Luv – Kush Animated Movie With English Subtitles | HD 1080p | Animated Movies For Kids In Hindi

Luv – Kush Animated Movie With English Subtitles | HD 1080p | Animated Movies For Kids In Hindi

“Oh Mother!” “Oh Mother!” “Oh Mother!” “Oh Mother!” Brother, look a fawn. – Where? There behind the bushes. He looks hurt. Tiger? Looks like he has hurt the fawn. Take this. Take this. Take this. Take this. Take this. Coward. He ran away, coward. If he wouldn’t run away.. ..we wouldn’t spare him. Yes. He was trying to be courageous.. a tiger. Kush, keep an eye on the fawn. I will get the bandages. Okay, brother. Don’t be scared. Brother Luv will get medicines.. ..and cure you. You will be fine. Kush, his wound is deep. Leaving him in the forest.. this condition isn’t right. Yes, brother Luv. Let’s take him to the ashram. Greetings, Guru. Luv. Kush. Seeing your valor and courage.. front of the tiger yesterday.. ..I’m very happy. But it’s time your valor.. molded in the right direction.. ..with teaching and preaching. From today your archery lessons begin. I know how to use bow and arrow, Guru. We use them every day. Doing that is different. And aiming on a target is different. We know aiming too, Guru. Look. Wow! Very good. It’s good to know aiming.. such a young age. Okay. But there are a few rules and spells.. archery apart from this.. ..with which you can control.. ..your weapons. And the enemy’s attack.. ..can be failed. How, Guru? – I will tell you? Come. Now this arrow is spelled. This has gained more power. This will attack on.. ..all the three targets. Nice. With this we can kill.. ..three enemies at once. Not just three.. can kill 300 or 3000 too. But you need to meditate for that. You have to take blessings from God. Only then this can be achieved. Guru, can I try to aim.. ..on the three targets? Kush, if you want three targets.. ..then break three mangoes. My mouth is watering as.. ..I look at these. Hey, keep quiet, fatso. Kush, first know the spell.. ..of archery first. I have a spelled arrow. You can use this. But keep your feet in place. Yes, Guru. Guru, you give us the entire lessons. Sure. Paro, get the temple room cleaned up. The festival of Navratri.. starting from today. Okay, sister Vandevi. What are you thinking, dear? Nothing. I suddenly realized that.. ..the 10th day from today.. ..that is, on Dashmi.. ..Lord Ram killed Ravan. Yes, dear. It was a great time. I’m thinking that a celebration.. ..should be arranged on that day. And there should be a skit.. ..of Lord Ram’s wonders. Yes, Guru. Surely do that. I’ll act as Ram and kill Ravan. And I will kill Ravan’s son.. ..Meghnath. Sita. – Guru, have you forgotten again? I’m not Sita here.. ..I’m your daughter Vandevi. Yes, yes. Yes, yes. I was saying that Lord Ram.. ..and your two sons are.. ..the most skilful here. Hail Lord Ram! Hey, Chamku. You are looking like the real Hanuman. No one can do a better role.. ..of Hanuman than Chamku. I think that I have taken the form.. ..of Hanuman. Guru.. Luv and Kush are looking just like.. ..Lord Ram and Laxman. Lord Ram’s sons will
look just like him.. ..won’t they? What is this? The arrow is taking the head along? It has taken it to place.. the entrance of Lanka. Now Ravan will come for the war. Vibhishan, why isn’t Ravan dying? Lord, he has the nectar.. his navel. Hail Lord Ram! Wow! Ram’s arrow has done wonders. Luv has done a good job.. ..with Ram’s role. Hey, what has Luv done? Luv, what have you done? You shot the fire arrow. Ravan had the nectar in his navel.. was necessary.. shoot the fire arrow to kill him. How else would Ravan die? No, son. You shouldn’t use such weapons.. a game. If your arrow would hit any person.. ..he would die. I apologize, Guru. I’ll be more careful. Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Paro, arrange the meal immediately. Both will come screaming for food. Yes, sister. You are so late. Where were you both? Mother, who is our father? What is his name? Why don’t you say anything? Tell us, who is our father? Why are you asking this.. ..all of a sudden? The kids at the ashram were asking.. ..our father’s name and teasing us. Tell us, mother. Who is our father? It’s God. God is the universal father. Who is our father? Why don’t you tell us, mother? Is our father a terrorist? A sinner? Or is he dead? No, no. Don’t say that son. Then why don’t you tell us, mother? Luv. Kush. Come on, come on. Guru Valmiki is coming. I will tell you later. You both are still here? Did you learn the verse of Ramayan? No, Guru. – Why? I thought let us eat first.. ..and then we shall learn. I don’t want to eat. – Me neither. You are on time. They were asking their father’s name. Did you tell? – No. What helplessness is