Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series | Boxer’s baby | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Boxer’s baby | Wow Kidz

Who is making this noise? Go to sleep! Don’t make noise. Be it. Let us go to sleep. Why are you screaming? Keep quiet it is Boxer’s baby. Don’t offend him, otherwise Boxer will not spare you. Hey! Stop the noise. Why do you want to get beaten up? If they can’t make the child quiet, then why do they have kids? If he keeps on crying like this, then we will not be able to sleep tonight. Who is knocking the door, so early in the morning? Did I disturb you? No! Not at all. Everybody, should have a neighbor like you. Look, Patlu who has come. Oh! Boxer brother!! Yes, come. Motu Patlu I need a favor from you. What work? Hey, child! How are you? My wife has gone outside due to some work. I need to go as well. Can you take care of my son till the evening. Yes, we will. Motu!! No, never. We are not your servants. What are you thinking? Yes, we will. It will be an honor for us to take care of your child. If we say no, then it will be a great loss for us. He is Boxer’s son, he too loves boxing. Take care of him. What should we do? I don’t know how to play with a child. It is not a big deal. Just open his mouth, put the food inside it. He will swallow it then. You always think about food. I am speaking about how to play with a child. That too is not a big deal. Yes, child!! Sunny! Where are you son? Sunny!! Where are you? Come out. Uncle!! So, child! You are playing hide & seek. I am coming to find you. Idea!! Sunny, I am coming. Be ready. He has hit me with a hammer. I will not spare him. Move the bed aside. Idea! Think something. What should we do? My brain does not function on an empty stomach. Idea!! We should go to Dr. Jhatka. Do you want a chocolate? Uncle!! Chocolate. Hey, Motu whose kid is this? May all bitter medicines go in your mouth. Oh, lord! In my twenty years of experience, I haven’t seen a Boxer baby like this one. I am sure he must be Boxer’s baby. Yes, he is Boxer’s son. Till evening he will be with us. We cannot keep him the entire time in the house. So we thought about bringing him here. All of us will take him to play. Who will pick him up? He is so heavy. This remote controlled trolley will be helpful. Press this remote, the trolley will move on its own. You don’t need to push it. Big brother, you very intelligent. Uncle, give it to me. Give it to me. Take this. You can control your trolley on it’s own. Catch him. No. What is this kid doing on the road? Help!! How did he come on the road? Somebody save him. Both of you look below the bus. We will go on top of the bus & search all around. Stop! Stop the bus. Sunny! Sunny! Where are you? If we don’t find him. Then, Boxer we will beat us up very badly. Sunny! Sunny!! Stop! Please stop. I will not leave you now. Don’t scare him. Speak with him sweetly. Uncle! Haha!! Sunny!! Motu, he is not here. Once he meets me, then he will never forget me. Why are we bending down? We are outside the pipe. Oh! Ok! Uncle! He is some where here. Let us find him separately. Sunny!! Sunny!! Sunny, my child! Where are you? What is this happening? Be careful. Motu. Stop the pipes. My brain does not function on an empty stomach. You do something. Sunny, my child. My kid. My love. Once I get hold of you. Then see what I will do with you. Speak with him sweetly. Child! Please wait. I will give you samosas & chocolates. Please wait. Please find him. Otherwise, Boxer will beat us very badly. Please! Chingam sir. Why fear? When Chingam is here? It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Impossible. He is there. He should not escape this time. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Impossible. Sunny! See who has come? Please wait. If you stop, then we shall give chocolates to you. Sunny, it is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Impossible. Stop in the name of law. Stop! Please stop my child. Chingam sir! Look I have stopped him. When Chingam says it, then you need stop. He has not stopped. Look he is moving. Let us go & hide in the Himalayas now. If by chance he catches us, then he will not spare us. So, you both have returned. It is not our fault. What are you both doing? You both took care of my Sunny, very well. In fact better than me. It is not our mistake. Look at that, he is sleeping so peacefully. I will not leave him. What do you mean? We had gone to take a chocolate for him. Then we thought if he eats too many chocolates, then he will develop a tooth decay. That is why, we did not bring the chocolate. You guys are great. Both of you love kids so much. You both have taken care of Sunny, even better than me. He was crying continuously yesterday in the night. Ok, he was crying the entire night. We did not know that, we both were sleeping. A kid is going to cry. Even we cried as kids. You said it right. I have made a decision. What decision? As you both love him so much, so now on wards whenever I go outside, you guys take care of him. What?

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  1. The boxer baby is very naughty i think ill kll him and jhataka give him rimote and he is cute also vert

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