Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Space ship | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Space ship | Wow Kidz

Hello Dr. Jhatka. Dr. Jhatka, how long it will take you to solve our problem? If this spaceship is not repaired fast then TV will not work throughout in India. Ok that is the reason the TV is not working in India. I will send two robots, they will come and do the needful. Don’t worry over and out. Oh my robots, wait for some time. let me put the space suit on you all and then I will send you all to the space. Let’s ask Dr. Jhatka why the TV is not working? Hey winter is coming, I think Dr. Jhatka has made this suit for it. This is an astronaut suit, I think he is planning to go to the space. Let us try this suit and if it fits us then we will Dr. Jhatka that we are also coming to the space. Wow, my robots have worn their suit themselves. Good, now I will send them to the space. They are ready to go. No!! Big brother, what are you doing? Dr. Jhatka help!! Mummy!! Oh my lord! If these two are down then who went up, is it Motu Patlu? Who are you? How did you go up? Big brother, we are Motu Patlu, by mistake we wore that suit. And you have send us up, bring us down. I have not made a system to bring that thing back. So now you listen, you all go straight to the space. And over there the spaceship is having some problem, you all will meet two astronauts over there. You help them, do as I say, ok. Apart from saying OK, is there any other way? No. So sad, somebody tied them and went. Why do people do such bad things? Stop! Motu one minute. Hey, what are you doing? No!! Bad mannered people, they went away without thanking me. They didn’t go away, now they will be wandering in the space like this only, until we save them. May all medicines goes in your mouth. They have let those people go in the space. Hello Motu Patlu. Hello hello yes Dr. Jhatka. Go inside and open the red box, now you all both, has to repair the spaceship. And save those astronauts. Dr. Jhatka one of the, wire has come out. Fix that wire. Big brother is showing us a alien in another monitor, he is trying to contact this ship. Now what I am going to tell, listen carefully, in space it is difficult to run wearing the space suit. Use that jet pack. Why are you telling like this? Why should we run? And listen it is better to remember the almighty god during your last days. Just in case if you all have to go to him. Big brother why are you scaring us? Tell us clearly. In the other monitor where you are seeing the alien, actually it is not the monitor. It is a mirror and the alien is right behind you. Empty stomach my mind doesn’t work, you do something. Idea, start the jet pack. Don’t run, let’s have lunch. Patlu this one is a good alien, calling us for lunch. Be ready with your jet pack, this time we have to fly from front. I don’t believe this alien. I like Indian spices, here eat it. Thank you, what is your name? My name is Xray. You will not eat? I will eat, what is so hurry? Without the Indian spices I don’t eat anything. Patlu he is going to eat us, jet pack!! This is cheating, you all had your lunch, now why don’t you all allow me to have my lunch? What are you doing? I am tying the seat belt so that we will fly away. Space ship is not working, this cannot fly and we have come here for that. Run!! Big brother, we are stuck in the deep freezer. Be inside only, Xray is standing outside. If you all come out he will eat you all. If we remain inside we will become ice, now what to do? Empty stomach my mind doesn’t work, you only think. Idea, we will cut the wall behind us and run. He also had the same idea, run! I am tired running, and feeling very hot, let us on the fan. Motu what have you done? Put off the fan. I am not able to reach the switch. This is called as getting out of the soup and falling in the fire. Brother Xray, if you get stuck in the fan you will be in pieces, stay here only. Why did you catch him? He will be eating us. He will get stuck in the fan, so I helped him. What are you doing, I am trying to save you and still you want to eat me. I am going to eat you still why are you saving me? Why, because anybody who is in trouble it is human being’s duty to save him. Motu Patlu, do something fast. Empty stomach my mind doesn’t work. This is my dialogue. You both are very nice human beings, come on I will repair your spaceship. And then we will save those astronauts. Alien is coming, such shape aliens eat human being also. Mummy!! They are Motu Patlu, great, Dr. Jhatka how did they do this? What they do and how they do? They only know it. Motu Patlu thanks a lot, thank you very much, now we can go back. What is this magnet button? Don’t press that button, it is very powerful magnet nearby satellite will come and get stuck to our ship. Oh sorry, I have already pressed it. What? It’s a sabotage, who did this? Run Motu run, if you don’t run now you will not be able to run ever after.

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