this, Guru? Luv and Kush are.. ..Ayodhya’s King Ram’s sons. And they don’t even know.. ..their father’s name. They don’t even know their mother. They don’t know that their mother.. none other than Goddess Sita. The irony is that neither does.. ..Lord Ram know that he is the father.. ..of two sons, Luv and Kush. Why is the fate doing this, Sir? Everyone is helpless.. front of fate, dear. Lord Ram has also been so helpless.. his human form.. have no idea about it. But I’m writing the latter.. ..chapters of the Ramayan. That is why I know about his state. Before giving you up, what Lord Ram.. ..has gone through, I know very well. Lord.. All the kings of our Sun clan.. ..has protected religion and justice.. ..without caring about their lives. Today, a difficult problem.. ..has arisen between
religion and justice. Lord, bless me. In this difficult time.. ..I keep up the dignity of my clan. Hail Lord Shiva. Attention! Attention! Attention! King of Ayodhya, caretaker.. ..people’s favorite.. ..King Shri Ram Chandra.. ..Sage Vashisht and prince Laxman.. ..are coming into the court. Sage Vashisht, begin the court. As you wish, Sire. Residents of Ayodhya.. ..a problematic incident has occurred. That’s the reason we had
to call for a meeting today. Washer-man Khajarwa’s wife
was out of the house all night. Early morning, when she returned home.. ..Khajarwa hit her. He threw her out of the house. Not only this.. ..based on that.. ..he put allegations on queen Sita too. Because even she was out of
home and stayed in Lanka for long. How dare he say that? Laxman, respect the meeting. Why to fear to tell the truth? My wife was missing from home all night. Which man will keep
such a woman in his house? I am not King Ram.. keep his wife at home,
though she stayed with a stranger. What is he saying? Scoundrel, you are putting
allegations on queen Sita. Khajarwa, what are you saying? Are you out of your mind? Khajru, did you forget.. ..that queen Sita
went through fire test.. ..and has given a proof
of her being sacred? She would’ve given it. But we common people.. ..can’t commit a sin of
pushing our wives into fire. Is there any man in this court.. ..who will accept his wife.. ..who was out all night? Tell me if someone can do it. Damru, can you do it? Even if one man says.. ..that he will accept his wife,
who was out all night.. ..then I am ready to
bear any rigorous punishment. The silence of the people prove that.. ..Kajarwa’s words.. ..have affected them. We’ll think over it thoroughly. The court is adjourned for today. The silence of the people proved that.. ..they agreed to whatever
that washer-man said. People are supporting the washer-man. This is dangerous for.. ..the King as well his subjects. Ram, this is a difficult problem. Sage.. ..I am not worried about royal duty.. ..I can sacrifice my throne right away. Ram, you are epitome
of knowledge and intelligence. Your justice will be right. Permit me. Sage, you are leaving me alone.. this grave problem? Ram, by finding a
solution to this problem..’ll prove that.. are a respectable man.. ..human being, husband, and a King. And even that, how a common man.. ..can stay within his limits.. ..and solve any difficult problem. Goodbye, Sage. Be prosperous. Goodbye, Sage. Live long. Laxman.. ..when people have doubted Sita.. ..then according to the royal duty,
I have to shun Sita. Brother? – Yes, Laxman. But I won’t do so. It is better that
I sacrifice my throne.. ..and I will fulfill
my duty as a husband. Neither I will be a King.. ..nor I will have to shun Sita. So, you take care of the throne. I will take Sita and go to the forest. No brother, no! This is not the right decision. Father died because.. ..he couldn’t make you the King.. ..and now,
you are leaving the throne and going. Father’s soul will not rest in peace. Have you thought about it? Laxman, by reminding
me of father’s wish..’ve reminded me of my duties. Now, hear my decision. I obeyed my father’s order as my duty.. ..and had sacrificed Avadh’s throne. But today.. ..I’ll have to shun my lovable Sita. No, brother. I shun Sita with my heart,
promise and duty. I cannot bear Sita’s humiliation. I shun Sita! I will destroy this earth! I will take the revenge
of Sita’s humiliation from earth. I can’t tolerate a woman’s humiliation. Goddess, calm down. How can I calm down? Ram didn’t even think.. ..that Sita is pregnant? Goddess, calm down. Ram is Lord. He is a respectable man. His ways are strange. To show the right
path to the human race.. ..he has gone on earth
incarnated as a human being. A woman’s dignity.. ..and her chastity.. ..nobody should harm her.. ..he wants to give
