Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated movie | Motu Patlu Aur Khazaane Ki Race | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated movie | Motu Patlu Aur Khazaane Ki Race | Wow Kidz

If he manages to escape then, Mr Chamko will not spare us. So many people are running after one doggy. I feel there is something fishy. Let me call & inform Motu Patlu. Hello, Motu patlu. Hey give that doggy to us. I am the don of all dons. Super don. Who am I? Who am I? Who? Who? Who? I am the don of all Dons. Super don, Mr Chamko. Who are you? Who are you? We are friend of friends. Name is Motu Patlu. Nice meeting you. Stay away, I hate dirty people and dirt. I hate it. I hate it. Why do you repeat every talk three times? It gives weight to the talk. Haha. Give that doggy back to me. Otherwise you won’t be able to go back from here. You are challenging Chamko. Guards attack. Attack. Attack. Bye. Bye. Motu Patlu. Patlu, on an empty stomach, I cannot think properly. Idea. Let’s go. We will teach a lesson to Chamko. Hello, Chingam sir. Yes, Motu Patlu. Don’t worry. I am there. The name is Chingam. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s hand. Hera Pheri. Goons will be surprised to see me lying in the middle of the road. You are nation’s hope!! Hope. Sorry, Chingam sir. We are in a hurry. Oh, my god! They have dashed me so badly. Now watch our amazing move. Hello, Mr Chamko. Bye bye. Motu Patlu. Bye. Motu, look he removed leash from dog’s neck and took it away. There must be something very important thing in that leash. You take care of the dog & I will catch him. Let me check where the treasure is hidden. The treasure is hidden on Christmas Mountain. The treasure can be easily found. Now this treasure will be mine. Sorry. Please, don’t mind Mr Chamko. Let’s see what is there is inside this paper. Oh, my god! What is this? Why it is like this? Why are you all giving so much importance to this paper? This is some map. What is this map about? I will tell you about this map. Come lucky This treasure is of king Chandanpur. I am Chandu, king chandanpur’s servant. King wanted to sell his property and move to a foreign country. But before moving to abroad, he had put all his precious stones inside a crown. And he wanted to make big hospitals and schools in Furfuri Nagar by selling it. So that people of Furfuri Nagar can get free education and medical treatment. Then? Then Mr Chamko came to know about this and his men started harassing the king. So king hid that crown some where and made a map of that place. And put that map in doggy Lucky’s leash. One other servant also knew this secret. Once, the king left the country, they started snatching Lucky’s leash. Thank God. You saved this dog. We will search that treasure and will definitely fulfill King’s wish. We will definitely open big hospitals and schools in Furfuri Nagar. You take away lucky Thanks a lot. King’s dream must come true. This is all what I want. Come on Lucky. Such a sweet doggy. Oh, my god! This is Christmas mountain. I have heard about it. Mostly Christmas trees are found here. Let’s get ready we have to reach their immediately. Mr Chamko has also seen that map. At all costs, we should reach there before Mr.Chamko. Let me meet Mr. Chamko, this time. I will beat him up badly. I forgot about it. Yes, sir. We will hit him badly. Oh, my god! Save me. Mom & Dad, save me! Feri Lal, stop it. Stop hitting sir. Oh! Chingam sir. Feri Lal reporting sir. Chingam sir, where are you? Chingam sir. Is it darding? What is this darding? Oh, you mean is it paining. A real man never guts hurt. Next stop. Christmas mountain. My aunty will come & she will get cake and sweets. Boss, do you really like your aunty. That is the reason, twice you said nice. I didn’t say nice but I was sneezing. She is a nice person. You idiot! Obviously she is nice. After all she is my aunt. I haven’t met my aunt since childhood. John!! My child. Yesh! You are having too much cold. Why did not you inform me? Quickly, bring some hot water. Aunty, take the hot water. Inhale some steam. Your cold will vanish quickly. Aunty, the water is so hot. I may get injured. Hello, John! I am don of all the dons.Super don! Who am I? Yes, Mr. Chamko. Sorry sir, I have some cold. Keep your face away from the phone and talk. Otherwise, I will not spare you. Quickly clean this mess. You are ignoring me & talking with whom? John, who is this? Sorry boss, she is my aunt. Quickly, get down. Otherwise, I will hit you under your ear. Got down. Got down. What is this all nonsense? John who is this? Make her understand or else I will not spare you. Sorry boss. My aunty is speaking all this crap. Tell me what’s the matter? Motu Patlu are about to go to Christmas mountain. There is one treasure which belongs to me. Your work is to stop Motu Patlu. They should not reach Christamas Mountain. Keep your phone away from your face and sneeze. After stopping Motu Patlu, you will help me to search that treasure. If you manage to do this work, then I will give you lots of money. And if you get your aunt along. Then I will kill you with a gun. I hope you got it. Whoever you are, just