♪ Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
in Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey ho, come on let’s go ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly! (Snoring) Green tangerines! Wake up, you two. We have a job to do. (Yawning) Nothing like a good,
long nap in the afternoon. What have you got there? Oh, shovels, yipee! Right, and we’re
going to dig a hole. Oh, that’s a great idea. Wait, I have to get
something. Thank you, Maggie. Hurry, Hamilton! We want to start digging. Here it is. Here it is. Look, I’ll be the foreman,
because I have the whistle. (Blowing whistle) Great googly moogly,
Hamilton. You blew that right in my ear. Please be more careful. Oh, I’m sorry. Now, as I was saying,
I have the whistle so I’ll be the foreman. Okay, Hamilton. What’s a foreman? That means he’ll be in
charge of the digging. It’s okay, it’s his whistle. (Blowing whistle) I think we should
start right– MAGGIE:
Hamilton. Why don’t you… (Whispering) Now, I’m in charge
because I have the whistle, and I think Beast should
pick the spot where we dig. Oh, thank you, Hamilton. I want to pick just
the right spot. Hmm, no. Hmm. Beast, we’re waiting. Well, I have an important
decision to make. Not here. (Sighing) BEAST:
Eureka! Right here. Oh, hello there. (Squeaking) Oh no, Hamilton, we’ll
have to find another spot. This one seems to be taken. (Groaning) I’m just trying to do my job. We know,
Beast, now go ahead. Here we go. Hmm… Right here! It’s a fine spot
for digging. HAMILTON:
Stop! I didn’t blow my work whistle. (Blowing whistle) Okay, begin. Okay! Oh, I have an idea. Maggie, carry on. I have to get
something from my box. Oh, Hamilton,
that’s great. Here, Beast. Your job is to warn
passers-by that there’s construction
in progress. Oh, I like this. Now, march up and down. Hi, guys, what are you doing? Stand aside, Rudy, keep back. We are digging a hole. You’ll have to go around. Oh, okay, I guess. Hey, can I help dig? Well, I’m the foreman. You’re hired. That shovel’s too big. I can’t lift that. Here you go. Now start over there. Oh, boy, this is fun. (Whistle blowing, Beast yelling) Lemonade break! Hooray! I wish you’d
give me a warning. Mmm! Hamilton, that
sure hit the spot. RUDY:
You said it, Beast. You know, that’s a
fine-looking hole, isn’t it? Yes it is, Beast. Okay, back to work. BEAST:
Before you blow
that thing again, how about another
glass of lemonade? Digging sure makes you thirsty. Well, we are
ahead of schedule. I don’t see the harm
in another glass. Beast, get ready. Thank you. (Blowing whistle) Back to work! Stand back, stand back. Stand back, stand back. (Laughing) (Bird squawking) Shoo, shoo! Maggie, do you think this
hole is big enough now? Um, I think maybe it
could be a bit rounder, and we should smooth
out the sides. Yes, I see. Okay, I guess. (Humming, whistling) Wow. That sure is something. It’s great! What’s it for? Well? I was beginning
to wonder that myself. Yeah, Maggie,
what is the hole for? MAGGIE:
Oh, that’s simple. We, we dug this hole so… we’d have a place to
put all this dirt. What’s the point of that? Yes, Maggie,
what’s the point of that? Well, didn’t you
all have a good time? Wasn’t it fun? Yes, I had fun. Me too. Me three. Well, that leaves
only one thing to do. BEAST:
Wait! Go ahead. (Whistle blowing) Commence filling this hole. Commence means start. Oh, all right. Let’s go! (Laughing) Stand back, stand back. (Groaning, clattering) I wish Hamilton would hurry. What’s he doing? He’s rearranging furniture. He’s such a fusspot
about his precious box. Hurry up, Hamilton! I’m rearranging
my furniture. (Laughing) We want to get an early start. It’s a perfect day
for the beach. I’ll be there
in a minute. Keep your spots on. Did you pack the lunch? Yes. Did you pick the
apples for dessert? Yes, I picked some beauties,
and I got a cherry for Rudy. Finally. It’s only a cardboard
box, Hamilton. ♪ To you it may only be
a cardboard box ♪ ♪ But it’s home to me ♪ ♪ It’s a place I
can go for a while ♪ ‘Till it’s time to face
the world with a smile ♪ ♪ A hole is a home to a fox ♪ ♪ But to me,
it’s my cardboard box ♪ ♪ It’s my home ♪ (Laughing) Great googly moogly,
can we go now? We promised to wait for Rudy. Why does Rudy want
to go to the beach? He can’t go swimming because
his hat doesn’t come off. I wish you would stop
talking about Rudy’s hat. I happen to think
it’s very strange that his hat doesn’t come off. RUDY:
Yes, and my boots
don’t come off, either, but we have a bigger
problem right now. What’s wrong, Rudy? Sidestep’s castle
got hit with a wave. It’s gone. Who told you? One of the seagulls. He said Sidestep
was really upset. We’d better hurry. We’ll have to build
him a new one. Good idea. I thought we were
going swimming. Now, we have to
build another castle and Sidestep is
really hard to please. There he is. Sidestep, Sidestep! It’s Maggie. He doesn’t seem
to hear you, Maggie. He’s in shock. Come on, fella, it’s
going to be all right. Poor little guy. I’ll get some water. Please, Sidestep,
don’t be upset. (Gasping) (Coughing) What’s wrong, what happened? Thank Heavens
you’re all right. (Gasping)
My castle. My castle, it’s gone,
gone forever. Don’t worry, we’re going
to build you a new one. And it’ll be even better
than the old one. It couldn’t possibly be
better than my old one. My castle was perfect. It was my home. HAMILTON:
That’s it, it was your home. Just like my box. (Clearing throat) Hamilton, we have
a castle to build. There’s no time
for your box song. Oh pish posh,
I wasn’t going to sing. You could’ve fooled me. Stop wasting time,
let’s get started. It has to be exactly
like the other one. All right, all right. Isn’t that too close
to the water? It’s going to get hit
with another wave. It has to be built
where the sand is wet. If the sand gets too dry,
the castle will crumble. This spot is perfect. Beast, smooth out that side. (Laughing) Hamilton, you work on the tower. What can I do, Maggie? As soon as this part
is finished, you can start digging
out the inside. Hold it.