this teaching to the world. It is his way. By the way, who can blame Sita? She herself is a goddess of power. Brother, what have you done? Before sunrise.. go and leave Sita in jungle. Brother, I can’t do this. Laxman, this is not a request from
an elder brother to younger brother.. ..but it is an order of King of Ayodhya. Laxman, your brother
didn’t come to see me off. He must be busy with some
important work of the kingdom. He must have slept late. Does he forget his Sita in his work? I think, he doesn’t love me like before. A King has to sacrifice his desires.. fulfill his duties. He has to sacrifice them. Will anyone forget his wife.. take care of the duties? He wouldn’t stay without
me even for a single minute. He used to get restless. I won’t feel good without
him in the hermitage. I will see the sage
and return immediately. Your brother sent me
to the hermitage alone. I will surely punish him for that. I will not talk to him. I will observe vow of silence. Yes. Okay, sister-in-law. Permit me to leave. Why are you crying? Sister-in-law, how do I tell you? Laxman, tell me what is the matter? Sister-in-law,
you have to go through one more exile. Exile? Yes, sister-in-law. King of Ayodhya.. ..has shunned you. What? He shunned me? Impossible! Laxman, you must be mistaken. I wish, I would be. God, what kind of injustice is this? What kind of injustice is this? Brother, why are you crying? Don’t cry. Just tell me, what’s my mistake? Nothing. Then why did he shun me? Sister-in-law,
residents of Ayodhya have doubted you.. ..when you were in Lanka. So, he was forced to shun you. Had I known about what people think.. ..I would’ve burnt to ashes in Lanka. Sister-in-law.. – To protect
the dignity and to do his duty.. ..he shunned me. He did right. Laxman, you don’t worry. Get back immediately to serve him. Forgive me.. ..if I’ve made any mistake. ‘The woman who people don’t respect..’ ‘..whose husband has to
bow his head in front of people..’ ‘ is better to
die that live such life.’ Mother! Mother! Take me into your arms! Take me into your arms, mother! Take me into your arms! Wait, dear. Queen Sita, you? Sage Valmiki, greetings. What were you doing? When people suspect a woman’s chastity.. ..then it is better to die than live. No, dear. What are you saying? People can swear by your chastity.. ..who can suspect her? Sage, this is your illusion. Residents of Ayodhya suspected me. Because of respect.. ..King of Ayodhya, Ram had to shun me. So, I wanted to die. No. If you commit suicide, people will.. ..believe that they were right. You have to live, not for yourself.. ..but for Ram’s clan. You have forgotten.. ..that you are pregnant. Few days back, you got pregnant. Come, dear. Let’s go to the hermitage. But Sage, I won’t stay there as Sita.. give me a new name and identity. Don’t worry, dear. I will call you as ‘Vandevi’
(goddess of forest). Come, Vandevi. Sita.. I gave you exile again today. “God, bless us..” “..everyone should be happy.” “May the knowledge shower..” “..everyone should be happy.” Chandrika, get water soon. Vandevi is in labor. I’ll get it right away. Phulmati, give a cloth soon. Take this. “Your vast world..” “..everyone should be happy.” “God, bless us..” “..everyone should be happy.” Son. “You are the knowledge
of every scholar..” “..everyone should be happy.” Sage.. – “..everyone should be happy.” I knew Luv and Kush,
both the brothers will come together. Children, you all can go home. Brother, what are you
watching so carefully? I am seeing.. ..two new stars are seen in the sky. Yes. They are shining bright. Where are you going? I will play with you. No, you are still young. You play here. No, I’ve grown up now. There’s time for you to grow. We are going far on the hill. Who will pick you up and take you there? We will walk till there. I told you to stay here. Or I’ll call aunt! Aunt! – No. Don’t call mother. You go, we’ll play here. Chandrika, did you see my loin cloth? Your loin cloth? How would I know? I had put it to dry here a while ago. Chandrika, where are Luv and Kush? They both are playing in the garden. Go and call them. The food is ready. Take the ball from here. Catch it. Give it to me. Take this.. Throw it to me. – It is here. Catch it. My loin cloth. Don’t you see, we made that
into a ball and we are playing with it? You spoiled my loin cloth. Give back my loin cloth. Luv, Kush! Let’s go, mother is calling. Hurry up. Or she’s coming with a stick. Fatso, take your loin cloth. What will I wear now? Hail Lord Ganesha. Hail Lord Ganesha. Hail Lord Ganesha. Wonderful, you remember the mantra. Where did you learn it from? From mother. – Great. Whose mother is like this.. ..her children will be smart. Now, we will pray to Goddess Saraswati. Wonderful. Well done. Where did you learn this prayer from? From you.
