MINECRAFT You Blocked My View (Funny Animation)

MINECRAFT You Blocked My View (Funny Animation)

No, not here. How about over here? But this is a great spot, why do you wanna
go over there? I’m gonna build right here. Sign says not to build here. What sign? There’s gonna be trouble. We’re outta here. Whoa! Ow. Where did my house go? Oh… there it is.

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  1. Hey good vid you earned a sub I wanna be like Kyle ps good luck! I hope you become famous then I could say I was here since 396 subs! Lol! Good luck???

  2. I am with the person that said you should have 1 billion subscribers 🙂 Another great Minecraft animation SquareBubble!! You are so funny!!!!

  3. Um… The video is great, but that red stone wiring actually would NOT power ANY of the pistons. Try it out in a creative world. But I really like the animation and the idea is a very creative one!

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