Little Krishna – Wondrous Feats – English

Little Krishna – Wondrous Feats – English

Traveling back through

the dusty trails of History, we read about the times when

the earth was overburdened… …by the rule of ruthless

despots who were driven… …by greed for power and wealth. Anyone who stood in their way… …fell under their sword and

chaos and injustice prevailed. Overwhelmed by the torment and pain, Mother Earth sought the help of Brahma, who creates the material universes

on the order of the Supreme Lord. Along with the other demigods

in charge of managing… …the different aspects

of the material world, Brahma approached the Supreme

Lord and offered prayers unto Him. My dear devotees,

I have heard your prayers. To protect the good

and destroy the evil. It is time for Me to

appear upon the earth… Your music feeds

these creatures hearts… …like the warmth

of the sun, Krishna. Do you like it, little bee? Is that what you say

to me with your buzzing? Bzzz-bzzzz-bzzzzzzzz! Did you know I speak,

cow, my brother? Let us talk to them, too!

I can speak squirrel! Did you hear that, Krishna? Yes! It sounded like a tiger. It came from over there. No! It came from over there! It sounded like it was getting

closer, didn’t it, my brother? Yes! Practically in our midst! We’d better hide! Hurry! This way! Do you see it, Krishna? I think it’s over there. It’s Krishna! So, you are the

dangerous tiger, huh? We’ll see who’s more dangerous. Okay, okay! You’re the

dangerous one, Sridham. Stop it! Stop! Dadhi..Dadhi.. Okay, okay…you win! Had enough, Sridham. Yes, I’m exhausted. Good. So am I. Thank you. Mmmmm. You must be exhausted from

all your wrestling, Krishna. Here, let us massage your legs. Wonderful! Wonderful! These apsaras

dance like celestial butterflies. It is not only their dancing

that is celestial, my Lord Indra… …but this delicious nectar which

makes everything look so heavenly. Fill my goblet! And keep it filled! Forgive us, master, but

our pitchers have run dry. Then bring more pitchers. There…are no more. WHAT!? You will bring me more,

won’t you, dear husband? But…it’s a special brew made only

from the fruit of the tal tree. I’m sure we have

other tasty beverages… …that will satisfy your thirst. But, this drink is

made only in Talavana, Kamsa’s private orchard, and is

guarded by the demon Dhenukasura. Surely my great husband, Lord Indra, would not let a mere “demon”

make his favorite wife go thirsty. Of course not! I shall go to Talavana

and bring you back… …enough sweet nectar

to fill a lake. There! He! King Kamsa’s royal

servants will be coming soon, to pick up the next batch of nectar. Then we don’t have much time… …to steal a few sips. After the nectar passes your lips,

keep them sealed! For if King Kamsa finds out

we stole even a drop… …he’ll brew the next

batch with our blood! We must steal some of Kamsa’s nectar

before those fools drink it all. We will distract them

for you, Lord Indra. Invaders! Run! Stealing Kamsa’s nectar

will be easier than I imagined. Dhenukasura!! No one steals Kamsa’s tal

nectar…and lives to drink it. Your warrior’s toys are

no threat against me. Perhaps not, Dheunuka, but

the power of Indra’s lightning is! Mmm. What is that delightful aroma? Some kind of wonderful fruit. This kind we are picking

doesn’t smell nearly as good. Then let’s find this

delicious new fruit… …and bring some back to Vrindavan. It’s coming from that orchard. No! Look! This is the place Mother Yashoda

warned us to stay far away from. It’s guarded by the demon, Dhenuka,

who eats trespassers…alive! What is that smell? It’s sweeter than mangoes! Madhu’s nose speaks the truth.

It does smell wonderful. Let’s find where it’s coming

from and fill our stomachs. But we have to stay here

and look after the cows. The cows!! They’re gone!! Don’t worry, Subala. The aroma must have

seduced them as well. I know just how to find them. Madhu’s nose will lead the

way, and we will follow. And my stomach will

not be far behind. Someone’s coming! Dhenukasura!! Get down! It’s Krishna and the cowherd boys. They’re heading for Talavana! We must warn them. Clumsy fool! That is King Kamsa’s

precious beverage you waste. Kamsa’s royal servant is right. We must not let Talavana’s

“precious beverage” go to waste. Tell Kamsa not to worry,

his precious drink is safe… …in my belly! Ha-ha-ha! This place looks familiar.

