Hope is just a fantasy I’ll never get From you (You) (You) You You are the petals of the life You’re slowly growing on me (me on you) (you on me) (us) OH We could be the king and queen if you wanted to We could find a getaway if you need to I do it all for you (I do it all for you) I do it all of you The sun and the moon won’t know what we’d be up to God is wrong if he won’t let me love you (love you) with all I have With all my faith (you and me) (we could be the king and queen) (if you want to) (we could find a getaway) (if you need to) (I do) (I do it all) (I do) (it all) (for you) (I do it all of you) Hope…

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  1. I have watch this so many times it’s crazy! I love the smoothness of the animation how everything flows and works together and how it’s not a continuous loop of that same animation. The colors work so well together and complement each other. And I love you style and oc! I just have one question, in part of the animation she has a tail and the rest of it she doesn’t. Why?

  2. There are two types of creator in YT
    The one who gets millions of views for doing nothing much,
    And the one who puts a damn lot of effort but still underated.

  3. The level of quality and skill is insane. I thought this was a student film because it was so well done. You're an amazing and talented artist!

  4. Holy crap!!! Im just finding you now, and I can't believe I wasn't here a year ago. Your animation is so so smooth, the transitions, the colors, its just all beautiful! What animation program do you use?

  5. I can't properly put into words how inspiring this is. I'm working really hard on my final animation in Animation 1 and it's, well, predictably nowhere near this level (we're all just little high schoolers figuring out the software) but I work and experiment and improve as much as I can in that class and this really, really makes me want to get adobe animate over the summer so that I can practice even more and be closer to something so dynamic and beautiful (and animated with complex designs!) as this!

    I just keep rewatching it and seeing how you did everything- I think 0:04 is definitely my favorite part, head turns are so hard for me to animate and that little head nod/hop(?) that makes the liquid bounce is mESMERIZING
    of course, when the lotus twists and reveals the character- that's really, really beautiful too

  6. I adore your animation more than fucking anything in the world what the FUCK

    Edit: this is so good that it gives me chills

  7. The animation, colors, and everything is just so amazing. it's absolutely breathtaking. The smooth animation makes you almost believe its real movement or something. But that's not the only thing that catches my eye, the facial expressions immediately draw me in, the way you can convey emotions in your characters is absolutely masterful, I could only imagine doing something like this. You made something that seems almost impossible to do possible, for me animation is incredible hard but when I look at your animations it looks like if this stuff is so easy for you. Your skills are so amazing!!

  8. the only two videos of yours I've seen are of a gorgeous pink and blue character that has wings occasionally as well as turning hold and posing midair
    body gold was what woke me up, this isn't a joke, it helped me realise my potential as well as appreciate the small things

  9. I'm avoiding to watch animation because I know it gets me inspired in an hobby that frustrates me, but this one somehow inspires me in a hopeful, positive way
    Like you really did good here, I can imagine how long this must've took but the result is definetly amazing.

  10. Godddd its so nice to see you back!!! This is so good and i cant stop replaying it over and over! It makes me so happy to see you back and in the swing of things, I remember when i first saw your animation Body Gold and i just fell in love with you, youve been a HUGE inspiration in my art career. So thank you, and keep up this great work!!!

  11. You don't know how happy I am that you are back, I loved your art so much and still do, this is absolutely gorgeous

  12. Боже, какой же красивый персонаж..И палитра прекрасна, как и анимация, я в восторге!❤

  13. I really appreciate this animation meme-esque style being taken a step further and made into a whole music video that's more than just a looping animation. Well done.

  14. I dont often comment but god this is gorgeous. Its so fluid and the color palette is so awesome to look at! Its super inspiring, you should be super proud!

  15. This is incredible! I tried so hard not to keep pausing to examine the art and animation because I just wanted to enjoy the video. I got so many chills watching this. You got a new sub!

  16. every time you come back, you come back with even more improvement and just wonderful work each time. i love that ive found you again, i love this.

  17. Can someone tell me why I haven’t found u until now u lil precious gem
    This is absolutely Astonishing <3
    I feel hypnotized. The colors are amazing and the animation is so….. just so…. I’m speechless!
    Bootiful. Just bootiful

    Am I being too extra? ;-;
    ..I’ll just go now.
    Over dramatic fan has left the chat

  18. Oh hey! That's the cutie from your "do it try it" video!
    Look how much their design has evolved since last time!!!
    Amazing work! I'd love to learn more about this character! <3

  19. At first I thought it was a lip sync cause the mouth movement looked dope the shading colouring and background speechless keep up the good work

  20. У меня просто слов нету, это слишком прекрасно.❤️❤️❤️

  21. You don’t know how many times I’ve watched this, gold body, and do it try it
    You are so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!💖💕💞💖💕💗💓💗💕💞💓💖

  22. After seeing this I've found a new animator I adore. I love the style of animation, how it's drawn, and don't get me started on character design. All I can say was this vid was hekkin cool and enough to make me hit subscribe >:D.

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