Little Mix Perrie Edwards – Cartoon Drawing Tutorial – How to Draw People | Fun2draw

Little Mix Perrie Edwards – Cartoon Drawing Tutorial – How to Draw People | Fun2draw

Hey everyone! This is Mei Yu, the creator of Fun2draw. If you’ve been requesting for this celebrity, please let me know in the comments below. First, I’m going to draw a nice, round wide “bean” shape for the face, just like in my other “how to draw people” videos. I’m not gonna draw the ear because i
think it’s gonna be covered by the hair. Instead, let’s go into a small nose, and here’s how I draw the lips: start with a curve for the mouth, draw one curve above, and another one right below the mouth. Now let’s go into some big Fun2draw eyes! Let’s go into the other side… so we have the “leaf” shape, and let’s get the big pupil in there, with some nice shading… I think she could use some nice eyelashes. Let’s get maybe two in here, and two on the other side, and after, I’ll show you how to draw her awesome pink hairstyle! Eyebrows first, and rosy cheeks! Okay, for her hair, I’m going to draw one big curve that’s coming down and let’s draw another big curve that’s going down around this eye here, so it is going to be covering the ear. As for a cute hairband, let’s draw a small circle, and now draw LEAVES! Ok, no, they’re not leaves>_

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  1. Hey, so first thing, I really like your draws, you are amazing!💖 And second thing, I know that a lot of people already asked you that, but, if you can please draw all the girls from little mix I'll be really grateful! I'm a mixer and I want to draw the girls, but I don't know how…So if you can please help me with this, it will be AWESOME!!!
    Thank you😍

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