I don’t think we should go in there. We’ll have to if we want

to get our cows back. They’re eating the fallen fruit. We must hurry then! Yes, before something

happens to the cows. I meant before they eat all the fruit! Krishna! Balaram! Wait! Look! It’s the demon, Dhenuka! Then this must be… …Talavan!! Oooh…I think

I just lost my appetite. You’ll lose your head if Dhenuka

catches us in Kamsa’s orchard! We must leave at once. Wait! We have to

get our cows first. Balaram is right. And if we’re going to lose

our heads for that, we might as well die

in heavenly bliss… with our tummies full

of that delicious fruit. But I don’t want to d-die… …not even for the best

tasting fruit in the world. Don’t be so scared, Subala. Krishna won’t let us die. Dhenukasura may be strong, but Krishna is an expert

in killing all kinds of demons. Subala! Sridham!

You get the cows. The rest of us will collect enough

tal fruit for all of Vrindavan. The boys are going

to steal Kamsa’s fruit! They’re in great danger! We must tell Mother Yashoda. Dadhi, keep an eye on Dhenuka and

make sure he doesn’t come this way. It’s no use. We cannot

reach even the lowest fruit. If we cannot go to the fruit, then

the fruit will have to come to us. Ow! What was that? It sounded like someone by the tal trees! Good! I’m hungry

after all this drinking. Relax! It was

just a crazy monkey. He must be crazy if he’s

fallen in love with Dhenuka. You little thief! You’ll pay

for stealing Kamsa’s fruit! Stop him! Dadhi’s trying to tell us something. I think he wants more fruit. This is Kamsa’s estate. You will be punished severely

for stealing his fruit. But we’re just hungry cowherd boys. Surely there is far more

fruit than you could… …ever use for Kamsa’s

drinking or yours! And you will be punished more

severely for your insolence. What right does Kamsa have to put

a fence around the tal trees… …and call them his own? This land is part of Vrindavan

and belongs to everyone. In that case you shall each

have a piece of Kamsa’s estate… …for your graves! Who’s going to get punished now? That would be You! Radha! Lalita! What’s the matter? The cows… they

wandered into… Talavana… Krishna and the others…went

into the orchard after them… And then we saw…the demon! Dhenukasura!? For stealing Kamsa’s fruit, I shall crush you all into

a bitter brew ofů.. death. Go, Krishna! Kill him!

You can do it! Krishna! Krishna! Kill him! You can do it! Krishna! Krishna! No! The demon is

killing Krishna! We’re doomed! Look! Oh, that horrible beast!

My darling Krishna!! Hurry! Your little blue friend

cannot protect you now. Krishna? He wasn’t protecting us. He was just playing with you. I, on the other hand,

am not as playful. Then you shall be the

first to feel my rage! Is he dead? Of course he is. Balaram is

the best wrestler in Vrindavan Something tells me we’re

not done wrestling, brother. You may have gotten

lucky and killed Dhenuka, …but your luck has just run out. KILL THEM! Quickly! We must lead them away! How could you leave Krishna in

the orchard with those demons? But, he told us to… If they want the tal so

badly they shall have it. Crush them with the trees! Krishna!! Krishna!! O Krishna!! Dheunukasura! Where is my Krishna? Over here, mother. We were just gathering

some tal fruit for everyone. But…this is Kamsa’s orchard! Not anymore. It belongs to everyone

in Vrindavan now. Our master really knows where

to lead us each day, Bahula. He never fails to find

us the sweetest grass. Yes, Ganga, he loves us dearly

and dotes on our calves. He sets out each day

with a prayer on his lips… …and the Lord is always with him. But today’s grass is

extraordinarily sweet. Everything in

Vrindavan is sweeter… …when Krishna plays

his beautiful music. I’m going to miss a

feast fit for a king. Aha! Foolish beast, can’t even

catch a slow, sloppy cow. Keep running, Ganga,

as fast as you can! Ah. The tiger will

surely have its fill now. Clumsy fool! Get up, Ganga! Get up! Run! That pathetic pussy cat

will starve if I don’t intervene. I do wish I could watch

you devour your meal… …but my master grows impatient. Where are they?! What news of Talamba I am afraid, O King Kamsa, there

is no news of Talamba I cannot stand this suspense! Why don’t they bring me news? I want news! News of my freedom! There must be someone clever

enough to kill my angel of death… …before he comes for me! Vatsasura! You summoned me, my Lord? I have an important mission for you. I want you to kill

my angel of death… …before he fulfills the

prophecy and kills me. Have no fear, my Lord. It will be my pleasure to devour

the boy like a tasty morsel. The Lord must be watching over me. I’m afraid the only one

watching over you is…me. Wait! I beg you. What? To spare you? After all my running and chasing? Sorry, but I’m just too hungry. I don’t ask you to spare me. Just give me some time

so that I may return home, say goodbye to my dear calf,

Tara, and feed her one last time. HA-HA-HA!

