Man with a Movie Camera (1929) movie

Man with a Movie Camera (1929) movie

MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA A recording on 6 reels of film. Production VUFKU, 1929. Extract from the log book of a movie cameraman. Attention, viewers: The film you are about to see is an attempt
at cinematographic diffusion of visual scenes. WITHOUT USE OF INTERTITLES (the film has no intertitles) WITHOUT USE OF A SCREENPLAY (the film has no screenplay) WITHOUT USE OF A THEATER (the film has no sets, actors, etc.) The purpose of this experimental work
is to create an absolute and universal
cinematographic language completely free of theatrical
or literary language. Author and conductor
of the experiment: Dziga VERTOV Head cameraman
M. KAUFMAN Assistant – editor
E. SVILOVA M. GORKI Certificate of marriage Certificate of divorce The director Cultural questionnaire Suggestion box
for the wall newspaper A few words about sport… The “Proletarian” movie theater Club Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov
at the Odessa train station The father of fascism Lenin Club, 2nd floor

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  2. Thanks for posting. In addition to its value as a cinematic treasure, it is invaluable visual historiography of a time, place and way of life that no longer exists.

  3. The music ruins it. It's just out of place. who tf put this 70s ass black american music to a silent soviet film from 1929? this music would work if it was a film of new york in the 70s that explored entirely different themes.

  4. For all the film students/enthusiasts, the music in this video isn't the original score. I suggest you watch it somewhere else as it influences the movie a lot and changes it entirely.

  5. This is absolutly not the original version of vertov’s movie but à compilation of shortcuts rearranged in a modernised zapping way that does not respect the rythm and breath of the real one, with out comment about the « music ». By the way Vertov had made a version with a soundtrack that seems to have disapeared or is to be refond.

  6. quite interesting to see captures of the life of humanity in 1929 in the soviet union and elsewhere, for the young people for whom it is totally unknown and they can't imagine…for me a bit boring…

  7. Vertov era um gênio do cinema verdade.
    Com esse documentário vemos muitas inovações e efeitos especiais incríveis.

  8. I think that the music score, added more recently, detracts from the film. A music score should enhance a film, not compete with it for attention, as this one's does. It's an indulgent mess.

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