– But I didn’t teach this to you. When you used to teach
the children in the school.. ..even we learnt it. Yes, the one who stays in your shelter.. ..can learn anything. Great. Great, mother. Come. Write ‘Hail Lord Ganesha’ on this page. Like this. Brother Chander.. ..your crops are very good. Then why are you worried? Priest, it is good that.. crops are good. But I am worried.. will I harvest
this crop all alone? I am not finding any laborers. Since Ram became the King.. ..crops are growing nicely. Yes, brother. Everything is overflowing
in Ram’s kingdom. Priest, do one thing. What? Harvest my crops and take them home. I will donate it. No, brother Chander. Okay, goodbye. Priest, listen to me. Take your fees.. – No. I don’t want to listen to anything. Wonderful, Ram. No one even wants to take alms. Sir, give me a gold necklace.. ..that my wife should become happy. But give me at a reasonable price. Chaudhary, in Ram’s kingdom.. one cheats in business. The rate that our King has fixed.. ..we sell it at that rate. We are very happy with little. “Lord, we praise you.” “Lord, we praise you.” “Lord, we praise you.” “Lord, we praise you.” “Money, wealth and happiness..” “Money, wealth and happiness..” “Lord, we praise you.” “Lord, we praise you.” Lord, we praise you. Keep your mercy on us. Keep everyone happy. May King Ram rule forever. There’s happiness in his kingdom.. can’t find it anywhere. Say, glory to Ram Chandra! Glory be upon him! Citizens.. ..if you have any problem.. can say it without
fear in front of King Ram. There’s no problem
in King Ram’s kingdom. We eat stomach full.. ..and we sleep peacefully. Sage, in King Ram’s kingdom.. ..the lion and the
goat drinks water together. We don’t have any problem. Glory to.. King Ram! Residents of Ayodhya, I’m happy that.. believe in religion.. ..and respect it. Still I request you.. ..if you have any problem.. ..then please tell us. We’ll solve your problems. Thank you. Glory to.. King Ram! Now, you’ll shoot the arrow. Yeah! Wonderful. Great. Kush, now it is your turn. As you say, sage. Wonderful. Sons, I’m very happy.. ..that you’ve learnt
to use all the weapons. Sage, it was possible because of you. But remember some things. You’ll use your teaching
to do something good. You’ll not kill any animal. Okay, Sage. You will never use your weapon.. ..against justice and religion. No, Sage. God bless you. King, it is time for you to become
the Emperor of the entire country. Everyone in the world should praise you. Only then you’ll be called
as the Emperor of this country. Sage, I’ll have to perform Ashwamedh
holy fire veneration for this. What’s the problem in that? One has to sit with his wife
for this Ashwamedh holy fire veneration. It is a problem. But it is not so big, as you think. Mother, have you ever been to Ayodhya? Ayodhya? Why are you asking about Ayodhya? Sage has got an invitation from Ayodhya. King of Ayodhya, Ram Chandra.. performing Ashwamedh
holy fire veneration. He will become the
King of the entire country. He will become an Emperor. Who told you? Did sage tell you? No, Sarju told us. Mother, we want to see the
Ashwamedh holy fire veneration. Yes mother, permit us to go. No, you are very young. I will not let you go so far. Mother, don’t disappoint us. We won’t get such an opportunity again. Yes mother,
I want to see sacred Ayodhya.. ..where Ram was born. We will meet that great man.. ..who won over a dangerous
demon like Ravan. He killed a giant demon like Kumbhkaran. I will take blessing from Goddess Sita. She shunned all the
luxury of the palace.. ..and served her husband for 14 years. She was an ideal wife. Mother, tell us. Please, permit us. We can meet many great
sages and scholars there. We will get a chance
to take blessings from them. Okay, I will ask sage and tell you. Greetings, sage. Live long. Dear, what’s the matter? You look tense. I heard, King of Ayodhya is performing
the Ashwamedh holy fire veneration. Yes. Sage Vashisht and King Ram Chandra.. ..have invited me. But Sage,
the Ashwamedh holy fire veneration.. ..isn’t complete until
he prays with his wife. Then how can he perform this veneration? Did he re-marry? They are performing the
Ashwamedh holy fire veneration.. is true. But Lord Ram re-married.. ..I suspect that. Sage, what’s there to doubt? This veneration is
not possible without wife.. ..then how is it taking place? He forgot his Sita so soon? He got re-married. I am sure that Lord Ram can’t do this. If Ram has re-married.. ..then he is not
suitable for my Ramayan. Such a man has no place in my Ramayan. Luv Kush are adamant
on going to Ayodhya. Sage, they both are mischievous. What if they do something wrong? They both are intelligent. When, where and what to do.. ..they know that very well. So, from our side.. ..and on behalf of me,
have decided to send them both. I will be worried if they go to Ayodhya. My secret shouldn’t get revealed. Dear, no one can stop time and fate. This is bound to happen someday. Whatever it is,
you don’t worry unnecessarily. Let them attend the Ashwamedh
holy fire veneration. We have to stay for two days in Ayodhya. Two days? What about our deer? What about it?