Your fear has made you insane! Am I to let you free and

believe you will return?! Please! This is Vrindavan

and Krishna is my master. I would not make an empty promise. I swear I shall return in one day so

that you may make a meal of me. Why should I wait a day when

I can satisfy my hunger now? Hmm. Where shall I begin my meal? Listen to me, please. I gave birth to my

calf just yesterday… …and she needs to drink my

special foremilk that will nourish her. Let me feed my calf

for one last time… …and I shall return

and give myself to you. You’re serious. More so than ever in my life Very well. Feed her

with your special milk. Then say goodbye to your calf and

return to me tomorrow morning. If you do not, I shall

eat you and your calf! Thank you. We’ll need lots of them to make
cool, sweet wood apple juice. Wood apple juice!! For a yummy drink of that
I’ll get you baskets of apples. I’ll show you how
to get wood apples. I can hit one. Bahula! I’m so glad to see you. When you didn’t return
with the others I thought… Momma! Oh, Tara. Tara. I was so worried about you. I prayed so hard you would
come home, and now you have. It’s a relief to see
you safe, Bahula. I thought for sure that
tiger had caught you. Dear, Tara. Let me look at you. I need to fill my heart with enough
of your love to last a lifetime. But you have a lifetime
to do that, momma. What’s wrong, Bahula? The tiger did catch me. He didn’t hurt you, did he momma? No, darling Tara. Then there’s nothing to worry
about. You’re safe now. Now. But not tomorrow. What do you mean, momma? I promised the tiger that in
exchange for letting me see you… …one last time and feed you
the special milk I carry, I would return to his
cave so that he can… No! You can’t leave me!
I won’t let you go! Ma! I don’t want to, but I must. That’s it, Dadhilobha. Just a little
further and you’ll have them. You should be more careful, Dadhi. Oh! If we don’t get some
apples before the girls return… …I’ll never enjoy that
sweet, sweet juice. Don’t cry, Madhu.
I’ll get your wood apples. You will? As many as you like…
after we have a race! A race? C’mon, you slowpokes,
catch my calf if you can! Maybe if I whisper sweet things
in your ear you’ll go faster. Moo! Moo! get moooooving!! Yes, doesn’t it look delicious? You’ll get it. Just keep
running faster! Faster! Faster! We’re going to win. Just keep
going for that delicious treat. That big, sweet, delicious… Oh, I can’t stand it.
I’ve got to have it! Two more laps to go. That blue one. I sense that he is
Kamsa’s angel of death. And I know just how to sneak
up on him…and destroy him! That should be enough to help
you grow strong and healthy, my darling, Tara. Now I must go. No, momma! Please! Don’t go! I must, Tara. I gave
my word to the tiger… But he’s just a beast! …and I must keep it. My dear sisters, please take care of this orphan
calf as if she were your own. momma! Come back! Come back! Bahula! I know where you’re going. It is noble, but not necessary. You are young and Tara needs you. I am just an old cowherd,
not long for this world. You promised the tiger a meal.
Let me be that meal. Hurry! The winner gets the
sweet cool wood apple juice! Faster! Faster! I won! I won! No, I did! I won! My calf was first! Not so fast. None of you
crossed the finish line first. This handsome calf
was the first to cross. Where is the boy who is racing him? Well, if no one wants
to claim him, then I will. I think the little calf wants
to take me for a ride. Go, Krishna! Go! How could I let myself be
fooled by that lying cow? But I didn’t lie…when I said
I’d eat her and her calf! That won’t be necessary.
I have returned as promised. Yes. And I shall enjoy
eating you…as promised. Stop! Take me! A cow is just a meal. But devour me and I’ll not
be able to hunt you again. No! Don’t listen to him. Hmmm. The old man has a point. He has led the villagers
after me many times. Yes. I shall eat him. Momma! Tara! No! Get away! But I don’t want to live
without you, momma! Tender, indeed! No! No! Eat me! Be wise tiger. Take me! The cow is a bigger meal… …but the little one will definitely
be the most delicious. Then again, eating the old man
might just be the safest thing… I know! I’ll eat you all! Give the calf a rest, Krishna!
You’re tiring the poor thing out! I’m not tiring him.
He’s tiring me! He! He! ..That’s enough You have proved yourself,
my little friend. You are not a calf, you
