Mighty Magiswords | Retractable Ladder Magisword Vlog | Cartoon Network

Mighty Magiswords | Retractable Ladder Magisword Vlog | Cartoon Network

This is Vambre Warrior, and this is my vlog entitled “Vambre Vlogs About Magiswords
As Well.” And today,
I’m going to be demonstrating the retractable ladder
magisword. The retractable ladder magisword is a giant retractable ladder…
magisword that you can extend very,
very far. And it’s just amazing. I’m going to show you
exactly how far it goes because you will be amazed! All right, here we go. Ah-ha! There it goes
all the way, and it’s going — Oh! It’s going over
my neighbor’s pool. That should be fun later.
I’m gonna drop in on that. And it’s going through the —
through the trees and — Oh! I-I can’t even see it
anymore. Okay, I think it stopped now and then to get it back, you simply push
this handy little button here. Oh! Here it comes. It’s coming. Oh, it’s coming very quickly.
Very quickly now! [ Grunts ] I’m all right. I just didn’t expect it
to come back quite so quickly. Prohyas? Prohyas: Huh? Uh, little help here! Did you — Did you hurt yourself
making a vlog? ‘Cause that’s never happened
to me. No, that’s not what happened
at all. Oh. I’m just lying down. Okay. Then why do you need
my assistance? I’m just very tired,
and I need a cold cloth. I-I have one. VO: FOR MORE MAGISWORDS VO: SUBSCRIBE NOW!

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  1. Make sure that this show becomes a total success, and NOT total trash, for all of your fans out there so that way you guys can release Lakewood Plaza Turbo and it'll absolutely be, in god's booming voice, THE #1 MOST MIND-BLOWINGLY MEGA-FUN CARTOON SHOW EVER CREATED TO DATE IN CARTOON NETWORK HISTORY THUS FAR!!!!

  2. give me the greatest magisword! like the taunting jester magisword or the muscular arm magisword or even the masked magisword

  3. I have hopes in this show, the only problem I have is that if people remember the OTHER CN show with a YouTube actor.

  4. Taking a few seconds to get room tone is so important, guys. It sounds like you're on the phone. (Because they probably are phoning in the lines.)

  5. oh snap just noticed we've seen the whole first circle of magiswords except the Swirly hypno one and the rocket looking one with the lizard? fish? head on the tip.

  6. I have seen some of the longer form episodes, and to me, these little shorts work best for this show and it's type of humor. Obviously better animation quality would be nice, but considering the shoestring budget of these 1 minute shorts, I think it's definitely good enough. I actually enjoy these shorts more than the main series, or even the minisodes.

  7. Never been hurt i a vlog,Prohyas?

    So did the cactus magisword and exploding bubble magisword vlogs never happen?

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