Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon |Adventure Of Mansi And Akash| Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon |Adventure Of Mansi And Akash| Wow Kidz

Oh! My Toy! Please someone get my toy. What happened? My toy has fallen outside. Shh! Wait, I shall get back your toy from outisde. Wait! Wait! Even I shall come with you. Oh! Oh my god! Due to the wind, the toy is moving even further. The train is leaving! Let’s move fast. Wait! Wait! Mom,Dad. Wait! Wait! Mom,Dad.Wait. Stop! Please stop the train. What happened kids? Why both of you are running after the train? Our mom & dad are inside the train! And we have missed the train. I came down to get her toy & meanwhile the train left. My name is Motu. And this my friend Patlu. What are your names? My name is Mansi Tiwari. And my name is Akash Pandey. Ok! Mansi & Aakash. Let’s sit on the cycle & we shall quickly catch the train. But Motu! It is not possible to chase the train using a bicycle. We do not have any other option as well. See the train is still not very much far from us. Oh! Patlu. When I am hungry, my brain does not function properly. Now you only suggest an idea. Idea! You have some samosas. And get started! Hurray!! Motu! Motu! Take us also along with you! Oops! Sorry! Haha! Haha! Uncle, you are great. I cannot believe, that we are chasing the train using a bicycle. Uncle, you are a superhero. Hurray! Motu, ride fast! Ride faster. Wait! Wait! Stop the train. Mom & dad, please wait. Motu, you are moving towards the wrong track. Uncle, we might fall in the mud. Oh! I am Sorry! Oh! Oh my god! What’s wrong with you Motu? We have to take the kids to their parents & not in heaven. Motu Uncle, try hard. Try hard. Long live! Long Live! Yo! Motu uncle. Long live! Oh! Motu. Ahh!Ahh! Sorry kids, the cycle is broken. We cannot lose hope, we need to do something. See that! Uncle! Can you drive that. Let me try! But I will not be able to ride fast since I am hungry. Idea! Let’s meet him. Sir! These kids’s parents are inside the train. And they are left behind. Will you help them, to catch the train. I cannot give you the car, it’s tyre is punctured. If you need, any other help. Then let me know. Motu! Do you remeber once we had opened a garage. Come on! Let’s sort this out. Motu uncle! Long Live! Motu uncle. Let’s get started. Thank you! Uncle for helping us. Oh! Wait! I had asked you take anything but not the car’s engine. Oh! My car’s engine. Hello! Chingam sir. Please listen carefully. Oh!God. Poor kids. Very good Patlu. Please take care of the kids. Sir, this is a long distance train. Till the next 22 hours, the train will not halt. Can you manage to stop the train? I have come to Kamalpur for shopping. And the train will bypass through Kamalpur. I shall try to halt the train. Please inform Dr.Jhatka as well. Ask Dr.Jhatka to come quickly with his flying car. Ok Patlu! I shall meet you on the way. Sir. What do you think. Will the train stop? Surely, the train will stop. The train drivers are taught, that the red flad means danger. So the driver has to stop the train. Stop in the name of law!/ Look, the criminals wearing masks are standing on the railway track. They are showing the red flag inorder to halt the train. Please don’t stop the train. Increase the speed of the train. Oh!God. The train will run over us. Run fast. Sir, they don’t know that red means danger. Stop! Stop in the name of law. Please respect your motherland & stop the train, Sir,move out of the train’s way. Other wise the train will run over you. And you will reach in heaven with the red flag. Stop! Oh! God. Ouch! Oh! I haven’t seen a car like this one before. Same here, I too have never seen a car like this one before!! My man, you have come at the right time. So kids, now the time has arrived that you can meet your parents. Not mom dad, but in heaven it seems! Dr. Jhatka, move the car upwards. Ohhh! Ohh! Oh! Lord. Wow! Uncle your car is so great. Brother,he is Akash Pandey & she is Mansi Tiwari. We have to take them to their parents. Ok.We shall take them to their parents now. Thank You! Uncle. Thank you very much uncle! Shh! Your parents will get disturbed. Ok. Bye! Bye! Uncle. Uh-oh!You did not sleep Mansi. No mom, we did not sleep. We had gone on an adventure with Motu uncle & Patlu uncle. Isn’t it Aakash? Yes, we had gone on an adventure that we can never forget.

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