Mighty Magiswords | Arm Wrestling | Cartoon Network

Mighty Magiswords | Arm Wrestling | Cartoon Network

am ![ Gr bl oans ] Bweezness has been at a terrible
slog for some time. Yes.
Slo-o-o-o-o-o-og. I do hope we get
some work so-o-on. Mm…as…do…I. Arm wrestle? Yes! [ Both groaning ] [ Both sigh ] Hmm. Oh! I think I know how we can
spice this up a bit. Muscly Arm Magisword! [ Both groaning ] Please stop fighting!
Scary! Grup, dear, don’t be dramatic.
We’re not fighting. We’re arm wrestling.
-Yeah, duder. We’re just trying to pass
the time before the next gig. You guys are arm fighting
because you’re not working?! Is this the end
of Warriors For Hire? Noooooooo! Oh, geez.
Grup’s gone into vapor lock. [ Sighs ] That tone
is making me nauseous. Remember how
you talked down Zombie Pumpkin Magisword
that one time? Try that. Ohhh. Oh, it’s okay,
homey, buddy. Sis and I aren’t fighting, and we’re not —
currently — broke. Try to chill in 3…2…1. Oh.
Your voice is pleasant. Ah, thanks, Grup. I’m gonna go nap off
my anxieties now. They grow up so fast. You’re quite the dragon
whisperer, aren’t you? I didn’t whisper. [ Doorbell ringing rapidly ] A customer! A customer!

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  1. can someone please give me a 50$ eshop card just one please i know it a stupid question but please there no harm in asking right so pretty please

  2. Animation created by a Malaysian studio, because this is a clip from one of the 11-minute-long episodes. THe shorter webisodes/mobile episodes were animated in-house at CN.

  3. I so loooooooooove that everything ??????????????????????????????????????????. Also Vambre & Prohyas are really strong ?, but when they used the Strong Arm Magisword, they were really incredibly powerful. But when Grup came in, he was scared ? and terrified ?. But when I saw Prohyas calm him down, he was awesome and so terrific. I just can't help myself I just ?????????????????????? Prohyas. Like I say "Little siblings rule".

  4. I love the Warriors how your pool more videos because I'm your biggest fan and I don't have. I don't know where to buy it but please answer me back I live somewhere in Burlington somewhere close to the pizza shop and bring him not to for my records on the list what should tell you this forget everything I said and goodbye stranger where are

  5. You can feel that that They didn't really have any ideas for this episode. So they coped out by making and episode about the characters being bored. Your better than this CN, so far the other episodes have been great.

  6. Pleesmackmoremitemagissors????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Teen Titans From Teen Titans Go Going Adventuring With Vambre And Prohyas

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