first then we will treat Motu Patlu later. We both are worried here, and you both are planning to eat mangoes. Hey Dr. Jhatka, open the door fast, we want to eat mangoes. Dr. Jhatka, are you opening the door or should we break it? Give the anti-dote fast! There it is on the table, in the green bottle, pick it up and eat the tablets. Now what will you do Motu Patlu? Don’t worry about us John, think about yourself, what will happen to you? Hey Motu Patlu my friend, that was a blue bottle, the green bottle is still here, take it. Now give me the medicine too, treat me also. We have called doctors from outside to treat you. Friends, our trees have disappeared, now John will serve sweet juicy mangoes to you. No!!

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