It will stay in the hermitage. But where is it now? Mukund? – Why is Mukund shouting? Hope some animal hasn’t caught him. You dropped my prey. King, put this garland
around your wife’s neck.. ..and complete the Ashwamedh
holy fire veneration. Look, be careful in Ayodhya. You will be representing
our hermitage there. If you fail.. ..then our hermitage will be humiliated. Sage, you don’t worry. We will follow your orders. We will see Lord Ram
and Goddess Sita there. We will take blessings from the sages.. ..and return immediately. Listen carefully
to one important thing.. ..I’ve taught you Ramayan.. is time to publish that. You both sing very nicely. After reaching Ayodhya.. ..sing Ramayan in your sweet
voice and surprise the residents. As you wish, Sage. Live long. Goodbye, mother. – Bless you. Who are they? Beautiful kids. They don’t belong to this place. How did they come here? These children are.. Have they come for alms? They are nice. Amazing. Beautiful. Brothers, listen to us. Brothers, listen to us. Sisters, listen to us. Mothers, listen to us. Brothers, listen to us. Brother, what are you going to say? We will tell you
the story of King Avadh. Residents of Ayodhya! Will you listen to your Ram’s story? Why not? Say it. Who are these two kids? I don’t know. I’m seeing them for the first time. They are so good looking. But they are beggars. Aunt, what are you saying? They look so divine. They look like sage’s son. Brothers, listen to us. Bravest son of Surya clan
was known as King Dashrath. Bravest son of Surya clan
was known as King Dashrath. He ruled Avadhpuri.. ..and he was liked by everyone. Four children were born to him.. ..the land and sky
was filled with happiness. Ram, Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughan.. ..filled the garden of King Dashrath. Ram Chandra broke the bow.. ..and hoisted his flag on Avadh. Ram Chandra broke the bow.. ..and hoisted his flag on Avadh. Janakpuri’s daughter Sita became
daughter-in-law and came to Avadh. Dashrath thought.. ..I will give the kingdom to Ram.. ..and will go to the
forest and perform veneration. But Kaikayi broke his trust. She sent Ram on exile. Sita, Ram and Laxman
came to the forest.. ..and appeased the
sages of the hermitage. One day, a moment came.. ..when Surpanakha came to Panchvati. She tried to entice Ram.. Laxman chopped her nose and ears. Ram killed Khadushan. He protected the Panchvati. Surpanakha went back to Lanka.. ..and told everything to Ravan. Ravan came in disguise of a sage.. ..and abducted Sita. Hanuman went to Lanka.. ..and burnt the entire Lanka. Ravan was killed.. ..and Ram was praised. When Sita passed the fire test.. ..she was called as epitome
of chastity in the world. Glory to.. – Sita and Lord Ram! Greetings to Lord Ram Chandra. Children, who are you? What do you want? We want to meet the
character of Ramayan.. ..and the one who won over Lanka,
Lord Ram. Children, I’m Ram. King of Ayodhya, greetings to you. Live long. King, we are blessed to meet you. We wanted to meet you since many days. It got fulfilled today. Wonderful. You are cultured. You seem educated too. What is your name? My name is Luv. He is my younger brother, Kush. If I am right.. ..then you are sage Vashisht.. You are right, son. Sage Vashisht,
please accept our greetings. Live long. We want to take blessings
from goddess Sita. Queen Sita is there. You can greet her. What’s this? A statue? Where’s mother Sita? Queen Sita is not here. So.. – Mother Sita is not here? You are performing the Ashwamedh
holy fire veneration in her absence. There’s no problem. According to the rituals.. the absence of the wife,
we can make a statue.. ..and can perform the
Ashwamedh holy fire veneration. But Mother Sita is alive. Then why her statue? Where’s Mother Sita? To protect the royal duty.. ..Ram shunned Sita. What? He shunned Mother Sita? Yes. He was helpless. What kind of helplessness? What royal duty are you talking about? There’s no value for
that great pious lady. She shunned the luxurious
life of the palace.. ..and endured difficulties in forests.. ..she served her husband for 14 years. You shunned that lady? She gave proof of her chastity.. entering into the fire. Residents of Ayodhya, you are great! The place where women were respected.. ..used to consider them as goddess.. ..a great lady was humiliated so badly? She was shunned? Ayodhya has always been a
place of religion and philosophers. Was there no philosopher.. talk about this matter? Was everyone out of their minds? The King only thought
about the dignity.. ..but he didn’t respect his wife. Our illusion broke today. There’s no scholar here. No priest here. Everyone is selfish and imposters. The home or country where