are as strong as a bull. Hurry, Krishna, run! He’s a demon!! Don’t worry about me, Subala. But I suggest you run
with the others… …quickly! Oh, no! Krishna! Krishna! Decisions, decisions.
Which of you shall I eat first? Perhaps the calf would
make a good appetizer. Take me! My flesh is more
tender! Just let my mother go. No! She barely has
any meat on her bones… …and will never satisfy
your great hunger. Eat me and let her go free. Please, take me as your dinner
and let these poor creatures go. Eating a man will fill
your heart with pride… …as well as your stomach with food Ah! That calf is a demon!! Don’t worry, Subala,
Krishna can handle him! Ahhh! Aaaahhhh! We could hear the yelling
and crashing for miles! What have you been doing? Just picking apples for you. And picking a fight
with that fellow. No! Hold this for me, Balaram! There’s another meal
that requires my attention. You made the wrong choice. Krishna!? Why shouldn’t I eat this cow? She promised me her life if I
would let her see her calf again. She was truthful, was she not?
Isn’t that a virtue worth rewarding? The calf then. But Tara has acted selflessly… …by offering herself for
the life of her mother. Surely that is worth your respect. Alright! Very well, I shall
eat the old cowherd. I thought tigers were
noble creatures. How can you eat an old man… who doesn’t even have enough muscle
on his bones to put up a fight? Forgive me, Krishna, for acting more
like a demon than a noble tiger. O Krishna, how can I ever thank you
enough for saving my dear Tara? By raising her to be a big,
beautiful cow like you. Come! Bahula, I have
something to show you. In honor of your truthfulness
and selfless actions, this forest shall forever
be known as Bahulavan. Hey! Easy! Your tongues
are tickling me! Why don’t you wrap
them around these instead. Hey! What do you want,
my fine feathered friends? Ah. I see. What shall I play, then? An excellent choice. You are as gracious
as you are beautiful. I will wear it with honor. You have stolen
their hearts, Krishna. And I want to steal something,
too! Can you guess what it is? Baaaa. A mouth full of grass? No. Sheep! Are you crazy?! You’ll be
caught and punished! I don’t mean for real, Madhu.
I mean pretend to steal sheep. Let’s play police and robbers! See. I am a determined thief. Indeed you are, Subala… …But Balaram and I will be
even more determined police. I’ll be the shepherd. The rest
of you boys can be my sheep. I don’t want to be a sheep.
I want to be a policeman, too. But think of all the delicious
grass you can eat. Come, Madhu, have a taste.
It’s delicious. Mmmmm. Baaa! Mmmm. Baaaa Guard your sheep well, Sridham, for they are not safe
while I am lurking. Tell me, wise brahmana… …who has been killing all the
demons sent by King Kamsa? I…don’t know. I think you do
TELL ME!! He…he’s just a boy. Give me the name of this boy or… No…I won’t. Have it your way, brahmana. Too bad the boy won’t be saving you. oh Look! Boys! Perhaps Kamsa’s Angel of
Death is one of them ? Thank you, Lord,
for answering my prayers. This time I’ll steal these sheep
right from under Sridham’s nose. Hey! Those are mine! Ah! My sheep! Police! Police! That thief stole my sheep! Hey! I thought Subala
was the thief. Who are you? I am Vyomasura… …and I am stealing YOU! A demon! Krishna! Krishna! Whew! I thought Krishna
would catch me for sure. He’s the one! He stole
some of my sheep. No I didn’t. It was another boy. There are no other boys. You’re
the only thief. It was you. Was not! Was too! Just a minute! If Subala isn’t
willing to confess his crime… …we’ll have to have a trial. I shall be the judge. But I’m innocent. Did you hear that?
Subala is innocent! I’m the judge in this court!
Who are you to claim he’s innocent? I’m his lawyer! Ah! His lawyer. Very well, then. Sridham shall present his evidence
and Balaram will defend Subala. Make yourself at home,
my tasty friends. I’ll be returning with
more “sheep” very soon. Oh, and feel free
to scream all you like. Help! Krishna! Save us! I can hardly wait to get dressed
up for today’s Surya puja. Me, too. I’m going to look beautiful
wearing my most festive clothes. I’m sure the sun
god will be pleased… …to look down upon
his “humble” devotees. Mmmmm. He will
certainly be pleased… …when he tastes
our delicious offerings. I just hope Mother
Chandrika and Prabhavathi… …are able to find a suitable
brahmana priest to perform the puja. What was that? A large swan, perhaps. More like…a vulture. Sridham, bring forth
