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  1. I've honestly never heard of this guy, but if what this video illustrates is even remotely true, I don't think I want to get to know him.

  2. Dude is funny. He thinks if you take a midget and Michael Jordan and give them both a basketball for 10,000 hours that they'll both be NBA all stars.

  3. And what best selling books have you written? Looks like you're jealous of his success. A bouquet of fingers to you!!

  4. What's one thing smart people & idiots agree is a good thing? Subscribing to our channel: 

  5. ok, Smart people are  Idiots, and that is why the Read Gladwell?.  and  what have you done lately ? except  clever animation  on you tube.  What Gladwell writes is researched finding   and  make story out of it. Try writing on any thing  and convince a fraction of the Idiots, and then, may be you have a right to  say something. Now, you are just Fat  guy who is capable of getting fame on you tube. 

  6. hey AboveAverage, I'm currently reading up on this gladwell guy and considering whether i should give his books a read or not.
    Since you seem to be very strictly opposed to him, i assume you have engaged with both his books and with the criticisms made about them.
    Could you please point me to some well-sourced review that actually offers rebuttals to the single points he makes and possibly also studies that refute/have different results than the ones he cites?

  7. In  a nutshell Gladwell tells people what they want to believe.  For example, if I want to become Michael Jordan all I have to do is practice hard and it will come true.  He ignores the role of talent and discounts biology.  In short, he lies.  And we love to think we can be whatever we set our minds to, regardless of talent. 

  8. The world is random, but we made it cruel but you can always see it as simple by simply not giving a fuck about it, only take care of yourself and those who might take care of you.

  9. Malcolm Gladwell is a lucky that the words managing to escape his mouth don't all flee in random directions from the embarrassment of having been put together.

  10. Say what you will about Malcolm Gladwell, but Blink is a great book. It's really a great book to introducing people to the power of the subconscious and uses interesting examples to do so. Malcolm is a gifted writer and he has the ability to draw you into his books. With that being said, you've got to take his books with a grain of salt because he's a zealous journalist. I just finished tipping point and the whole simplification was really evident, but I still found the book interesting and it had some good insights. He just kept making round a bout ways of connecting his examples to his central theme when they weren't really necessary. Nonetheless, the book is full of interesting psych experiments and it'd probably be best just to take the experiments as they are and not as Malcolm does.

  11. This video is fucked up. I've read several of MG's books and watched lots of his talks and interviews. He's never once claimed credit for discovery or anything about the things he talks about. His books are just relaying information coupled together with his conclusions (that are evidence based).

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