Motion Graphics Tutorial in Premiere Pro with Animation Builder

Motion Graphics Tutorial in Premiere Pro with Animation Builder

what have I told you you don’t need to
open up Adobe after-effects anymore to do some simple yet super awesome
animations well we all know this feeling where you want to animate it text or you
want to animate the shape you want to add some nice bounce effects to it or
anything like that usually you have to open up Adobe After Effects do some
animations export them into Adobe Premiere Pro and yeah that workflow is
just very tedious and in the end you don’t end up doing animations at all
because it’s just taking way too much time in today’s video I’m gonna be
showing you how that actually is possible in Adobe Premiere Pro hey
what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m Ignace Aleya and today I have another
tutorial this time about animation inside of Adobe Premiere Pro really
that’s at something I’m doing this video in collaboration with smash workshop and
the only reason I am collaborating with them is because I believe this is a game
changer I’m gonna be using this from now on so it looks super awesome let’s dive
into it alright so here you can see I have this little scene set up in
Premiere Pro Oh animated in Premiere Pro and a fun thing is it even takes less
time than if I would animate it in Adobe After Effects because usually you need
expressions you need key framing this is all keyframe lists or you can keyframe a
few things but this you don’t need any keyframes in order to do any of these
animations that I’ve done here and it just looks so amazing right so you have
tons of functionalities business smash works animation builder let’s see how it
works so the first thing you want to do is go in Premiere Pro and go on the taps
right here and you see graphics I think that graphics is the better choice to
work in if you don’t see that you can go to window workspace is graphics right
here basically all you need is the essential graphic step here so you can
also just bring that up let me go to the Browse function the first
thing you want to do is import of course all of their products so I’m going to
import a motion graphics template and this is what is included in the back so
you have a bonus pack custom image shape builder and text builder bonus pack is
basically arrows which you can animate which is really cool if you do a lot of
infomercials or just if you want to use arrows custom image is a really cool one
but so I’m going to import the custom image later I’m going to import my shape
builder because we’re gonna be using that right now and I’m going for the HD
version as yeah 4k is gonna load a little bit too long but this is actually
a 4k composition here so I’m going to open up this version shape builder and
then next the text builder okay great so the first thing that I want to do is
create a new sequence so let’s go ahead and do that we’ll go to the settings and
make it full HD there we go so now I want to create a new format okay I’m
just gonna pick like a nice dark purplish kind of core for the
backgrounds a little bit desaturate it and there we go for that space look and
I’m gonna bring that in here make it a little bit longer and the first thing
that I want to do is actually dive into the text part which is really awesome
all the functionalities that you have in there you can make a super professional
title within seconds wish I didn’t I didn’t even know this was possible when
I first about the bag but it kept surprising me as I went on using it so
that’s really cool okay so I import that in my scene on top
of my background it’s loading in and what you can see is here the interface
if you don’t see it on your screen you can square the aspect ratio and
basically that gives you all of the information that you’re currently
working on so you have a duration to speed the ease of the style how it stops
the animation is position and the direction it’s going for example if I go
now and change the direction just to give you an example
it will go up so that’s really really nice so that’s a good way to know how
it’s going to be kind of animating in or out and there we go
so before exporting it you can turn this off but actually I prefer to turn it off
right away because I kind understand the tools it’s really good for beginners to
have like a guide on how they should be working but I immediately understood it
because I’m kind of familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects so I’m
going to check this off so I can concentrate on my final design so right
away if I play it we see that we have text moving up and coming to a slow stop
with the easy ease effect so I’m going to change this and write explore the
galaxy next we can choose the style here so we can animate nothing in the
position or the scale and actually I like how it is animating in the position
right here but I’m going to set it to numb because I’m gonna be doing a
different kind of animation on my text later on so I do like the ease but I do
like overshoot a lot more so if we do that we just drag this over to the next
option right here you can see the numbers and numbers provide each affect
you can do in overshoot bounce or it continues continues is that it keeps
looping over and over again but there we go that looks really cool with the
overshoot you can also play with the speed maybe we want to make it a little
bit lower so it’s a little bit slower there we go and you can also play with
the duration right here so I think I like this animation for now now I want
to concentrate on all the other tools here here we have the text settings the
line spacing the letter spacing I’m going to check if I would like to have
some letter spacing maybe I do but then I have to play with the size again a
little bit like so okay there we go we can close this go into the text box mode
we can add a box to the text which is really cool because I really enjoy
adding a box to my text it makes it look more professional in some ways and it’s
also more readable so it’s really nice that it just kind of adapts to the
length of my sentence and then we can play with the box size of course in the
height we can also around the corners which is also really cool like this you
can add an outline effect if you want to it’s completely up to you and there we
go so I’m going to close this again and now for the text reveal if we open this
we can choose how the text is going to appear this is just a simple animation but I wanted to kind of come in as a
typewriter so then I will go to one it’s running in like this you can also do a
fade in or a grow in or anything like that and you can also choose if you
wanted to yeah kind of fade in by character or by word or by line so
that’s completely up to you so you have a lot of functionality over all the
animations and it’s super easy to follow with this so you also have a secondary
animation and what this does is just some kind of continuous movement if you
want a little bit more of a dynamic nough signore shop what you can do is
enable the secondaries and then animate the position for example
randomly random and we can lower the speed quite a lot and then with the
distance we can keep it as it is but then you’ll see what I will do it will
randomly just move our box over the place here so that’s a little bit too
much of course it’s just an example so you can lower these values quite a lot
but then you have some kind of subtle animation in there and that keeps the
entire composition alive okay so I like this one here that looks cool
great animation options you have the position reverse a jello mode which is
also really cool if you’re working with shapes for example the use of motion
