Mean Tweets – Hip Hop Edition

Mean Tweets – Hip Hop Edition

I don’t think anyone deserves
to be kicked in the ballsack in any circumstances. I think that you should
take these violent thoughts and place your energy somewhere
a little more productive. Well, everybody’s entitled
to their own opinion, so I’m not mad at that [BLEEP]. Yep. Yes, I still have my braids. They’re never going anywhere,
and they’re not going to grow. That’s fine. Remy Ma also physically
fights people that talk [BLEEP] on Twitter, like for real. [BLEEP], come on. I mean– Give it a try. I’m from– what? Bitch, I know. Yo, that’s messed up. Lil Yachty’s hair
looks like licorice, and his teeth looks like
[BLEEP] M&Ms. He looks like a complete [BLEEP] moron. I just farted and it smells
like Wale’s entire discography. You must be eating curry goat. [BLEEP] music or not, I’m
doing way better than you. Suck my [BLEEP], it’s [BLEEP]. Damn it. Hi, I’m Jimmy Kimmel. I hope you enjoyed that video. Hit subscribe and
all your dreams will come true,
assuming your dreams are to watch more YouTube videos.

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  1. Lil Wayne never shot himself by accident. Birdman shot him because he accidentally gave him four loko after midnight.

  2. NICE❗️
    Love The Come-Backs❗️
    U’ALL Need To Teach
    TtHheE TtRrUuMmPpsS

  3. How can any of these rappers really get butt hurt they are famous and got money… lol it’s like ridiculous …

  4. I wonder if these celebrities DREAD doing this for Jimmy Kimmel because they know it will encourage MORE anonymous attacks by people who want THEIR WORDS on TV.
    "But no one is forcing them to read that on TV." ………….. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe some of them cancel their twitter account.

  5. Rae Sremmurd summed it up. “Give it a try.”

    All these guys are so much cooler than other celebrities reading mean tweets on this show. All of them seem to have this perspective of “Well, I’m successful, and you’re just barking at the Moon, and you obviously listen to my work a lot, so say what you want. Thanks for contributing to my success.”

  6. That is actually insane looking at half of these people that make money and have 0 talent. Literally, at all. They missed raindrop and guccigang btw…
    The USA has hit rock bottom.

  7. Tell me how rappers are supposed to be super hard but they're the most chill reading these celebrity tweets just goes to show what chill people they are

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