Mighty Magiswords | Meet Skullivan! | Vlog | Cartoon Network

Mighty Magiswords | Meet Skullivan! | Vlog | Cartoon Network

Welcome to “Grup’s World!”“Grup’s World!”Voices! All right, I’m here
with my buddy Skullivan. Yeah. And we’re gonna talk about
being cave monsters. You know, we’re in a cave,
the adventurers come in, and they’re looking
for the — the — the buried treasure
in the chest, and there it is, sittin’
in the middle of the
stinkin’ cave, I mean… Right,
we kind of make — They do kind of make ’em
obvious where they are. I mean, I know that,
you know, eventually they’re supposed
to get it and that’s the whole deal,
but it’s like, why don’t we hide these things
a little better, just a little? Right. Put it behind a rock. Hey, maybe one of those shrubs
from outside we planted inside, it’s inside the shrub. Ohh! And then like they [whooshes]
with their blade, and then the leaves
all fly away. Oh, look!
There’s a treasure chest. Gives them a slight sense
of accomplishment, makes me feel like my existence
isn’t completely pointless. That’s all
I’m saying. You know what
they should do? You know how you have
to push that statue aside to get inside our cave? Uh-huh. What if they, like, surrounded
one of the treasure chests, um, with those statues,
and they’d be like… Ohh! …”Oh, no! I can’t get around
these statues. I’ll just go home.
I’m a stupid adventurer”? We got to go talk to our boss
about this… I know! …’cause these ideas
are brilliant. We got to explain to
them if they were looking
at it from above, it would be obvious ’cause
from a top angle, it
would look like a circle, but they wouldn’t know
from your angle, man! Oh, gosh! Oh, man.
We’re gonna get fired. All right,
I’ll talk you later. Or promoted. VO: FOR MORE MAGISWORDS VO: SUBSCRIBE NOW!

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  1. your are stunkbag is dump might magiswords have a funny jokes about eating in dinner for the wolf run away from candy store on nice talk to queens is nasty story poop out carzy man who monkey head play a gta 5 online killed myself

  2. what about a college education no one will ever figure out how to make money from! That is like the best treasure EVAR!

  3. They just described a long used puzzle mechanic in Legend of Zelda. I eagerly await a Link homage now with mebbe a Boomerang Magi-Sword

  4. jahahhahah that how I talk with my friends. We say somethings are too simple then we add something better into the mix hahaha

  5. Whoa guys, you work in a level 1 cave

    These are level 2 ideas, you can't put level 2 puzzles in a level 1 cave! Are you mad!?

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