women are not respected.. ..religion and wealth never stays there. It is a sin to be in such place. Let’s go, Kush. Everything happened because of Khajarwa. What did I do? Because of you, King Ram.. ..shunned queen Sita. He had to get humiliated by these kids. Thrash Khajarwa! Hey, don’t hit me. Leave me. Don’t hit me. Leave me, brother.. Greetings, mother. You? Why did you return so early? Didn’t you go to Ayodhya? We had been there, but we returned. Why? – Mother, ask us later. First give us something to eat. We are famished. Why? Didn’t anyone give you food? We shunned that city of imposters. Who wants to eat their food? So, I didn’t want to send you there. I think, you fought with someone there. No mother, we didn’t fight with anyone. We broke their illusion. They have an illusion of
being scholars and philosophers. What did they do to you? Nothing happened to us.. ..but mother Sita endured atrocities. Yes mother, this shouldn’t
have happened to mother Sita. King Ram shunned her. He made a statue of mother Sita.. ..and is performing the
Ashwamedh holy fire veneration. My statue? It is clearly written in scriptures.. ..that whoever doesn’t respect women.. ..and can’t protect her dignity.. ..they are fools and impious. No.. – I considered
Ram Chandra as my idol. He has hurt me. Even a common man wouldn’t
have done such injustice. Ram shunned his wife and is performing
the Ashwamedh holy fire veneration.. ..he is not fit to become
the Emperor of the entire country. Forget these things. Let him play this game. Come Mother, give me food. I am famished. Now put the flower on your wife,
Sita’s behalf. King, now you apply a vermillion
dot to the Ashwamedh’s horse. Now this horse will
go around East, west.. ..north and south in all the directions. There’ll be an army behind him. Laxman will be the commander-in-chief. Whoever stops this horse.. ..or catches it.. ..he will be considered
as King Ram’s enemy. And he will have to fight with him. And when Ashwamedh’s horse.. ..will return to Ayodhya.. ..then it will be considered that.. ..everyone in the country has.. ..accepted him to be their Emperor. Glory to.. – Emperor Ram! Glory to.. – Emperor Ram! King, now hold the reins of the horse.. ..and walk four steps.. ..and leave it. By keeping a statue
of his wife next to him.. ..can anyone perform the
Ashwamedh holy fire veneration? Yes.. it is written in the scriptures. In the wife’s absence.. ..they can erect a gold statue of her.. ..and can perform the
Ashwamedh holy fire veneration. Then Luv Kush didn’t do the right thing. Seeing Sita’s statue in place of her.. ..they abused the Brahmins
and sages and returned. They didn’t even have food
or drink water there in anger. Anger? Why did they get angry? When both of them heard.. ..that Ram Chandra
shunned his wife Sita.. ..they got angry. They abused all the Brahmins and sages. Dear, this was bound to happen. On the allegations of a washer-man.. ..he didn’t believe the
powers of fire and its test.. nothing other than stupidity. The solution of dissolving
the allegation.. ..could be found in the scriptures. A happy family wouldn’t have scattered. May be I was destined for this. Maybe.. understanding the fate.. ..sometimes is very difficult, dear. Only time can answer this. We passed by so many states.. one stopped the horse. Who will stop King Ram’s horse? They know that locking horns with.. ..the one who has killed
Ravan and Kumbhkaran.. ..will cost them heavily. By the way, everyone wants to serve Ram. Oh. Nice horse. Looks like, it dropped the rider. Horse looks very fast. If this is the thing,
I will surely ride on it. Let’s catch it. It is really fast. I will surely ride on it. You surround it from there. Son, what are you doing? Don’t touch this horse. Why, father? This horse belongs to,
King of Ayodhya, Lord Ram. It is Ashwamedh’s horse. If you catch it.. ..then I will have
to fight with King Ram. Father, will he come
so far from Ayodhya.. fight with us? Son, when King Ram
can go to Lanka to fight.. ..then it is not a big
deal for him to come here. Prince Laxman is moving
along with this horse. Wonderful! What an aim! Where did the horse go? I think the horse went further. Go and find it. Now, tell me. Which leaf should I shoot? Horse! – Where? Look there! Looks like a King’s horse. But where is the King? I think, it lost its way. There’s a plate on its forehead. There’s something written on it. Let’s catch it and
see what is written on it. Yes, let’s catch it. Come. I think the horse is very stubborn. Let it be, Luv. We will read the plate from afar. No, we will catch it and read the plate. Yes, brother. Luv Kush, let it be.
This horse looks insane. It may harm you. I will surely capture it. Wait, wait. Wow. It is a strange horse. Wow. What are you doing?