your next witness. I call Charu. I object, your honor. Sridham
cannot call Charu as a witness. Why not? Because Charu is a sheep
and sheep cannot talk. He’s not a sheep, he’s a boy! Yes, but when the
crime was committed… …he was pretending to be a sheep, so he must testify as a sheep. Gaah! Okay… Charu…I mean, my dear sheep… …did you see Subala
steal your fellow sheep? Baaaaa! He said “yes”. No, he said “Baaaaa!” But Krishna, you saw
him nod. A nod means yes. Sridham is correct. When
a person nods it means yes. But when a sheep nods
we don’t know what it means. Huh?! It could mean his neck is
stiff…or that he’s got fleas. Aaaah! I think Madhu has
got a flea in his nose. It’s not a flea in my nose,
it’s a wonderful aroma. Mmmm! Laddus…Rasagollas… …and Sandesh!!! Mmmmmm! There! This trial will be postponed… …while Madhu and I go
in search of more…”evidence”. But what about my stolen sheep? Be a more attentive shepherd
and you won’t lose anymore. What’s wrong? Madhu and I have
been chasing a thief. A thief!? Where? There. He stole our lunches… and we chased him so far
that we are parched and starving. And what a coincidence… …that we should be here
with rasagollas and sandesh. And laddus! Madhu is delirious from his hunger.
And so am I. Ooohh! But you girls could
save us from starvation… …with some of your
nourishing treats. Do you think one
laddu will save you? I think it will take two. Well, none is what you’ll get! These offerings are
for the Surya puja, not clever boys who
chase imaginary thieves. Surya puja?! Is that today? I’m sure the noble priest
performing the puja… …will not mind if you give some of
your offerings to two hungry boys… …after the puja, of course. Krishna is right. Since the Surya Puja is for the young
gopi girls, the priests will be… …happy to share the offerings with
the young gopa boys. Perhaps, Madhu, I can
put a good word in for you. Who are the priests? You’ll have to ask Mother
Chandrika and Prabhavathi. There looking for one right now. You’re letting them get away!
We didn’t even get a single sweet. Who needs one sweet
when we can have all of them? All of them? Wait for me! If I’m going to be found
guilty of stealing sheep… …I might as well steal some. Got you! Wha…? Where’d they go? The girls have worked so hard
to prepare for the Surya puja. They will be very disappointed
if we cannot find a priest. Chandrika, look! Priests! Two of them! The sun gods
are smiling down on us, Prabha. Are you sure the sun god
won’t frown upon us, Krishna? We are going to perform a sacred
puja, Madhu. He will be pleased. Excuse me! Are you sons of brahmanas? Of course. May I ask your name
and where you come from? I am Vishva Sharma from Mathura.
We are the disciples of Gargacarya. How wonderful!
We’re just looking for… …just such highly qualified
brahmanas as you to perform a puja. I wish we could help you,
but we only do pujas for children. The puja is not for us. It’s for
the young girls in our family. Girls? Oh, no, no, no, no, no! We don’t have anything to
do with girls, do we Vishvaji? Never! And we don’t worship
devis or devatas. Only Surya. But that’s exactly who
we want you to worship. We want you to do a Surya-puja. Ah! A Surya-puja. That is different,
is it not my fine disciple? Different. Yes. Very different. Yes it is. In this case
we shall grant your request. Come to Surya-kunda
temple this afternoon… …with all the special offerings
and we will perform your puja. Come! We must tell Radha,
Lalita and Vishaka the good news. Krishna! Krishna! I knew you’d
come for us. We’re down here! Don’t exert yourself
too much, gopas. I want you to be
“tender as lamb” when I return. Krishna will stop you! He’s killed all the demons
that have tried to harm us. Krishna…? So he is the
one I’ve been searching for. I’m afraid he won’t be
rescuing you this time. Gopikas, this is Brahmana
Vishva Sarma from Mathura, and his disciple. They will be performing
the Surya puja for us. Be seated. Not that close! The offerings can be closer. Svasti rcam sasvat.
Svasti rcam sasvat. Mantrenaanena paadyaadin
mitraaya tvam samarpaya. Om mitraaya svaha Om mitraaya
svaha Om mitraaya svaha Thank you, kind brahmanas. We have never heard
such wonderful mantras. Please take these pearls as
dakshina for your services. That’s not necessary. The only payment true brahmanas
need is the pleasure of Surya. But we have to honor
