Love Aaj Kal – Official Trailer | Kartik, Sara, Randeep, Arushi | Imtiaz Ali | Dinesh Vijan | 14 Feb

What the hell’s going on? What’s on your stupid bloody mind? You reject me. You refused to sleep with me.
Now you keep following me. You’re not just any girl.
How to put it? You’re special. Must I spell it out? So what’ll you do?
Stupid! – I mean…
– Go on, talk! Why you following me? – I won’t anymore.
– Did I tell you to stop? – No.
– So? Yes, I’m wrong. You be wrong too. Come, let’s get it wrong again. Leena, I’m very serious about you. I won’t ever leave you. You could’ve said that on the phone. – Come, let’s elope!
– Get lost! If you feel I’m bothering you… …I’ll go away. My career is everything to me. What happened? Being with only one man
and loving him all your life… …is not natural. What? Follow your heart today. Hey you two! This is not a *******! What the hell did you say? *******! The stage is all set!
Do it with a twist! Would you like to break dance? The one thing you knew
you’d never do… …you realize you do it one day.
Just like that. We’ll sort it out. It’ll never get sorted, Veer. What is it, Zoe? You’ve started to bother me. I’ll never be able to strike a balance
between my career and you. I can compromise in a relationship,
but not with you. I want all of you, Zoe. The inside one, outside one, career one,
family one. Full! Be with me fully… …or don’t be with me at all. Eyes meet, hearts meet It’s the same story,
just the eras change. Do you get attracted to girls? Yeah. Don’t you get attracted to boys? Yeah. I feel like drinking petrol too!

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