It will make you fall. It is a stubborn horse. I will see how it drops me. I will make it run and control it. Leave me. Yeah! Where did the horse go? I don’t see it anywhere. King, it must be ahead. There’s no way for it go anywhere.. ..nor there are marks anywhere. Brother, you too ride it. It is fine now. No, I will read the
plate on its forehead first. There’s something written on it. Let us see what it is. Yes, see. ‘This is the sacred horse of
the Ashwamedh holy fire veneration.’ ‘King of Ayodhya, Ram Chandra..’ ‘..announces himself as
the Emperor of the country.’ ‘If someone catches this horse..’ ‘..he has to fight
with King Ram Chandra.’ ‘Commander-in-chief.’ This is King Ram’s horse. Leave it. It is Ram Chandra’s horse.. ..then I won’t leave it. If you catch the Ashwamedh’s horse.. will have to fight with the King. What will we do in front of his army? You don’t do anything. We’ll do it. Stop being stubborn. Or you’ll unnecessarily get killed. Children, who tied the horse here? – We. It is no time for playing. Tell me the truth, who tied the horse. If you don’t believe us, ask the horse. You seem to be very stubborn. This is not an ordinary horse. Is somebody around? Why are you shouting? There’s no one here other than us. Open the horse. Hey kid! You can’t take it from
here without fighting with me. Is somebody around? Take these stupid kids from here. Or they’ll be killed by me. Who will kill and who’ll escape.. ..we’ll know about it, only
after the battle, commander-in-chief. Come on, pick up the
bow and shoot an arrow. If you want to die, then take this! You are surprised at my first arrow? Shoot more arrows. Commander-in-chief fell unconscious! Commander-in-chief fell unconscious. Commander-in-chief fell unconscious. Oh.. What do we do now? Run! Run! These both kids are dangerous. Pick him up. Take him. Commander-in-chief,
Laxman thought we were kids. Poor guy had a wrong
impression about us. Let’s go and tell this to mother. Let’s go. Mother, give me something to eat. Did you leave the horse? No, we defeated Ram’s army. You defeated Ram’s army.. Mother, what are you seeing? Nothing happened to us. Not even a scratch. We thrashed half the army of Ram.. ..and Commander-in-chief,
Laxman fell unconscious. Laxman fell unconscious? What have you done? What was the need to catch
the horse and invite a battle? We won’t allow Ram to become
the Emperor of the country. He shunned mother Sita.. ..and has humiliated women-kind. Sita is Ram’s wife. Why are you supporting Ram? How are you related to Ram? Luv! Son, the consequences
of battle is never good. The loss that will happen
because of this battle.. can’t even imagine about it. If King of Avadh, comes here.. ..then apologize to him. Never, mother. I will never apologize to him. Yes, if he accepts Sita back.. ..and will respect her like earlier.. ..then we will surely
take his blessings. Yes, you don’t interfere
in this, mother. We will handle him. Hurry up. Hope no one takes the
horse away stealthily. Chamku, imposter! You’ve come again disguised as Hanuman? But we don’t have
time to see your drama. I am not Chamku.. ..I’m really Hanuman. Yes, he is Hanuman. Forgive us. Greetings, son of wind. Greetings, son of wind. Live long. Welcome. I think you’ve brought
Sanjeevani herb for Laxman. No, I’ve come to take the horse. You won’t get the horse. Don’t be stubborn and leave the horse. You have to fight with
us to take back the horse. Kid, how can you fight? You are still kids. But we can defeat the enemies. You seem to be brave. But showing more power than your age.. ..proves fatal. You want to pacify us with
talks thinking we are kids. I think he knows about
Laxman’s condition. So, he is pacifying us
and wants to take the horse. Son of wind,
if you are scared to fight.. ..then call your Lord Ram. He should first fight with us.. ..then take the horse. We’ll see what a great fighter he is. Stupid kid! You are insulting my Lord. Beware! We won’t get scared by your threatening. Fight with us. – Attack me! We don’t attack the unarmed. You also come with bow and arrow. I fight with the mace. Then even we’ll get the mace. Hail Lord Ram. Son of wind, why did you stop? Pick up the weapon. I will wrestle now. Okay. When you couldn’t
win over us with weapons.. want to do wrestling. You are very proud of your power? We will not disappoint you. Come! Get up, Hanuman. No.. I lost. I give up. I am your captive. Hanuman lost. Kush, tie him. Don’t try to escape. One who has been captured by you once.. can he break it? Let Lord Ram come. The actual battle will happen now. King, there’s news
from the forest that.. ..mighty Hanuman has been captured. Surprising. Who in our state has the guts.. capture the son of wind? Kids can’t do this. Guard, tell the soldiers.. make arrangements to leave. As you wish, King. Guru, catastrophe has occurred. What happened, dear? Luv and Kush have
captured the son of wind. They have captured the son of wind? Why don’t you stop them? No one can stop time. Not even the creator of time. Now Lord Ram will