listen to me, till now I was quiet. But if you don’t keep quiet now. Then, I will teach you a lesson. I will hit you very badly. What happened boss? What was all this? That was a cyclone called John’s aunt. This aunty is very troublesome. I need to do something. What should I do? Hey! I am hungry. Quickly, give me some food. What are you upto? Nothing much. What are you hiding? Come aunty, we will go inside. Finally, the trouble is over. Quickly, wake up guys. Oh, my god!!!! Number 1 & 2. This is me here & not the aunt. Come fast with me. I will tell you every thing on the way. John will become The Don. Now I will become a millionare. Nobody can stop me. Look at John. Where is he going? Motu Patlu stop dreaming about getting the treaurse. My boss, Mr. Chamko is very dangerous. He will not spare you. John is also searching the treasure. Quickly move ahead. Hey! John, stop. Stop in the name of the law. Go back. Or else I will put you in the jail. Leave me and look at your jeep, all the wheels are rotating Oh, my god! Stop the car. Haha!! Haha!!! Not even single wheel is rotating. John made me fool. Sir if jeep is moving then the wheels will also rotate. He made you fool sir. F-O-O-L-E-D. I will not leave him. Oh, my lord. Are you driving a bullock cart? Drive quickly. Yeah! My clothes. Catch the thieves. Bye! Bye! Motu Patlu. Go back. What is this happening? Bye Bye John!! Haha!!! Some one stays here. Let’s take help from him. What is this happening? Excuse me. Oh, sorry. Why did I feel that if aunty was standing inside? Oh! Boss. Why are you saying this, as if aunty is standing behind me? Why both of you are behaving like this? As if aunty is there behind me. Not behind you but in front of you. Aunty!! Stop! Where are you running? Tell me. How did you come here? This what I am asking you, how did I reach here? Which place is this? Tell me fast or else. I am telling you aunty. Wait. Aunty that treasure is of Mr Chamko. We will get only that much. That he will give to us. Let’s find the treasure & then we will teach Mr.Chamko a great lesson. Now we will need another car, your van is destroyed Boss, boss that is Jhatka’s car. It can even fly. John will become the don!!! Come my child. Sit on my lap. The car is coming. Lift!! Please sir take me along with you. Yes. Let us help her. She even has a child along with her. A child with a beard? This is John!! Why did you throw my child? My John! Oh, my lord! Save us. Not lord but now aunty will save you. Meet my aunty, hope you like her. Hey! He ran away with my car. John! Wait!! Otherwise, I will make you a hen. Quicky fly the car!! Otherwise, aunty will not spare us. Number one. Be quick. Oh, John! Why are you troubling your own aunt? What happened? This car can fly, then why didn’t you fly it. Why were we travelling by road? Motu my friend, my brother, it is fun to travel by road. It is fun to see beautiful scenes and scenery. Oh, friend! Why are you hitting me? I have the remote. The car cannot go any where with out my wish. Give me the remote. I will teach him a lesson. Oh, god! Please save us. This is your punishment for stealing our car. Haha! You wanted to fly. So remain in the sky. Why are you screaming? What is happening? Properly fly the car. Give me the remote. You don’t know how to fly the car. I will teach you how to fly a car. Johnny! Johnny! Yes, Papa!
Give me the remote I will teach him a lesson. Shut up! Why are you going back? Boss I am not driving the car. It is moving on its own. Johnny! Johnny! Yes, boss. Sorry Aunty! Oh! My suit has become very dirty! Hey! Clean me my suit. Clean it!! Don’t speak but clean it. You are trying to act smart with your aunt. You left me & ran away. I will not leave you. The car is damaged. It will not fly. But the car will run on the road. Aunty. Hit him. He left you in the middle of the road & ran away. Wait! Wait! Otherwise, I will hit you as well! My entire body is paining. A car is coming. Please stop the car. Please. Boxer. We want to go to Christmas Mountain. Please give us a lift till there. Christmas Mountain is very far away from here. I have to go for a meeting. I am meeting an investor for my boxing school. This boxing school is my dream. Every kid should get a chance to learn free boxing. If you take us. We will give you lot of money. You can open many schools. What do you say? How is this possible? Tell me. So the plan is. And I will give you 10 percent of the treasure. Agreed? You should have said this thing earlier. Hurray! Now, I will open boxing schools in the entire country. And provide them free training. What are you waiting for? Quickly sit in the car. Dr. Jhatka, you are driving a car or a bullock cart. How did John, go ahead of us? Boxer is in their team now. Now I will overtake their car. We also have a car & not a bullock cart. Oh, my god! Oh, my lord. Be careful, a truck is coming from ahead. Big brother, drive the car on the road. Dr. Jhatka. Atleast sometimes do any work properly. Let’s eat some thing. I am feeling very hungry Yes I am very thirsty. We are much ahead of John, Let’s eat some thing. Boxer brother for some time your dream, had become my