Marvel’s Spider-Man – E3 2018 Showcase Demo Video | PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man – E3 2018 Showcase Demo Video | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] YURI: The Raft is secure, but
I can’t reach them over radio. Their comms must be down. What’s your status? SPIDER-MAN: Already here. Yuri, I thought you
said it was secure. YURI: It was. Let’s go. Maybe it’s not as
bad as it looks. SPIDER-MAN: I love the optimism, but in my experience
when it looks bad, it’s usually worse. Look out! Yuri! YURI: I’m slipping.
SPIDER-MAN: Gotcha. Hold on. You okay? YURI: Yeah. ELECTRO: Welcome to the party. Just in time for the fireworks. PRISONER: Looks
like we made parole, boys. SPIDER-MAN: Electro? Why is he letting everyone out? YURI: I’ll head for the main
control center and see how bad the
situation is. SPIDER-MAN: Got it. I’ll go join the party. Everyone just quietly
go back in your cells and lock
the door behind you. Okay? Please. PRISONER: I’m gonna get
you, Spider. Teach you to mess with me. Get him down here. SPIDER-MAN: Incoming. Like fish in a barrel. INTERCOM ANNOUNCEMENT:
Catastrophic event detected. SPIDER-MAN: That
doesn’t sound good. Oh, hi, Rhino. RHINO: Hope you
like surprise, Spider. SPIDER-MAN: Surprise,
what is he talking about? YURI: Hey.
What’s your status? SPIDER-MAN: Me? Just trapped in a prison with
every criminal I’ve put away in the last eight years. No biggie. YURI: Electro must
be working for someone. [LAUGHTER] SCORPION: This is
too good to be true. SPIDER-MAN: Scorpion,
can you hold on a minute. I was in the
middle of a phone call, and it was business. PRISONER: Charge him.
Don’t let up. YURI: Lost you
for a second there. You okay? SPIDER-MAN: Not really. Electro, Rhino, and now
Scorpion are all on the loose. What’s going on in
the rest of the prison? YURI: Camera system’s almost up. I’ll give you a rep soon. SPIDER-MAN: Okay.
I’ll keep tracking Electro. Whoa. ELECTRO: Come on, Spider-Man.
I thought this was a chase. SPIDER-MAN: Gotta stop this guy. If you tell me who
you’re working for, I’ll go easy on you. ELECTRO: You can’t stop it, but I’m flattered
that you still tried. SPIDER-MAN: Nobody ever
takes me up on that offer. Gotcha. Vulture? VULTURE: Long time, no see. We’re going to
have so much — Ugh. SPIDER-MAN: Sorry.
No time to talk. VULTURE: Still with me, huh? YURI: Okay. I got the
security cameras back online. SPIDER-MAN: How does it look? YURI: Well, it looks like
the entire population of the
Raft has escaped. That makes five of
your worst enemies that are now on the loose. SPIDER-MAN: For a second there
I thought you were serious. YURI: I am serious. I have to go. Some of them are
heading into the city. SPIDER-MAN: This is nuts. ELECTRO: Keep chasing. Party’s almost over. SPIDER-MAN: Electro, stop! ELECTRO: How do you
like my new suit? SPIDER-MAN: Dashing. Where you get it? ELECTRO: It’s an exclusive club. [MUSIC PLAYING] MISTER NEGATIVE: Remember,
he said not to kill him. SPIDER-MAN: Good idea. In fact, we don’t have to do this at all
if you don’t want to. RHINO: We definitely want to. [SCREAMING] SPIDER-MAN: Wait, you?

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  1. In the end it has to be someone that has a lot of money or maked a deal with them easily my guess between doc, green goblin or norman

  2. It is Green Goblin. In the sponsored ads on Facebook, YouTube, etc. Norman Osborne says this, "Peter Parker, I've ordered Silver Sable and her team to shoot you on sight. This city's had enough of your vigilantism. You're officially an enemy of the people." Why would he say this if he didn't know Spider-Man's identity? He wouldn't. Norman will be Green Goblin in the game.

