Mirai [Official English Trailer, GKIDS – Out on Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital on April 9!]

Mirai. Mirai? It means future. This is your baby sister. And you have to protect
her, no matter what. Big brother… Stop putting cookies on my face! Let’s go home! Look, we’re flying! Everyone in our family is
a result of these moments. It’s Mom! Isn’t it? Make me feel so old. But it’s funner when it’s messy. Great grandpa? Are you still scared? I’m not scared. Ever since the day you
showed up on the doorstep, they’ve stopped
paying attention to me! Fetch! So what you are trying
to tell me… …is what you’ve lost is actually yourself. But how do I get home? Well, will you help me now? These little things all come together to
make who we are today. Let’s go home! Mirai from the future!

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