dream as well. Even I had started thinking that I will also teach boxing to kids. I will serve them but now that dream is about to break. Why what happened? Look at Motu, Patlu, Jhatka & Ghasitaram. Even they are also going in search of treasure. It is not possible for me to win against them. They will occupy the entire treasure. Come on, let’s go back. No body can break my dream. I will punch out their entire cunningness. I will not spare them. Let’s go. Boxer brother!! Nobody will fight in my restaurant. I will not spare anyone. Police. Help. They will break my restaurant. Oh, my lord! Save us! Oh, my god! Patlu, where am I? Thank you. I got it we are in which place. Our work is done. Let people fight Boxer, my friend, my brother. Don’t hit us dear. We will do what ever you will say. Don’t move from here or else I will hit you badly. Ok, thank you. Thank you. You are a very nice person. Oh, my lord. From where this burning smell is coming? Every thing under us is burning. If we will move from here then boxer will hit us. If we will not move then we will get burnt. Mommy! Save us! Motu, follow me. Enough is enough Boxer. Let’s fight. Hey! Today nobody can save you. Stop!!! Where are you both hiding? On an empty stomach, I cannot think. Do something. Idea!! Oh! Don’t do this. You have completely destroyed my restaurant. I will file a complaint against you in the police station. I will call the police. Where is the police station? Then go there now! Police! Police! Police! Sir, that guy was asking for help. H – E – L- P Oh, my god. If he does not wait, then how can I help him? I have got a brilliant idea running inside my devil brain. Motu Patlu will not be able to go ahead. Do something. Quickly move from here. If you waste any time, then I will hit you badly. You both are making fun of me!! The brigde is broken. Now Motu Patlu cannot come ahead. Bye! Bye! Motu Patlu. This was your brilliant idea. Stupid. John, you are a useless fellow. If I don’t get my treasure, then I will not spare you. Aunty! I am really very sorry. Take the car up. Aunt went away!! Boss. Please don’t cry. These our crocodile tears. I am happy that aunty went away. She was one big trouble. Boss! Look behind! Why are you saying this, as if aunty is standing behind me? Boss! Boss! Why are you saying this, as if aunty is standing behind me? Aunty, you are alive. I am very happy for you. Where are you running? Look at me. Oh, my lord. How we will cross this river? At any cost, we will cross this river. We have to find the treasure. And build schools & hospitals in Furfuri Nagar. Now see my plan. Big brother, move the car in the reverse direction. Yeah!! Long live!!! My car. How did you dare to run away with my car? I will not leave you. Leave me. Please forgive me. Whether I am a good person or a bad one. I will give you 20 percent share of the treasure. At least now, forgive me. 20 percent. Now I can open more number of schools. Very good. Let’s go. This ride is too much fun. Sir! Be careful. The bridge is broken. What will we do now? Sir the bridge is Toten. T-O-T-E-N. What is this Toten? He means to say broken. Sir one jump. Two jumps. We will be there. There is only one way. Hey, jeep! Take care of a police’s pride. Come on! Martch forward. Oh, my god! Sir do something or else we will drown. Hey! Jeep, please move little more forward. Little more forward. We can jump. Sir, the jeep has saved us today. I salute you, the jeep. Your completed your duty till last. You helped the police. Let’s move. Martch forward. Left – Right – Left. Left – Right- Left. Oh, no!!! Move backwards!! Left – Right – Left. Left – Right- Left. Feri Lal. Wake up. Feri Lal. Reporting sir. Sir. Why are we waiting? Still, we have to travel very far. This way we will not be able to reach. Left – Right- Left. Big brother, drive fast. John is left behind but his boss is travelling in a helicopter. No matter how much a frog jumps, he cannot become a monkey. You all will always get defeated by me. I really hate dirt & dirty people. Did you get it? Patlu, now what shall we do? Oh my lord!! Tunnel! Idea!! Motu, any how get the car inside the tunnel. Big brother, get aside. Let me drive. Oh, no! What has this happened? Motu Patlu, I will finish you. Bye Bye. Mr.Chamko. Quickly repair the helicopter. Who will ride this broken bicycle? Sir. When you are there, then how can we dare to ride this bicycle? He is right sir. In front of you, we cannot ride this bicycle. We salute you, Sir. You both respect me so much. Seeing that, I am feeling emotional. I will ride the bicycle. Well done, Chingam sir. See that Mr.Chamko has got his broken helicopter repaired. Now it will be able to fly. Dr. Jhatka, what type of scientist are you? Do something. You all have awakened the inner scientist in me. Now see my new invention. See the first plane of Jhatka airlines is ready to fly. Don’t waste time. Let’s fly. And see the magic of my plane. Motu Patlu sit in front & pedal the plane. And it will fly. The faster you pedal, faster the plane will fly. Big brother, stop the plane. There is a valley ahead. Stop the plane. Sorry, I forgot to put a brake in the plane.
