Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Prince Motu| Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Prince Motu| Wow Kidz

Come let’s see what is happening there? Move aside. As you all know I am the queen of Anandgadh. I need a prince to look after the matters of the court. Listen! The pot hanging on top of this tree has to be broken with a stick while wearing a blindfold. Whoever manages to do that will become the prince of Anandgadh. Oh my lord! I have 20 years of experience in breaking pots. I will become the prince. Oh, I swear on my patients the prince should be someone with a sharp mind like mine. Oh my god! Why are you all fighting? The name is Chingam I mean Prince Chingam I will be prince. All you are doing is dreaming there, when the real prince is here, why are you all forgetting him? Wow boss wow! What poetry! John you look good as the don, I am just right to be prince, right Patlu? Why? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I be prince? Let the competition begin. Come, now break the pot. The name is Chingam, I mean Prince Chingam, I will be prince. Oh my god! My cane is hitting me. Motu always wanted to be rich, I should help him. My friend Motu will try first. Motu there will be only one chance, do something. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, you think of something. I don’t even know if the pot is in front of me or behind me. Idea! Just a minute queen the pot seems to be swaying in the breeze. Just smell the beautiful aroma friend, and where you get the smell, hit the stick my friend. Motu hit the stick my friend. Aroma! Congratulations Motu, we were looking for a prince like you. Who can manage our affairs of the court, blindfolded. Take Prince Motu to the palace. Patlu come our days of poverty are over. Only Prince Motu will go to the palace, no common man can come into the palace. Patlu! All the best Motu. Something has happened to the prince!! Help! I am fine queen, It is just that I was not getting sleep on such a soft mattress so I went to sleep on the ground. What? Hold the fork like this, and the knife like this, did you understand? Got it! But when the lord above has given us hands to use for eating why should we eat with forks and spoons? Prince!! Stop this caveman behavior, you are a prince and princes eat with forks and spoons. All right queen, your wish is my command. Sorry! You cannot escape me, it is difficult to escape Prince Motu’s fork. Prince! Stand up right now, yes queen. Prince!! Why is it necessary to learn how to dance like this? English Dance is a must for moving in high society. Why can’t we dance in our own country style? Call my friend Patlu, once we the first place in a dance competition. You will feel happy when you see us dance. Prince, just do as you are told, no common man can come into the palace. Come this way my Prince. Aah! Ouch! Sorry! Once again. Sorry! I will provide you with some entertainment. Oh, no prince!! I cannot run on this, give me a couple of samosas to eat, then you see how I run. Samosa! Long live! Oh, no prince! There is no fun in life without Motu. Aroma! Prince! Stop!! Catch him, shut the palace gates, shut the gates, stop the prince. Motu, look I have got hot samosa for you, eat them quickly and go back or the queen will get upset. Motu stop! Catch him. Motu look at this car, these treasures they are all for you, This palace is for you, everything is yours. Come back. Queen thank you very much but the most valuable treasure for me is my friend Patlu. And the people of Furfuri town, bye! See you, thank you Bye! Thank you? You are saying that to a palace of treasures?? How? Patlu!

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