Mercy : Ramadan Lesson Islamic Cartoon for Kids Ep # 12

Mercy : Ramadan Lesson Islamic Cartoon for Kids Ep # 12

Ramadan Lessons # 12
The Month of Mercy Ramadan is the month of mercy. Allah (T) gave us the mercy in our hearts. In this month we experience hunger, thirst,
and hardship. And all of these emotions allows our hearts
to be filled with mercy. Allah (T) is the most merciful and he demands
us to show mercy to others. Maybe you remember in our prophet Yusuf (pbuh)
story, how he showed mercy to his brothers. From his childhood, Yusuf (pbuh) was very
special. So his father loved him very much. Because of that his older ten step brothers
were very jealous on him. When Yusuf (pbuh) was eighteen years old,
his ten step brothers decided to kill him. Finally, the brothers decided to throw him
down the bottom of a deep well and left him all alone. On the way they killed a sheep and soaked
Yusuf’s shirt in its blood and told their father that, a wolf came and ate him. The next day a caravan was going to Egypt. On the way, they stop by the well for water
and to their surprise they found Yusuf (pbuh). They took him with them to Egypt and sold
him as a slave. The chief minister of Egypt bought him and
took him into his house but his wife was not good woman. Because of her Yusuf (pbuh) was send to prison. Because of his jealous brothers, one by one
he kept on facing many problems. Yusuf (pbuh) was in prison for more than nine
years but he had his patience in Allah (swt) and prayed to Allah (T). After nine years the king saw a dream. In the dream seven fat cows came out of the
river followed by seven skinny cows. And those seven skinny ones ate the seven
fat ones. Seeing this dream the king was terrified. The king also saw that there were seven grains
which were green and the other seven grains were dry. The king asked every official member to explain
the meaning of the dream but no one could tell the meaning. At that time king knew about Yusuf (pbuh). So Yusuf explained the dream to the king. The king was very happy and released him from
the prison. That’s when a new life started for Prophet
Yusuf (pbuh). The king gave him full control of store houses,
like and he was like the finance minister of Egypt. After seven years, a drought started all over
the middle east. During the drought time Yusuf (pbuh)’s brothers
came to Egypt to buy food. Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) immediately recognized
his step brothers but did not give them any punishment for their evil act. He forgave them and showed mercy to his brothers. Then Allah (swt) became very happy and united
his entire family in Egypt. Like prophet Yusuf (pbuh) we should be Merciful
to everybody in every way. When we talk to each other, we have to be
very good even with our enemy. When Allah (T) sent prophet Musa and Harun
(A) to Pharaoh to accept Allah (T) as a God, he adviced them to speak softly with the Pharaoh. This is the best way to talk and best way
to invite people to Islam. Rudeness is not the solution. Allah (T) loves those who is kind and merciful. Ramadan reminds us to show more mercy to others. There are at least 4 ways to increase mercy
in our hearts. # 1. Stay away from sins. #2. Don’t break promises. # 3. Don’t waste your money. # 4. Request Allah (T) to put mercy in our hearts. InshaAllah we will be more merciful and make
Allah (swt) very happy if we do this . For more
information we can see Surah:
Baqara: 74 Al-Ma’idah: 13
Al-`Alaq: 6-7 Al Imran: 159
Taha: 44 An-Nahl: 125

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  2. I love Iqra Cartoon Network. I learned so much. I am so emotional any time I watch this. Lailaha Illaah Muhammadan Rasullulah.😀

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