Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Shopping Mall | Wow Kidz

Why aren’t you letting us go inside? Open the door!! Give me my clothes, why did you remove all my clothes? We will check it thoroughly and return in back, we want to make sure that there is no bomb in here. Why aren’t you letting us go inside, how long are you going to check this one person? This is for your security, what if someone takes a bomb inside? Hey Motu Patlu, what are you doing? Let everyone come inside, that’s my order. Hey, wait, let us check. Now, quickly find a place to hide the bomb. Stop! What are you doing? Hey number one, stop them. Listen to me. Boss, I have hide the bomb. Hello everybody, may I have your attention, please. I have hide a bomb in this mall. If you don’t hand over 10 lakh rupees to me right away, the bomb will blast and everything will be finished. Call the police!! Quickly, call the police, there’s a bomb here, call the police. Hey, I am police, how do I call myself? I don’t even remember my own phone number. Because everyone calls me, I have never called myself. If you are the police, why are you standing here? Go catch him. Oh my god!! Wait!! Hey, John surrender yourself, you have been surrounded, surrender in the name of law. Hey Chingam sir, get up and fire, I didn’t get a coconut. Come on, we need to teach John a lesson. Patlu, I’m not able move ahead. John you are under arrest. There is no use catching me, I do not have the bomb. You give me 10 lakh or find the bomb yourself. This is pointing towards the lift, come on, let us check the lift. I can hear the bomb ticking but the bomb isn’t here. May be it is under the lift. Bye bye Motu and Patlu, bye bye. Oh my lord!! I won’t spare them. Got it. Uncle keep firing, I still haven’t got a coconut. Shut up!! This arrow is pointing towards that direction which means the bomb is that chandelier. I’ll be back. Motu, take this and tie the end to the pole there. You must be tired, why don’t you have some snacks. Samosa!! Thank you. The bomb is here, you will never be able to find this. It is best for you, if you give me 10 lakh rupees. Look. Catch him!! Motu, go up. My cap!! I have 20 years of experience of snatching a bomb, check it out. Haha! The bomb is here. Chingam sir, get 10 lakhs outside or else the bomb will be blast within a minute.Your time starts now. Nobody will go outside, all stay inside. There is the bomb. Patlu I’ll go, quickly. Only ten seconds are left, Chingam sir. Ten, eight, seven. Six, five. Four, three, two and one. Boss, the bomb is in your hand. Boss, it is not only difficult, but impossible to win against Motu and Patlu. See they sent us to god almighty. No, we aren’t going to god almighty right now, I have to take a revenge with Motu Patlu. Because of Motu and Patlu’s bravery, we are all saved. And for this I give them a prize of 50,000 rupees. Yeah!! Long live, Motu Patlu!!!

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