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  1. Hey it's missing the scene where Mr. Bean got that turkey from! It should be after her girlfriend kiss him and before he comes to the pickpocket at the musicians. Between that two scenes, there is a scene where Mr Bean won the giant turkey for guessing it's weight. Anyone knows?

  2. The scene which he receive the turkey as a gift after calculating the right weight is supposed to be in this episode right ?!

  3. Seeing the man who make us laugh when we were young is getting older now😔😔 I love Mr Bean for making our childhood memorable ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Mr Bean used to make us laugh…when we were kid..n now…it teaches lessons…to find happiness in everything… n .to love urself.

  5. Someone on Letterboxd said he commits suicide at the end. I had to see it for myself and I was not disappointed

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