Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated movie | Inspector Patlu| Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated movie | Inspector Patlu| Wow Kidz

Hey Ghasitaram, see I’ve made a police officer’s uniform. Whoever will wear this uniform will become an inspector. There is no need to train him; he will automatically get trained But I don’t understand that on whom I should try this. Oh! lord, Don’t expect from me, I won’t wear it. Hey Patlu, Dr. Jhatka has made this Police Uniform for Chingam Sir. You look exactly like him. Please try it once. Ok, I’ll try it. The name is Patlu, inspector Patlu. It is impossible to escape from Patlu’s trap. I say its impossible. Oh! Lord Dr. Jhatka, your experiment is successful but why does he speak like Chingam Sir? It is because I’ve fed the entire data of Chingam Sir in it. But don’t worry, he has become an inspector and nothing else. Oh wow!!!! Why are you saying Oh! wow? I’m leaving now. I have a lot of work outside. Bye see you. Hey Patlu, congratulations friend, you have really turned into a Police inspector. Come on now, remove the dress because I have to give this to Chingam sir. What are you saying? You are removing a police inspector’s uniform. Oh! damn!!!! I will arrest you for trying to remove the uniform of an on duty police inspector, and then keep grinding wheat in the prison. Ok! I am leaving now. Big brother, what is this happening? Hey Motu, my brother, I made a…. Please get the dress soon or else Patlu will go on walking around as an illegal police inspector. I have 20 years experience of removing clothes. I will think of some another idea. You’re driving on the wrong side. I will put you in the jail. if you don’t make good samosas and tea then I will put you in the jail. Sell fresh vegetables or else I will put you in jail. It is impossible to escape from Patlu’s trap. Impossible! Oh god, I guess Chingam sir’s soul has come into Patlu. Inspector sir. Inspector sir.Yes! Inspector sir, you’re dress has become very dirty. Remove it and give it to me. I will wash it nicely. Meanwhile please wear these clothes. You both are the same. I will show you how nicely clothes are washed. Mother….. I only asked for washing the dress but you are washing me up. You wanted to wash my dress huh! Now you will have to go to the jail. You will have to eat and drink jail’s food. No No, I have no experience of eating or drinking jail’s food or water. Motu, save me….. Inspector sir, what are you doing? Please leave him. Leave him. Yes, who are you? Sir, I am his friend Motu. Sorry he committed a mistake. I will explain you. Let’s go and have breakfast. Furfurinagar needs a brave inspector like you sir. Thank you. You seem to be an intelligent man. Let’s go. Bro, serve tea to sir! Oh! god Who is this? The name is Patlu, inspector Patlu. It is impossible to escape from Patlu’s trap.Impossible! Hey Patlu,what is this drama? It is illegal to roam around in an inspector’s uniform. Remove the dress. Remove it fast. Don’t ask him to remove the dress Chingam Sir or else the result is going to be very bad. You want to remove my dress huh, an inspector’s dress? Oh! god What is this happening? I will show the difference between real and fake Inspector. Hahahaha… This is the real inspector’s identity. Tell me, can you do this? Tell me tell me tell me? Oh! Coconuts! This is a fake inspector’s work. Now see what falls when a real inspector fires. Oh god !!!!! Run from here!!! I will wipe out all the crime from Furfurinagar. I will smell and catch the crime and criminals. But brother, there is no crime nearby then who will you catch? There is crime somewhere around. Big brother, Patlu’s nonsense is increasing. He is smelling and moving around the place. Hey criminal, come to the jail. What is this? Why is Patlu wearing an inspector’s dress? He is inspector Patlu. Don’t challenge him. Ok, Ok, no problem. Number 1, number 2, go in and take proper car of inspector sir. Inspector sir, please come in. Why are you both hiding your faces? Boss boss, he is saying that he didn’t like our service. He is calling you inside. Why didn’t you tell what kind of service he is giving? You got your boss beaten up. Stop in the name of law Sir, please lock us in the jail. Hey Motu my friend, we need to remove Patlu’s uniform anyhow or else I don’t know what is he going to do next. Now there is only one way. We need to remove his dress by force. Inspector Patlu! Yes Motu, but why are you screaming? You are a fake inspector and I will prove it right now. Yes Patlu, come on fight. Oh, so now even the ant has got wings. Aa aaa…yaaa aa yyaaa ouuchh…! ohh!!!!! Yeah…ouch!!! What are you doing Motu….? Motu…!! Big brother, Patlu’s dress? Motu, what was happening over here? It seems like I had been fighting with you. The matter is….. Oh thank you Motu. You made me normal. Sorry for giving you two or three beatings Not two or three. You hit me a lot of times. Somebody help me and get me out of here….. Chingam Sir, what are you doing inside? Motu, remove me out. Inspector Patlu locked me in here. Sorry Chingam sir, very sorry, I made a mistake unintentionally. You come out but John, you stay right there. It is a right place for you. Oh! God Somebody tell me what is all this. It is a long story. Come on, let’s eat samosa and discuss it at ease. Let me wear my uniform first. Somebody tell me also…

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  2. hi Motu patlu I really like this cartoon i am a girl i really love this cartoon and my sister Zehra have a great day

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