Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series |Dr Jhatka ka mind projector | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series |Dr Jhatka ka mind projector | Wow Kidz

Stop staring and subscribe Friends, brothers, companions. I swear on my patients. This capsule that I have made. If you make the enemy eat it then all the planning inside his mind will directly come out as an image. You will know everything. What he thinks, what he wants to do. Wow Big brother Wow Now I will make John eat this capsule. And all his secrets and treasures will come out. Yes. Make me eat it. Join is a dustbin right? Whoever comes will throw the garbage and go. Now I will show you what a thing I am. And this us done. Ready. There it is. Come Come Now I will confuse you. Even I will see how you’ll make me eat it. Boss Boss The capsule has already gone inside yours stomach. If it’s gone then remove it. Quickly remove the capsule. Kick me from behind. Quickly. Now I will make Motu eat this capsule. Yes? Listen. We are here to make you drink Polio drop. Two drops for the entire life. Sorry big brother. There is no kid here. We make adults drink it, not kids. This is adult polio. Come on. Open your mouth. But this is a capsule. Yes. It is adult’s. There are two drops in it only. Now you will be healthy for the rest of your life. Thank you big brother. You are doing a good work. Bye bye Doctor. Thank you. Patlu have you drunk adult polio? Those doctors just made me drink and left. Motu polio drop is for kids. Go and find out who those doctors were. Where did they go? Jhatka, Ghasita Do you know what they talk about Motu? Fool. Really? Yes. They are all friends for show. That Jhatka says that he has never seen a fool like Motu in his entire life. He keeps on saying big brother, big brother like a fool the entire day. Do you know what Ghasitaram says? I have never seen such a foolish man like Motu in my 20 years of experience. What happened? I am listening to your talks. You don’t know? You should secretly listen to other people’s talks. Okay. And do you know what Chingum says? If it is up to me, I would keep Motu in jail for life. I would never let him out. Whenever Motu comes, he brings trouble and only trouble. Oh… And do you know what Patlu says? The ground beneath your feet will disappear when you listen to it. If not for my ideas, Motu cannot do anything in life. And that boxer, you know that boxer… He only thinks about this day and night that he hangs Motu instead of the punching bag and keeps on beating him up all day long. If I have such friends, then what is the need for enemies? They all think like that about me? Come Motu. Come. Where were you? We have been waiting for you for so long. My brother, my friend, I have never seen such a foolish man like Motu. He keeps on doing big brother, big brother, like a fool all day long. I have never seen such a foolish man like Motu in my 20 years of experience. If it’s up to me then I would keep Motu in the jail for his whole life. I’d never let him out. Whenever Motu comes, he brings trouble and trouble only. If not for my ideas, Motu cannot do anything in his life. Motu why are you huffing and puffing so much? Yes, my brother, my friend Motu. What are you thinking? If I could, I’d show you what I am thinking! You always make weird inventions and you think of yourself as some big scientist? My brother, my friend, did you eat my capsule or what? Yes man. That is why the images of your brain coming about what you are thinking about me. Motu you think about me like that? Won’t let you out for your entire life. I will put you into the jail and make you complete your life. What did I do to Motu? Why does he want to put us in the jail? Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea You get a lot of ideas, right? What happened to you Motu? Why are you extinguishing my bulbs? So you think of us like that? I know what you guys think about me. I’m leaving. I have no friends. My brothers, my friends. The thief is instead scolding the police. Motu himself is thinking wrongly about us. And he only cried and left. I feel like crying on such thoughts of Motu. What did we think of him and what did he turn out to be… Even Boxer thinks like that about me? Motu my friend, what are you thinking? What are you thinking about? What I am thinking… if I show you then your guts will fly away. Oh. So this is what you think about me? No No Boxer brother. Absolutely not. I don’t think about you like this at all. This is all wrong. No No Come Let’s talk inside the house. Come! No. Boxer brother! No No How long will we continue crying here and filling the tub? Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go and ask Motu why does he think about us like that? Let’s go. Motu why do you think of us like that? We are your friends. We are your true friends. Best friends. I don’t have any friends. I know everything. Motu what did you know? That you all think about me that… So this is the thing. Show me. How did those villagers look like? Think about how these villagers will look without their turbans. Now remove their coat and beard mustache and see. Patlu they look like No. 1 No. 2 They don’t look like. They are No. 1 and No. 2 only. This is all John’s trick. He only dressed up as a Doctor and made you eat Dr. Jhatka’s capsule. And they filled your head with messed up thoughts. I will not let John off. He has deceived me. Patlu quickly give me an idea. Idea. Okay Motu. Listen. Motu. Why have you come here? Yes John. You are a thief. You are a bandit. You are a looter. But whatever you are, you show it openly. I am leaving Furfuri Nagar and going. But I need your help before I go. Tell me Motu. Tell me. Please. John. My friend. I need some money. I will sell all of your goods to my friend in Kamalpur. But will you give me some money from that? So that I can leave this city… and go away forever. I’ll give you Motu. Why won’t I give you? I’ll definitely give you. I’ll definitely give you. You get my goods sold. Then I will give you a lot of money and cash. Then you can happily leave this city. Okay John. Okay. You get the goods. I will see the rest of it. That’s it. There is only this much. Get it sold. Hello Chingum Sir. Come! What’s this? What’s this? You deceived me and made me eat the capsule. This is the result of that only. Now go to the jail. This is cheating. It is my work to cheat. Because I am a thief. Now complete the rest of the talk in the jail John. You are under arrest. My brother, my friends, now someone remove that capsule from Motu’s stomach. I will remove the capsule. This is the wrong image. I am not thinking about that Like Share Subscribe

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