Markiplier Animated | WORLD’S 2nd QUIETEST LET’S PLAY

Markiplier Animated | WORLD’S 2nd QUIETEST LET’S PLAY

Hello everybody My name is Markiplier And welcome back to the world’s… …quietest… …Let’s Play. It sounds like there’s pop rocks in my mouth *nasty chewing sounds* Come along, little Johnny. It has been… a while… I hope you don’t mind… the… bumpy ride that- *WHACK* -you are going upo– *drop sound* Johnny… Come back here you little shit… (sarcastic) Wow, *Wait, HOW IN THE-!?* It seems I found the secret to succ… OOHH! Five balls! It seems my medical condition has worsened… by a factor of 2 by a factor of 2. by a factor of 2.5 *intense voice* NO! You bag of tits! You son of a *PUNCH* bitch! *SQUELCH* *WHOOSH* *WHOOSH* *BOOM* *CRACK* *THA-THA-THUMP-THUMP-THUMP* How dare you mash my face. If I have to do this bullshit… …again… I’ll tear off your entire ass… and then feed it to yourself. If you could stop… *STAB STAB STAB* Pooning… pooning… my butthole? *STABBITY STAB STAB* What did I just say? My vengeance… *CRACC* will be endless… You will see horrors- *flashlight clicking off* un- you, sack of fuck. Little Johnny… *WHOOSH* you will not mock- Little Johnny. if you dodge this next one… I will officially stop… … hating on you. Victory is assured, there is no way that I can fuck this up. *WHOOSH* *SHING* *SHATTER* Little Johnny… What have you done to become immune… to my swords? I don’t like that- *SHLORP* NO! no.. .no… no… *demonic clown laugh* no… *CLICC* *woosh…* *Creepy laugh from Jack, Wade, Tiny Box Tim, and pewds* *More spoopy laughs* *Laughing from somewhat subdudes… it’s the gamegrumps* Clown Arin: I’m gonna cum on your tits! *Every clown of hell laughing* *Okay… I ran out of sound effect ideas… so… Go subscribe to Markimoo and RushLight Invader for more comedy and animations…*

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  1. Does it feel slower the first time you watch but faster the second time? (No i didn't change the video speed.)

  2. I can imagine Kubz Scouts doing this, and getting so mad he screams. And it's not the quietest lets play anymore.

  3. 1:05 "How dare you mash my face. If I have to do this bullshit… …again… I'll tear of your entire ass… and then feed it to yourself." – Markiplier
    How is mark going to do that?

  4. it has just occurred to me, that the clowns are 2:09 Wade, Bob, Tiny Box TIm, and someone I don't know. 2:16 Unknown (Either Charles Eston or Brad Sherwood), Ryan Styles, Colin Mocharie, and Drew Carey from "Whose Line is it Anyway", and finally 2:21 the Game Grumps.

  5. 2:10 – 2:20

    The clowns that retweet about the amazon rainforest burning down instead of actually doing any help

  6. Does this have an original adio cause it's not in the description but if it is tell me if it is and I'm just blind and if you know the video could you link it

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