MINECRAFT Catch That Chicken (Funny Animation)

MINECRAFT Catch That Chicken (Funny Animation)

We need those saplings Elamae. Ok, I’ll get them. What is that! What is what? Leaves, saplings, sky? Whoa, hey! No, not that. You almost knocked me off. That. I think it’s a chicken. Ok, I’ll start building, you chop the tree
for wood. k, whats a chicken doin out here? I don’t know but I need it and I want it. [Whistling] What are you doing? Waitin for the tree to grow. Use some bonemeal. Oh yea. Whoa, Ow. Where are you now, I need wood quick. [muffled] I’m inside the tree. Here, got lots of wood. Alright, give it here. Oh, oh, really, Oops. Well, had lots of wood. Hurry, it’s almost here. I need one more block. Ok, I’ll get one. Get it Elamae. Yeah! Alright, we’re gonna have eggs, some more
chickens, then food. Awsome. Watch your step.

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  1. Thanks guys! We'll try to get some more animations up as soon as possible! We will try to get the next one up in one month instead of two. Anyways, see you through the screen! 😉 -Elamae

  2. Hey good vid you earned a sub I wanna be like Kyle ps good luck! I hope you become famous then I could say I was here since 396 subs! Lol! Good luck???

  3. Good luck squarebubble your reaching 5,000 subscribers
    Because i put text says 'Guys subscribe to squarebubble' 😀
    Good luck ti get
    Get play button !! 🙂

  4. But if you keeping it up you gain 1+ subs or follow or somethin
    But i have animations too but they coming when i grow up cause im 8 age
    Im sad i have no channel ?? and i start plan my cousin DylanGamer is gonna help me edit videos so i hope we can do animations BEST!
    And i want to met you when i grow up but i just wanted to watch you instead meeting? but anyways
    So KEEP IT UP your our fansssssssss
    and im starving ? hehehe so NEXT TIME MET AFTER I GROW UP 24 YEARS NEEDED !
    But yea i love your skins and vids
    So so so cool!!??

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