MIGHTY MOUSE: Wolf! Wolf! (1944) (Cartoons for Children) (Remastered 4:3)

MIGHTY MOUSE: Wolf! Wolf! (1944) (Cartoons for Children) (Remastered 4:3)

Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep while out in the meadow green. They wandered close by some wolves who were sly, and soon, by these wolves, they were seen. AWOOOOOOOO! These nasty old wolves dressed one of their kind to look like Little Bo Peep. Out he did go, with one thought in mind: to capture the poor little sheep. (wolf whistles) (laughing) (playing flute) (flute continues) (playing trumpet) (band joins) What brutes! What cowards! What fiends! — What lamb chops! Mighty Mouse! He’s off! Baaaa! (cheering) And Might Mouse proves again that he’s the champion of sheep and men! Baaaa!

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  1. 5:17 Mighty Mouse vanquishes a wolf via alcohol poisoning

    Also, I like how Mighty Mouse doesn't even show up until two-thirds of the way through his own cartoon…

  2. And then all the wolves starved and became extinct in the area.

    While Grandma had all her food eaten by an infestation of flying mice.

  3. 8th Man~Job WELL DONE on the pre~dated "HERE HE COMES TO SAVE THE DAY~ MIGHTY MOUSE IS HERE TO STAY!!!! Haven't commented in a WHILE. But KEEP'EM COMIN!!!

  4. This was the first MM cartoon was it not? Thought it was odd that Mighty Mouse had magnetic powers generally he would hit a metal object and because he was so strong it would just fragment

  5. Awww… this brings back my childhood when Iโ€™d visited grandma….

    Also I think the true villain is Mighty Mouse here. I always thought that. I mean, what was his TRUE motivation to fight all them wolves? They were simply having lunch for Godโ€™s sake!

  6. I used to have a vhs tape with 1,500 classic toons on it and this was the first one and I was instantly hooked to these wonderful cartoons

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