What do I use to dig with? Can’t you just
use your hands? No, wait, Rudy
can use a spoon. I have a tiny one that
I use for mustard. Hold on, it’s in
the lunch basket. So, what do you think,
Sidestep? I don’t know, I was
happier with the old one. Sidestep,
you’re never happy. You’re a crab. You could show
a bit more gratitude. I’m grateful, it’s just
that I miss my old home. Come on in, fella. Have a look around. You’re going to love it. Come on, let’s have lunch! Okay! So, Sidestep,
how’s your new home? It’s good, it’s good,
you know, I think it will be fine, once I get used to it. Anyway, I guess I
should thank you, so… thanks. You’re welcome, Sidestep. Now, let’s have lunch. Won’t you have one, Sidestep? No, thanks. I’m planning on having
dinner at my castle later. How about dessert? The Beast picked some
beautiful apples. Oh, and here’s a cherry
for you, Rudy. Thank you. I want this apple. That’s the one I want. MAGGIE:
Why not cut
the apple in half? Then you can each have some. Hold it, hold it! (Gasping) Would you deny a poor little
helpless worm his home? We’re sorry, but couldn’t
you find another apple? You can’t be serious. There isn’t another apple that can take the place
of this one. It’s my home. I understand completely. I feel the same way
about my box. It’s getting late. I think we’d better go. Listen, guys. You’re not going to
leave me here, are you? Of course not. We’ll take you along with us. Goodbye, everybody,
and thanks. (Everyone saying goodbye) Bye, Sidestep! Now what’s your name,
little worm? My mother named me Patrick, on account of I’m green,
don’t you know? (Laughing) (Giggling) (Laughing) (Horn honking) We’ve been waiting
for you, Maggie. Hi Beast, hi, Hamilton. I’m so glad you
brought the triplets. Hi, Max. (Kissing) Thank you, Max. (Giggling) Hello, little Oscar. There you go, Zack. All right, now don’t wander off. We have to decide where
we’re going today. Let’s check the map. Hmm, what do you think? Let’s see. We could go back
to Turkey Town. Yes, the triplets
have never been there. Would you like to
visit Turkey Town… (Gasping)
Where did they go? (Gasping) Tumbling teddy bears,
the car is gone too! We have to find them! Let’s hurry. They can’t be too far. Don’t count on it. Push. (Giggling) Where can they be? I wish I knew. Beast, we’re coming
to Cheese Town. Let’s see if we can find Rudy. Whee! (Groaning) ALL:
Whoa! Push. ALL:
Whoa! (Laughing) Rudy. Where are you, Rudy? Look, there he is. Rudy! Hi, guys. Have you seen the triplets? No, I haven’t seen them. What’s wrong? They took off in
their pedal car. We have to find them. I’ll go with you. Move out! Ooh! Whoa! (Turkeys gobbling) (Laughing) Turkey!
(Giggling) (Turkeys gobbling) Bye-bye! Bye. Which way now, Maggie? Just keep going
straight ahead, Beast. Hamilton, Hamilton! ALL:
Hamilton! (Yawning) Huh? Maggie, do you believe this? I wonder how long
they’ve been here. Great googly moogly,
how did they get so dirty? (Sighing)
I better get the tub ready. (Giggling) Maggie, he did it again. Oscar, stop splashing Beast. And Max, please hold still. Max! Zack, how did you
get mud in your ears? Maggie, he has mud
in his ears. Oscar’s clean enough, Maggie. Come back here! I’ll get him. Max, don’t move. I’ll get the clean shirts. (Giggling) Hamilton, must you
do that now? I’ll be finished in a minute. Well, I hope so. We have to decide where to go. I’m afraid there’s
only one place we can go. Where? It’s time to take
the triplets home. Oh, no! Come on. Help me put them in their car. (Yawning) Gee Maggie, they’re
falling asleep. I’m afraid you’re going
to have to push them home. I think you’re right,
Hamilton. Bye, see you tomorrow! Bye! Bye, kids. Bye-bye! (Yawning) It’s been quite a day. The poor little
triplets didn’t get to see anything
interesting today. (Laughing) What are you laughing at? It’s just that when I gave
Maggie the shirts that were covered with mud, I also
found some turkey feathers. What? You don’t mean that they… Yes, I do. They must have gone
to Turkey Town. (Laughing) I wanted to go to Turkey Town. (Laughing) ♪

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  1. I understand it's a cartoon but it was so cute when Max, Oscar and Zach was calling for Hamilton at his box in the last episode.

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