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Now the plane will not stop. Don’t panic. Boss. See that Motu Patlu are singing? Why are they singing? It seems that they have found the treasure. They are not singing but going ahead to find the treasure. John, do something or else I will not leave you. My umbrella! See that is the Christmas Mountain. We will reach there in some time. Oh, my god! What has happened? No!! No!! See that is Motu Patlu’s plane. Oh, my god!! Thank You. Motu Patlu. You guys came at the right time. Together we will find the treasure. Chingam sir. Get down. This plane has a seating capacity of four people. Get down! How do I get down Dr. Jhatka? Dr. Jhatka, I will swear you in the name of the law. Don’t send me down. Hey, Singh! Lie towards that broken wing. Feri Lal. Lie towards the side of the other wing. I will go right now. Move fast. Fast!! Motu Patlu have moved ahead of us. They never accept defeat. Move fast. Fast!! See that is the Christmas Mountain. Pedal fast!! See that is the Christmas Mountain. Thank God! We have reached here first. I cannot see John or Mr.Chamko till far away. Quickly find the treasure & leave from here. I cannot understand where the treasure is kept. There is no any such symbol in the map. The sun rays are piercing through my eyes. See the shadow of that pillar. Pillar’s shadow. This shadow is the clue. There is shadow of no other thing in this map. The map shows the shadow of these three pillars only. The shadow of all the three pillars forms a cross. We will find the treasure. The treasure should be here. But how we will dig? Why fear when Chingam is here? Take this. John, will become the Don. This is crown is mine. Who will stop me? Your aunt will stop you. When did these guys come? Catch him. Johnny, give me the crown. See who is behind you? Sorry! Instead of saying sorry, snatch the crown from him. This is my crown. Give it to me. Don’t make me run in old age. Fire bullets at them!!! Fire bullets at them. Gentlemen. Bye. Bye. And thank you for help. What is this happening? Do something. I hate dirt & dirty people. Yes.Boss. Clean the dirt. Motu, keep running. Don’t stop. Seeing rich peope, beggars have gathered. Haha. My men have come. Now all of you surrender. Ouch! My nose. My mate the weapon, the place, the date & time will be of your choice. Go check the calendar & let me know the date. I will reach there. Got it! Patlu. Let’s go & check the date, when we will be free. We are free today & we will take the crown now. Mr.Chamko, in front of us you cannot take this crown. This crown belongs to Furfuri Nagar. We will open schools & hospitals in Furfuri Nagar. So everyone gets free education & medical treatment. Sorry Motu Patlu. I thought you were taking this crown for your ownself. And I helped the wrong people. For the betterment of Furfuri Nagar, I am on your side. Let us see till when you will be saved. Attack!!! Hey! Stop! The name is Chingam. Inspector Chingam. Three of us have surrounded you from all four sides. Hera Feri! Arrest them. I say hands up. Surrender now. Chingam, stop firing. And punch them. Patlu, on an empty stomach I cannot think. Do something. Idea!! I have not called you all here for dancing. Mr. Chamko. Give us the crown. Or should I make you dirty? You hate dirt & dirty peope. Right. When I become dirty, I behave very badly. Till now you have experienced my good side. Now face my bad side. See it! See it! Ok! Now, I accept my defeat. My entire gang of men have lost to Motu Patlu. They have lost to Motu Patlu! I did not get the crown, plus I became dirty. Mr.Chamko, a person becomes dirty by his deeds. And not due to his clothes. If you do dirty things, then you will become a dirty person only. If your argument is over, then I will take my crown. John, will you explain it to your aunt or should we do it? That this crown will be used for the welfare of Furfuri Nagar. Since the time you have come, you have made my life miserable. You have made everyone’s live miserable. Go to the house & wait for me. You come home & then I will teach you a lesson. Motu Patlu, due to your bravery Furfuri Nagar has got the crown. I will help to get you an award for this thing. Oh, my lord! Only Motu Patlu will get the award. Ghasitaram, you & Dr. Jhatka will also receive the award. Don’t worry. Come on, everyone move inside the helicopter. Everyone will got to jail. I am going to jail but I have not lost. I will come back. People of Furfuri Nagar, due to Motu Patlu’s bravery. We have been successful in opening a school. Motu Patlu. Thank you so much! Sir this possible not only due to our efforts but our friends have also contributed. Dr. Jhatka, Ghasitaram & Chingam sir as well. School’s cleanliness maintenance has been assigned to a very clean person. Meet Mr.Chamko, the cleaner. I am the don of all dons & not a cleaner. I said wait.

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  2. Motu patlu is my favourite cartoon very very very very very very very very ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

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