Mindfulness Animated in 3 minutes

Mindfulness Animated in 3 minutes

Welcome to mindfulness animated – a fun
and helpful explanation The Brain has evolved so great that it
spends much of its time solving problems that haven’t yet occurred – in the future
(thus leading to anxiety or panic) and mulling over events in a past (leading to
depression). Often it does both all the time… The question is how can we make our brains
STOP and think about only the present – the state we are in when we are in when we are ‘in the
zone’ or ‘in the moment’. Mindfulness is derived from the east and
meditation practice of for thousands of years recognize to help humans control
and tame our brains. Research has shown, that among other
things, meditation can help depression and anxiety, reduce stress, reduce pain
while improving concentration and giving us more energy. Meditation
has also been shown to improve relationships, increase creativity, boost
immunity and maybe even prolong life. The question is how do you do this?
Simple. This three-step approach is all you need. For 15 to 25 miles every day… No.1 Sit up No.2 Close your eyes No. 3 Concentrate on your
breathing or repeat a sound or a word and each time you notice that your mind is
wandering, bring your thoughts back to your breath or sound or word and if it
wanders again just to bring it right back keep doing this until your 15 minutes
has passed. I would use a meditation timer app on your phone or any timer. The
more you do, the easier it gets. Many people notice they are breathing slow
during mindfulness meditation and sometimes respiratory rates reduce
dramatically but this often confers benefits on mood and anxiety . Remember, each
day will be different , some days will be easier than others. Over time you will notice that your mind
wanders less or that you can control it more as you begin to accept that it
naturally wanders but that you can bring it back to the thought had much easier. Once this
happens you will notice how much more time you have as your brain finds itself
enjoying the present – the birds singing, the smell the flowers, and the color of
the leaves. You may start noticing subtle smiles and looks from people all around
you. Welcome to inner peace. Thank you for watching and Please
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  1. This is such a great clear message. I wonder how many people with anxiety, stress and depression could be helped just by watching this video rather that the meds our society prescribes for such issues. I will be practising this technique because from my research it really does seem beneficial for many many people. Thanks for making this video

  2. A good video but the publisher doesn't seem to understand the differfence between being in the moment and mindfulness. They are not the same thing.

  3. This is mind training. Mindfulness is just observing the mind activity as it is. The mind activity may consist of thoughts, emotions, insights, feelings, sense of breath etc. Observing them as they are and as they arise.One moment a thought may be apparent, then breath, then may be an insight, again breath may be apparent, then an expectation, an insight, breath, breath, compassion, etc. Just observing without trying to remove or breed is Mindfulness.

  4. Mindfulness, I find, is boring. We have to do it at school – I'd much rather do something productive.

  5. I agree there seems to be a confusion here, around what mindfulness actually is…. it's certainly not controling the mind, but it's a technique to help develop the optimum conditions for the mind to naturally settle itself and drop into stillness, and for the habits of the mind to be understood, how thought, emotion, desire, aversion and all the other phenomenon of the mind, and of being human, manifest themselves, so that with deep understanding we can start the journey towards ending our own suffering, and charting our own course through life, with insight and clarity….

  6. I liked this one! Nice video πŸ™‚ On my channel I started making similar videos, it's important to uplift others! Keep it up

  7. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🍼🍼😘😘😘 love u you r my favorite fortnite streamer keep up the great work babe

  8. Good video, but mindfulness doesn't have to be in 15 minute increments. It can be incorporated into other aspects of your life. Just be here, now.

  9. i disagree and believe mindfulness is actually mindlessness. Just as the Ying Yang goes there must be a balance between the two, negativity can offer alot of self reflection and constructive criticism. We live in a very narcissistic world where "mindfulness" can do more harm than good, when you consider the hard truth to face that we are all addicted to short term pleasures and rewards you realize that maybe it isnt good to focus on solely the present and the things that make us feel good and that you need negative reflection to change the things you hate about yourself that you know deep down need to change. Simply giving into the world is NOT a power its giving up, it being a sheep! Focusing on the good more than the bad is not how you master life. I believe this "mindfulness" is being used to further push the masses into impulsive short term thinking.

  10. The human brain is not evolving, do u really believe this "scientific" lie, even scientists themselves know this theory is full of bs

  11. Good presentation, brief and to the point. As I understand the comments, it seems that some question if the presentation shows mind training or mindfulness. I would say that we must learn to walk before running. The mind training of meditation is only somewhat useful if we can not use the same concepts throughout the day.
    Mind training shows us how to more control our thoughts when not meditating and doing other tasks.

  12. I dont believe in any of the typical esoteric bullshit accompanying meditation, but meditation actually works. It helps me to focus when iam tired and helps with sleeping. Am I happier? No.
    Did I achieve inner peace? No.
    Does it help to relax a bit? Yes.

  13. All this has been proven true to myself, keep spreading the word . God bless meditation. The drug companies will be out of business if mediations is replaced with dependence on so many drugs for anxiety.

  14. Myself and many many people i know become aware of our breathing and this makes us feel like we are going to lose the automation of breath and like we will not be able to breath anymore and this leads to panic. This is not an isolated phenomenon. Guess meditation isn't for everyone.

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