  3. How the f are we gonna defeat rhino, scorpion,electro and Voltra. And negative the guy which looks fancy from the helicopter.

  4. They NEED to make like a trilogy or something like that, if this game is like "The arkham series" like different games it would be perfect.

  5. PlayStation Watching Insomniac’s Spider-Man Demo Video is like watching the switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Commercials. Basically, PlayStation is saying switch from Xbox One to PlayStation 4 where you can play Insomniac’s Spider-Man. 😩😭 P.S. I wish I never let my friends talk me into buying an Xbox One.

  6. Spiderman PS4 is BEST SUPER HERO game EVER PLAYED!! …
    10 OUT OF 10 /
    5 OUT OF 5 STARS
    💯% …. THANK YOU INSOMNIAC AND MARVEL AND SONY!!! THEY REALLY DELIVERED ON THIS GAME !! AND MOST OF all THANK YOU TO THE GAME DEVELOPERS!!!.. you can really tell they put in their efforts in making this game .. was impressed and blown away by all aspects of the game !!

  7. As a pc user, and a huge Spiderman fan, I will not be buying this game or the console, as I think it is ridiculous to buy yet another device just to play one game. I'll just play all the other older Spiderman games through emulators if I ever want to experience nostalgia.

  8. When you realize this game pulled a swerve in the gameplay towards the end of this…they're changing trailers for games now for secrecy!!! Spidercray!!!

  9. Electro: How do you like my new suit?
    Spider-Man: Dashing. And uh what do you think of mine? Be honest! You love it!
    Electro: HRAH! shoots electricity all round him
    Spider-Man: Ok your on the fence about.

  10. Someone needs to make an edit of this demo vid where the whole thing plays out normally but with Mr. Ditkovich at the end after spidey goes “You?”

  11. How cool would it be if it was iron man and he was like, hey kid leave it to the professionals next time and then the whole avengers cast flew in?

    I'd love that

  12. I'm so glad I didn't watch any gameplay videos leading up to this game. They really don't hold back on showing story elements or characters reveals.

  13. Guys i am now playing this extraordinary game but i haven’t got this scene is this demo thats why or this will be in the game?

  14. This is major false advertising.
    They make it out to he that THIS is the conflict in the game.
    When axtully that is not.
    The main villain in Mr. Negative for the majority of the game.
    This whole scene of them all breaking out happens at literally the end of the game.
    You fight 2 of them ar the same time and win. They go back under custody.
    I will not vote for this for game of the year.
    Too many typical content we have seen since Assassins Creed 1.

  15. This game is to the PS4 as Goldeneye 007 is to the N64. By which I mean both are licensed games that wound up becoming one of the most successful games on their respective console, and in 10 years people will still be talking about them.

  16. 6:45 and everyone thought it was either Hob Goblin or Green Goblin…..That's adorable. That being said though I do admire the way Sony and Insomniac hid the villain reveal (which I will NOT spoil) by having the cutscene play differently in the demo footage then it did in the final game, I'm surprised no one made a comparison of that last moment of the footage.

  17. Can’t believe we all didn’t realize it was Octavius, you c an even hear the arms moving, you can’t miss them once you know.

  18. I remember watching this in my English class, when all the new e3 trailers came out, I would literally do anything just to miss out on my least favourite subject.

  19. Doctor Octopus is the mystery villain
    Kingpin, Shocker, tombstone and taskmaster are in the game
    Hopefully Mysterio, Kraven, Green Goblin, Carnage, Venom, Sandman and Chameleon are in the sequel
    Mister Negative, rhino, electro, vulture and shocker are the sinister six

  20. If I were to have guessed who would have been there, I would have thought the lizard, not doc ock because it’s make a weird sound that sounds like a lizard.

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