Make your own Disney Autograph Book  | Rides and Memory Maker |  Ep. 7 | Walt Disney World

Make your own Disney Autograph Book | Rides and Memory Maker | Ep. 7 | Walt Disney World

Hi, Friend! Welcome to 20Seconds, or so, with Disney. Today, I want to talk about those Disney autograph
books. And I want to encourage you ahead of time, to try maybe making your own to take on your
trip, rather than heading down there and then needing
to buy one. And, it’s one that everybody else has. So, two years on our trips, we created one ahead of time. So, I did these in Snapfish. I did them as
a notebook – blank pages. And, I had an autograph section that I created. I’m a stay-at-home mom, and my daughter was
young, so I had a lot of time [giggle]. So, I created an Autograph section. In here, anyone she met, we would meet with,
and also I had stickers made ahead of time for the
characters. We would stick them on while we were waiting
in line. It gave us something to do. I also have a section for the journal. So, as we went through, funny things that
happened, So, this is the year she had Tea with Alice
in Wonderland. That was very nice, at the Grand Floridian. And then I also have passport pages. For each of the countries in Epcot, what we did, is we put the name, the flag, the map – we were homeschooling, too. Just some space for the cast members to write directly in here. So, we have two years worth of these, and they turned out to be a lot of fun, an and, actually, really cool to go back and
look at. You can do any section you want. You make it your own. You can bring a pen from home. Don’t have it be a typical ball point pen
because the reason why the pens at the park are thicker
is because they need something to grab. Like, think about the characters. They need a thicker pen to grab and sign. So, if you buy a pen, ahead of time, just
make sure it is a decent size. I think that’s it. Enjoy. I hope that helps. If you like the idea, let me know. Hey, so if this video made you smile, if it
made you think about anything or you just made it to this part, do me a
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