Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Johny Madadgar | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Johny Madadgar | Wow Kidz

Brother Motu, can you give me samosa, I don’t have money today. Yes why not, take this, if you need more then you can have it, we will pay for you. You are so nice Motu, you always help others. Boss, everyone praises Motu so much. You eat samosa from my money, and are feeling happy to hear Motu been praised, come on let’s leave. Boss, at least let us have samosa. Everyone keeps praising Motu Patlu, they keep talking about them all the time. I am fed up hearing their name. Boss, Motu Patlu are always helping people, why don’t you do something like that? There is a devilish thought coming in my thunder mind, from today people will only sing my praises. I will loot ten lakhs and distribute one lakhs among people, I will save nine lakhs. And get public support from one lakhs. Furfuri town’s native folks get ready for Johnny the helpful one. Come on my horse, my plan is bang on. My poor fellow brothers, your savior has arrived, “Johnny helper”. Who so ever needs money come to me. Our savior, “Johnny Helper”, cheers to him. He is really the savior on white horse. Thank you brothers, now I leave, would come back tomorrow. Boss, it was a great day, how people were praising you everywhere. My year’s old dream has come true. Now I will go everyday as “Johnny helper” and wipe out Motu Patlu’s name. Number 2 wash the horse well, let him shine. Boss, what is the plan for tomorrow? But first listen to today’s plan. Johnny helper! All see for the first time on our channel “Johnny Helpers” photo. Oh my lord! From where did this poor people’s savior emerge suddenly? Whoever he is, he is doing good work. But I have my doubts, there is something in the soup. It’s not soup, we are having samosa Patlu. Hey I am saying that something is fishy. Hey Motu Patlu, on one side ‘Johnny Helper” is born and on the other side the bank got looted in the night. Hey “Johnny Helper”, I am Chingam, inspector Chingam, its impossible to escape from my clutches. But one thief is doing robbery every night, and I am not able to catch him, please help me. I will help you, but then would you help the people, and distribute the money to to them, tell me, would you? Hail “Johnny Helper”. We just got the news that Furfuri town bank was looted in the night. The thief should learn something from Johnny Helper. He is helping people, and on the other side thief is doing robbery, still the thief is not caught. Oh my go! These news channel guys are ruining my name, and making Johnny Helper popular. Now I understood everything. Chingam sir it is John who is doing robbery in the night. And distributes some money among poor people, he has become their savior. Motu Patlu, do something. Johnny Helper, your days of helping are numbered. Now we are going to help you. My horse run fast. It is impossible to catch Johnny. Mummy help! This idea of a rope is a total flop, Chingam sir fire. Look there, catch them. Johnny Helper, I am sure that you are the one who loots the bank and distributes the money. Come to the jail, I will remove the truth from you there. You are doubting Johnny Helpers honesty, come on take me wherever you want, I am not afraid of anyone. Look the police is arresting Johnny Helper, come fast and help Johnny Helper. You are trying to catch our savior, our helper, beat them up. Mummy help! We have already been dragged a lot, we have no strength left to get beaten up. May all the medicines goes in your mouth, we have been beaten up badly. Johnny Helper has got public support, it is not easy to catch him now. He is not Johnny but John, lets open his secret, then alone people would know. Patlu, my mind does not work on empty stomach, how we will open his secret? Patlu was it necessary to make me a bat, uff! How do these bats manage to fly? My entire body is aching. Number one, number two, today I have looted twenty lakhs. Of which I will distribute one lakh among the people and fool them. They will save me from the police, and rest nineteen lakhs I will put in my account. Boss, this Furfuri town people are so foolish, instead of listening to Motu Patlu, they have fallen in your trap. They are not fools but greedy, in the greed of my money they have become blind, let’s make them more blind. Chingam sir you said you are going to show us a film, when will it start? It is about to start, film is coming, Patlu where is this Motu? Friends forget about the movie, fulfill your dreams. Where has this Motu gone? Here I come. Friends now watch Johnny Helpers deeds on the film, your hero Johnny is now on big screen. Watch the film “Johnny Helper” This Johnny Helper is a cheat, he is the thief John, he called us greedy, blind, beat him. Help! Chingam sir help! Not only Chingam sir but even God will not come to your help, enjoy. He is saying enjoy, is this the time to joke.

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