Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series | Auto Rickshaw | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Auto Rickshaw | Wow Kidz

Thank you Ghasitaram, because of you we are starting a new work. All the best, you have started a new job on my say. I am sure you both will earn money a lot. Today you be with us, we are new to this business. We are not aware of anything, on your say we purchased the auto. I have 20 years experience, let’s go today we shall be together. Look! Passenger! Oh sorry. Oh sorry. He also didn’t sit. Oh sorry. Surprise, all are saying sorry, what’s the matter? I am sorry. What sorry? What happened?Why aren’t you sitting in the auto? Already you have 2 passengers. Oh Patlu Ghasitaram, get off and stand, sir please come in. Take me to Phool square. Ok I will take you there. What happened? Don’t know you just push it, it may get started. Push it. With more effort. Till when I have to push? Is the petrol there in the auto? Sorry! I forgot to put the petrol. Who gave you the license for auto driver? Oh my lord!Why did I get beating between you? I am going now. Catch him! He has stolen diamonds, catch him. What are you doing? Tell where is the diamonds? Or else you we will mincemeat you. I am telling, I have kept in that auto. The thief again ran, but we got the diamonds. What are you doing ? Are you both fine? Why did you remove the seats? Don’t interfere in our work, we are doing our duty, we are from the intelligence group. Hey this is our brand new auto, why are you both doing this to our auto? I told you to be quite and not to interfere or else you would be behind the jail. We wont be quite, you are damaging our new auto, we will make noise. Yes we won’t be quite. Take the both to the jail. Yes we will be quite. We need to catch the thief and ask him where the diamonds are hide in this auto? Sir! If you are done with your lawful act, can we take the auto to our house? Yes and remember never interfere in law’s work. Hi Kalia, how are you? I heard you had stolen some diamonds. Who said it? its just the rumors, Bunty brother. Hey Kalia, it’s the fact and the the truth, I can smell the robbery. What say Pintu Peda? Kalia don’t act smart, we also know to become extra smart, got it? Now have sweets and tell where is the diamonds? I robbed the diamonds, but the intelligence officers followed me, I had to hide it in an auto. I am searching now for the auto, hey look there the auto. I hided the diamond in that auto. Oh no, these officers again, I am going. Give sweets to the auto driver and take the diamond from that auto before the officers arrive here. Yes Bunty Barfi, I will give them. After all it’s matter of diamond. Have this sweets and move aside. Don’t talk, and ask no questions, be quite or you will shut up for ever. Hey, what are you doing? Stop it please, tell me what we have a done? I told you to keep quite and not ask questions. If you say again then I will finish you both. It seems that Kalia made us fool, well upto where will he go? He has to come here. Somebody tell us what is happening? Yesterday that officers destroyed our auto and today these people. Hey, where are you going? Atleast say something. When Pintu Peda says don’t speak it means don’t speak got it? They stuffed us with sweets, now its our turn. Say now. Oh my lord! What happened to your auto? What a business we have got into? Some people come and tear the auto, some come and feed us with sweets and tear the auto. I can’t understand the problem at all. Look that the auto! I have kept the diamonds in the petrol tank. Look they are coming again towards our auto, this time we will not allow to touch the auto. Let’s go Patlu. Motu, they all are following us as human chains. They stuffed us with sweets, now its our turn. Sir! We need your help, can I take your bike for sometime? Police is meant to help others, take it, but come back soon. Chingam sir some goons are following us help. Seems these goons must be chasing them, hey stop in the name of law. Hey stop! Return my bike. Don’t ride like this , get off, that’s not bullock cart. If you touch my auto then I will mincemeat you. Hey, you threw my gun. Motu, have this samosa and show your act. Thank you Ghasitaram sir, 20years experience you have done a good job. Where is my bike? Oh my god! It was only coconut before now even the culprits too falls from the air. Now tell me, what is happening? We don’t know, ask them, why do they are after my auto? I hided the diamonds in the tank, every one is searching for this. Motu Patlu because of you both, they have been caught. I will ask government to reward you. Thank you sir!

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