Malcolm (Asian-American Visual Poem)

Malcolm (Asian-American Visual Poem)

Who taught you to hate yourself? Who taught you to hate the colour of your skin? [CLICKING] Who taught you to hate the shape of
your eyes? [MUSIC STARTS] Who taught you to hate your own body? The screen It was the screen that taught you to be ashamed of your own blood [WIND CHIMES] The screen that taught you one slur after another Always the villain or the clown Who taught you to hate yourself? [PROJECTOR ROLLING] Who taught you to love yourself? A martyr In college a black man taught you how to
be Asian in America How to be anything, other than white in America Lesson one Who taught you to love
yourself? A woman who taught you the language of your ancestors A person who
carries an accent without shame Who taught you to love the colour of your
skin? A man who taught you to remember where you came from Who worked 14-hour days so that you could have the chances that he never did Who taught you to love the shape of your eyes? For every force there is an equal And opposite reaction For every yin a yang For the world’s hate Your love [HUMMING] [LAUGHTER] [BREATH] [MUSIC FADES] [BIRDS CHIRPING]

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  1. WOW. My friend sent this to me, and I wasn't expecting something like this. Powerful, relatable, thank you for making this amazing film. More of these stories need to be told.

  2. We've been living through a racial war for centuries, and we have only two choices:
    1) Crying like a castrated baby with 0 testosterone and begging Neanderthal to completely change their Dark Triad nature.
    2) Fight back and destroy our enemy BEFORE they destroy us.

    The choice is yours, there is no third option.

  3. all asian americans should listen to 'who taught you to hate yourself' speech by Malcolm X:
    Anything to counteract the forces that Hollywood have imposed on us and how we view ourselves.

  4. Powerful questions for us to ask. We spend so much energy asking those who hate to see more kindly, but we give little thought to another means by which we can achieve peace. We could, with much less pushback, ask ourselves how we learned to accept these fraudulent concepts as Truth. We could, just as easily, instead move toward that new idea of what being ourselves actually means to each of us. Thank you for posting these questions in such a masterful way.

  5. Beautiful. Loved this. Really resonated with the lines about how in college, a black man taught you how to be asian american, anything other than white. Well done!

  6. That shot around 1:24 when her hand drifted down his arm to hold his hand, and the panning focus…!!!! beautifully executed. Especially considering the script.

  7. Wow I saw this on! Wow so freaking powerful and refreshing!!! Many blessings! I can’t wait to see more of your work! Subscribed

  8. Thats what white supremacy does it take your knowledge of self and the love of self. Take back your love of self and community.

  9. Incredibly moving and powerful. Many Asian-Australians like myself also need to hear this message. Particularly for Asian men in the western dating market, I wrote an article sharing my experience on how I've come to terms with my Asian identity – you can read it here –
    Much love from the land down under!

  10. The visual is top-notch. The message is not that good. As an Asian, I've never felt ashamed of my skin and I've never seen other Asians around me felt that way. Maybe it is just me, but this seems rather forced.

  11. This is so perfect congrats Jimmy and Joan for producing this work. What a wonderful piece that reflects our shared humanity. MashAllah! I can't wait to see more work for this exceptional team!!

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