Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Motu banega don | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Motu banega don | Wow Kidz

Today cash tomorrow credit, today you have to give them cash. Big brother give us hot samosa fast and clean this table also. Sir, come in come in please sit down, I have made hot samosa just eat and see. What is this? We ordered the samosey’s first, so give us first. I am Don! Now you only tell who will eat the samosey first? First I will eat, got guts then take it and show. Catch him and get the samosa. Boss eat the samosey’s fast. How will I eat? I am holding the plate with both the hands. long live! We are being insulted and they giving you so much respect, why? Because I am Don! To become a Don is not an easy task you have to work very hard to become a Don. To become a Don is not a big thing, rob 3 or 4 houses, loot some big establishment and become a Don. If got guts then become a Don and show me, are you accepting the challenge? You are very small I will become the big Don and show you, I will break your pride in front of me and show you. Wow boss what a poem the new Don has made Shut up, he is not a Don, I am the Don! Motu stop! Now let anything happen, Moto will become Don, Motu will become Don. The result of bad work is always bad, think it over. Motu just loot one bank, everybody will call you Don. Yes it’s a good idea, I will rob a bank and become the Don. This is not a good job, don’t do it. Hey, run away from here. Fast! Come on pass me the bag full of money. Hey! Take me out from here. Thief! Catch! We will sit on that hand cart and run. Hey, brainless people, who will push the cart? John the don has looted the bank, It’s good, now let’s go home. No, we will rob John the Don, rob the Don and become the Don. He ran away, now what will you do Motu? Empty stomach I don’t get ideas, you only think something. Yeah! help! Motu, how to stop this? I don’t know, this keeps on jumping, look there in front John the Don. Got saved. Got dead. Don’t know where John is? Now our address will also be not known, fast do something to stop this. Empty stomach I don’t get ideas. Chingum sir help! Oh! My God, what is this happening? Chingum sir we are bouncing on pogo stick. My age is not to bounce, I say stop in the name of law, stop it. What is this happening? Stop it, in the name of law, in the name of mother India. We are following John the Don who has looted the bank and running away. Long live Motu Patlu . What is this wrong thing happened? We went to become Don but became a hero. May be god also wanted this things to happen. There is a smuggling of gold goes on in the container yard, loot the gold and become the Don. Yes! we will rob the gold from the container yard. No Motu no now stop all this things. Run away from here, misery
Whenever see you are crying. These keys will fit in the container no. 420, gold is there in that container goo and take it. Container no. 420, now John will become the Don, John will become the Don. Catch him snatch the key from him. Container no. 420, long live! Now Motu will become the Don, Motu will become the Don. Catch him, snatch the key from him. Oh! My god, in the name of Hindustan, I will not leave them, who is that? Oh! My god, what is this you are hitting me in installment? Hit me once and for all. Stop it, don’t force me to shoot, once my bullet comes out from the gun it hunts. Let’s move away from here fast. Oh! My God, my bullet is coming to hunt me. Stop bullet stop in the name of law stop, bullet sir! please stop. Oh! My god, somebody save me from this bullet. Oh! Ah! Ouch! Hey, who is hitting? who is there? I don’t get ideas with an empty stomach. You all are under arrest, Impossible, oh! Ah! Ouch! who is hitting? It was too dark inside, couldn’t see anything, don’t know who was hitting whom? Inside also coconut was falling. Why am I running? I am inspector. But why John is running behind Motu? Usually Motu runs behind John. Look over there container no. 420, remove it from here fast. Look over there container no.420 Pull them down, fast. Oh! My God where everybody is going? It’s impossible to save from chingum’s web. Some confusion, Motu Patlu is behind John or John is behind Motu Patlu. If Motu Patlu is behind John then they John should be in front. If Motu Patlu is in front that means John is behind them. And I am behind John and behind me and behind me oh! My God. Help! I cannot hung like this for long, I am losing the grip. Don’t leave the grip don’t or else we all will be rip. Wow boss what a poem you made it, isn’t it no.2? Son of a poet, who has holded Patlu’s leg? Help! Help! Chingum sir, we have caught John, he was smuggling gold. Motu Patlu you both are very daring, you all are great, you both are the hope of Furfuri town. No, this is wrong, I want to become the Don but end up becoming a Hero. Motu it is easy to become the Don, but to become a hero, and good human being is very difficult. You will get your reward and John will have to go to the jail, who will get the gold? Gold? Where is the gold? Long live!

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