Mighty Magiswords | Garden Variety Magiswords!  | Cartoon Network

Mighty Magiswords | Garden Variety Magiswords! | Cartoon Network

Cardboard Replica Magisword! Ooh, soup! Soup! No! You sure you know
how to use that thing? -We’re warriors, not artists.
-[ Grumbles ] I’m gonna need another bowl
of your mother’s soup. Now for the icing
on the sticky cake. Announcer: Spider Web Magisword! Hee-yah! Decoy patch ready for action. Stakeout bush
ready for inaction. [ Chomping ] There’s no way your body
is okay with that. I am an active
slab of man. I require
a lot of calories. I need fuel to spring into
action when the perp arrives. [ Chomps ]
Ha, fizzy. With your belly
full of garbage, the only thing you’ll be
is [Yawns] asleep. Gosh, Hoppus,
tired already? Admittedly, I’ve lost
a lot of sleep over this. Listen. I want to thank
you two for helping me out. It’s not easy for me
to reach out like this. Feel free to rest, Hoppus.
We’ll happily take first watch. Yeah, we’re experts at nighttime
stakeouts, probably. We’re gonna stay up all… [ Both snoring ] [ Wolf howls ]

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  1. I didn't like how they didn't resolve anything with Hoppus, but having GILBERT GODFREED on the show more than makes up for that

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