Loopy Toons Channel Trailer

Loopy Toons Channel Trailer

Why hello there my name is Ro, and I decided to Well… um I need remember my script now Don’t worry right I decided to take it upon myself to well making YouTube channel because yeah Why not and I probably will break the YouTube channel in a few weeks anyway? I feel so happy! (Nice sarcasm) Yeah, my channel called Loopy Toons spelled with an h if you read the description All right, I haven’t had a little bit of our channel trailer time, so you want to see some really bad cartoons We want to see some amazing Post schedule Kaboom well because I have school. Soit’s only gonna be two to four times a month just sayin and well yeah and To make my videos, I’ll just go on Friday to make script Saturday need to make the actual video and Sunday to post the video And it takes like two weeks anyway, but thank you for watching this video………………(Totally Dramatic Ending)

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  1. Hello, I’m giving u a shoutout in my next vid, I subbed and this looks cool. Here, have a cookie … I don’t know how to emojis on my phone here have a smiley face 🙂 edit make sure to sub

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