be forced to come here. Guru, there will be catastrophe. Whatever has to happen, let it happen. How, Guru? On one side is my husband.. ..and on the other is my children. You do not understand my plight, Guru. I understand everything, dear. The last chapter of my
Ramayan is going to finish. And my family is
going towards ruination. I will not let this happen. I will not let this happen. Son of wind, what is this? You defeated such strong warriors.. ..and are standing helpless here. Yes, Lord. I’ve become helpless before time. Right now forget breaking this rope.. ..I can’t even break a twig. Who brought you to this condition? Greetings, King Ram. Welcome to the forest. You caught Ashwamedh’s horse? Yes, we will not allow you
to become the Emperor of the country. The one who shuns his
wife listening to others.. ..he is not capable of becoming
the Emperor of the country. Kid, don’t you feel ashamed
to talk more than your age? Why feel ashamed to tell the truth? You have to fight with us.. ..and think about becoming
the Emperor of the country. Pick up your bow. Okay, as you wish! No! Stop this battle! Stop it! Janki? Stop this battle. Stop. Or a catastrophe will happen. Catastrophe? What? Lord, a father killing his sons.. ..or sons kill their father,
it is wrong. Sons? Father? Yes, Lord. This is Luv and this is Kush. Both are twins. They are your children. Mother? Goddess Sita? Yes, son. I am that unfortunate Sita. Son, he is not at fault. To keep up the dignity.. ..he had to shun me. Sons, greet your father. Greetings, father. Janki, I am sad.. ..that you didn’t get anything
other than sadness with me. First you went to exile with me.. ..and now exile of years, alone. Even residents of Ayodhya
are ashamed of their doing. They are waiting for
a chance to apologize to you. The pain that you went
through because of them and me.. ..I apologize to you. No, Lord. No. Don’t make me a sinner.. apologizing to me. No, you won’t be blamed. Janki, let’s return to Ayodhya. Come home. No, Lord. Mother, father apologized
for his mistakes. Give him a chance to reform his mistake. Let’s go back, mother. Let’s go back. Yes, mother. – Yes, Sita. There won’t be any lacking
in your respect in Ayodhya. I was living because of your children. I hand over your two sons to you. I can peacefully sleep
into motherland’s arms. No Janki. – No, mother. No. Sons, don’t mourn for me. No, mother. Who will take care of us, mother? My time is up. Motherland is waiting
to take me into her arms. She is calling me. I am coming, mother! No, mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! – Mother. Mother. Come, sons. Father. “They worship and know mother.” “They worship and know mother.” “They greet mother.” “They are a little
mischievous and very brave.” “Luv and Kush are their names.” “Luv Kush.” “Luv Kush.” “O mother!” “O mother!” “O mother!” “O mother!” “One day, they narrated
Ram’s story to everyone.” “What is Ram’s justice..” “..only Ram knows about it.” “King Ram is very brave..” “..he loves justice and is a warrior.” “By becoming the subjects
to such a King..” “..we residents of Ayodhya are happy.” “They didn’t know that
their father was King Ram.” “They worship and know mother.” “They greet mother.” “They are a little
mischievous and very brave.” “Luv and Kush are their names.” “Luv Kush.” “Luv Kush.” “Both the brothers had the motive
of getting justice for that woman..” “..or take back his favorite
horse by fighting with them.” “All the arrangements
of the battle were made..” “..Ram’s army was big.” “The woman who they fought for..” “..she was their loveable mother.” “They saw pilgrimage
under their mother’s feet.” “They worship and know mother.” “They greet mother.” “They are a little
mischievous and very brave.” “Luv and Kush are their names.” “Luv Kush.”

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  1. Correction.ย  Love and Kush were brought up at the Ashram of Sage Valmiki.ย  It is a lovely story and artwork.ย  With lots of blessings and best Regard.

  2. awa the UK. The comments on my blog and a bit. .I CAN'T believe in you, I think the last two months

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  4. … THIS IS BULLSHIT!! ๐Ÿ˜  … WHY weren't the guilty townspeople FOUND AND EXECUTED for having the TEMERITY to speak ill of the QUEEN?? .. it was entirely CRUEL AND UNJUST!! .. I question the omnipotence of Lord Ram on account of this discrepancy within the Ramayan … someone still has to answer for this; either valmiki or Lord Ram himself …

  5. it's not fair
    Sita should not go. Since the family is united it would have been a very happy ending
    Oh my Lord why????!!!?๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  6. God Bless The Creator Of This Movie, It Is Heart-Warming To Know Someone Did This For This Religion's Entertainment.
    Joy Ram-
    Joy Sita-

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  8. very sad story.Rama should not do this type of wrong decision.He should need to support her.After all sita ma was his wife.

  9. I am very sad for them they don't know that their father is Lord Ram and when they get their father they loose their mother their family never completed please like for them and give me comments if you feel like this

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