Marooners – Launch Trailer | PS4

Marooners – Launch Trailer | PS4

MAN: A legendary
treasure on a faraway island, a mix of exotic
treasure hunters, and one terrible curse. [RECORD SCRATCH] [MUSIC PLAYING] Just as you’re
playing a minigame, you switch and switch and switch back and switch again. Switch, switch, switch. Choose your
favorite marooner and run, jump, and slap
your way to victory. Whatever you do, don’t die. Play this exciting party game
with your friends in the comfort of your own living room or with your friends online or with everyone online or in any combination
of up to six players, in party mode or arena mode. Can you handle the chaos? Get Marooners now. CAVEMAN: Bam.

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  1. AdleSWITCH
    wait what waSWITCH
    What’s going oSWITCH
    Ok this is too faSWITCH
    God damnit who’s doiSWITCH

  2. a bunch of generic characters in a party game?, that looks cheap? not sure people are gonna want this. the reason the dumb nintendo games work is because they have characters people love… otherwise they're just dumb games

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