blur I would only check this on at the end of your animation because it does
lower the speed of the of the software which is completely normal but yeah that
will add a little bit more of a realistic effect to your movements so
once you’re done and once you’re ready to render just check on this box and
then you will have motion blur which you can see right here so if we go here it’s
quite sharp but it’s actually a movement so if we’re gonna check on the motion
blur we’re gonna get a more realistic look to that so just check it out when
you’re ready to export let me have the character expand here which will just
expand your text slowly or faster however you want over time again to add
animation in there and abate in effect the rotation in effect let’s try this
one how cool is that then that’s that’s I
didn’t even test it before this tutorial but that’s really cool Wow alright so
this is really cool we have our text set now what we want to do is add some stars
in our shot so we can actually do this with the shape here so if we go back
to the top here and we go to browse we can bring in our shape builder
bring it on top here that’s all of this for now so we can concentrate on our
shape so just disable the text and I’m going to disable my interface we’re
going into the size right smaller and then right here we see ellipse rectangle
polygons star so we’re going for a star pool and then for the shape or we can
choose some kind of orangish kind of core like this kind of bronze and and
this we want to use in ease the speed is okay and now we want to close both of
these so now we want to dive into the shape settings here we have the all the
settings for the separate shapes so we go into the star settings and we can go
for the star points I’m going to take one away and then for the inner radius
I’m going to just bring that up a little bit and the outer radius as well and
then I’m going to kind of Parker it and then load it a little bit very silly so
we have a star like this looks cool alright now when the secondary is what I
want to do is enable them and go to the position and also go for random this be
pretty low and you’re going to make a little bit of a movement here we’re
gonna do the same thing for the opacity here so when I go for a random and a
low-speed and a little bit of a flicker in the opacity here so just play around
with the speed to have like that kind of start flicker effect you can also go
maybe for a randomized scale so we a little bit of a real star look you can
also go into the animates scale and also go for random lowers play around with it
a little bit forget something a little bit like this okay so that’s cool
I do want less amount and a little bit more speed and I’m also gonna take away
this position animation in the beginning so in the beginning we’re going to for a
none and there we go so it just comes up and we have some kind of animation like
this and now what you can do is just hold alt and drag one on top of this go
to the motion and the effects controls click on that we can just maybes gaile
it a little bit down and then move one over here actually this one is just too
big in general so I’m also going to scale it and scaled it down here maybe
50 and this one like then and then we want to hold alt and drag one on top of
that click on a motion we can move it around here hold and drag and just move
them all over to place a little bit you make this like 20 and that will that way
you get some kind of variation going on and we have some some stars just make
sure that the text is on top of these stars so they don’t kind of overlap on
top of the text so it’s basically a regular layer system going to uncheck
that and now we have the combination of all these layers together now what we
want to do is play with images and now the most interesting part of this entire
plugin or essentials graphic actually but it’s basically a plugin I prefer
like this is my favorite part of the animation builder so if we go to the
website so we have to go to this specific link smash workshop calm slash
customizer and then we get this page so what we do here is actually loading one
of the images to the custom image motion graphics template
we want to drag this right here and you see all these images here and it’s super
easy to use so what I’m gonna do is open up another folder where I have some
images prepared I have this rocket and if you planets I’m gonna drag this into
the first one and then I’m just going to fill it with my planets and there we go
then you can generate your own template using those images so you can say okay
this is our planets v2 download this there we have it so now what I’m gonna
be doing is I go to premier go to browse and import my specific one that I just
created so go to custom image and just load planets v2 open that up and now if
I drag this into my composition again I’m going to just disable all the other
ones so we can see this in a little bit more real time but basically everything
goes pretty damn fast so that’s really really nice as well so I’m going to
uncheck my interface controls and let’s see okay so we already have our rocket
here because now it’s image select one so we have the first image selected so I
don’t like that is coming from top I wanted to come from the bottom so I’m
going to set it to zero I’m also going to set it to continuous right here so it
actually continues up we have this kind of animation cool the speed can be a lot
less so I’m going to just drag down the speed while we’re really getting
something here and then next what we want to do is go into the secondaries
and enable them animate the position and maybe you want to go for random and the
speed we can keep it as it is but just lower it alright a lot so we have some
kind of vibration on that rocket okay so that’s really cool I’m going to
increase the speed and lower the distance here that’s so cool okay so we
have our rocket done now what I want to do is go back to browse custom image and
just load it again because we’re gonna do something completely different that’s
why I’m not duplicating it I’m going to drag this a little bit lower so we can
see this one here again I’m going to disable the interface
and I’m going to go to number two this is image number two okay so I want to
fade it in or actually with the position I kind of like it that it’s coming from
the top and maybe also with an overshoot and then I’m gonna click to them on the
motion set it to maybe 50 and like let it move
in here and let’s see okay cool so my planets are kind of dropping in like
this hold alt drag it on top and let’s select
another one and then just move it over maybe make it a little bit bigger right
over here we can duplicate it again maybe 25 and choose another image there
we go and put one over here maybe 30 and one
more there we go maybe 35 okay cool so we have all our planets now they’re
going to be animating in just like this but what we can also do is just zoom in
a little bit and offset each individual layer so it looks a little bit more
dynamic cool and now if you bring everything on
here and we just like pre-rendered this section we just created a super awesome
animation inside of Adobe Premiere Pro using the smash works animation builder
which is just I’m gonna leave this up to you what do you think of this let me
know in the comments below alright so that’s it for this tutorial I hope you
enjoyed it if you did give this video a like also be sure to subscribe to the
channel for more and definitely hit the notification bow so you stay notified
when I upload new videos I hope to catch you guys and girls in the next one take
care and good bye you

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