you with dakshina… …or the puja will not be complete. Well, if you must give us something, I guess we could accept
some of those laddus. And the sandesh. And did I mention that
my guru likes rasagollas? We would be honored… …if you could perform this puja
for our young gopis every month. It would be our pleasure.
A true pleasure! I feel so blissful. I’ve never met such
magnificent priests. And I’ve never seen priests with
such magnificent sweet-teeth. “We would be honored if you
could perform this puja… …for our young gopis every month!” Next time we’ll tell them to
offer Surya some srikhand. What have you been
doing all this time, Krishna? He’s been getting me
into trouble again. Very delicious trouble.
Here, try some! Shall we finish your trial, Subala? We don’t need a trial. He’s
even guiltier now than before. Look! He’s stolen all of my sheep! No I didn’t. Then where did they
go, into thin air? I know where they are. They’re trapped in a nearby cave,
praying that Krishna will save them. I am Krishna. Who are you? I am Vyomasura, the one who is going
to devour all of your missing boys, just as soon as I kill you! Krishna! Oh, Krishna, no! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! Please, Krishna,
you must find our friends. Vyomasura said they were in a cave. There’s only one cave
around here. This way! The entrance is blocked! It’s…impossible. Thank you, Krishna!
We knew you’d save us! You’re the greatest hero in
Vrindavan. No, in all the world! Aghasura!! Faithful Aghasura! Go forth
and find my angel of death… …and take him to the
land of the forgotten! Your master commands you!! Your wish is my
command, O King Kamsa! You shall find him, Aghasura,
wherever he may be. My spirit shall go with you. Look! Krishna! Look! We have never
seen that mountain cave before! Look how it’s shining
in the morning sun!! It must be filled with
beautiful precious stones. Krishna, please lets go! Let’s race to the cave, come on! I’ll stay here and take
care of the calves. But see that you get back quick, we have to take them to
the new pasture today. Where did that
strange log come from? I don’t remember crossing over
it when we came past before. It’s too springy to be a log. And far too long! Let’s find out where it leads. This cave wasn’t here before. Something doesn’t feel right.
I think we should go back. Don’t worry, Madhu. It is
going to be a real adventure! I’ve never seen a
cave like this before. Nor smelled one, either. I don’t like the look OR smell
of this place. Let’s go back. Don’t worry Madhu.
Stop being a baby! Boys, do not enter the cave! It is the open mouth of the vicious
demon Aghasura. Wait, wait!! Krishna! O Krishna!!
Help, help!! Krishna!!! Help! Krishna! Save us! Krishna! Please help us! Aghasura! So, you have tricked my friends
into your deadly trap, have you? Help! Krishna! Save us! Krishna! Noooo! Thank you, little Shyama
You’ve been a great help! Yeah! Krishna!/ O Krishna!/ Krishna, you saved us, Krishna!! You saved our lives. Your music makes me feel so light,
Krishna, I want to fly like a bird. You’ll need some feathers
if you’re going to fly, Madhu. Hey! Stop it! That tickles! Agh! Ptew! I’m poisoned. Flap your wings and let’s
see you fly. Up! Up! I will not let you
make a fool of me. Not even for some sweet burfis. O Krishna! What took
you so long, son? I just couldn’t coax Hamsi
away from her mother today. I’m sure she’s drunk
up all her milk! Not again, Hamsi! Soon
you’ll beat Krishna at it!! Be careful my darling, I’ll be waiting all day to
see you before sunset! Krishna, O Krishna, I’ve got
something for you, my little angel! You didn’t pack that in
my bag, did you Mother? No, no, not for you, Madhu!
These special rasgullas, steeped in rose scented sweet
syrup, are Krishna’s favorite, and they’re only for him!
Go on now, I’ve already given you
your lunch basket Mmmmmmm. Thank you very much! O Komala, you must give
some to Madhu too! That’s right, listen to her, mother!! O my beautiful bumblebee,
here’s some of my best sandesh! And just the way you like it! So fluffy and soft, they’ll
just melt in your mouth! Krishna, my lovely blue
lotus, I’ve got you,ůůů. That’s enough pampering
for one day, Krishna! Now run along! And see that you
share your gifts with your friends. I will, mother. You are so kind to me,
thank you for all the goodies! Yashoda, your Krishna is so special! Look at the way he
plays his flute… …and gets all our boys
to dance like butterflies! He charms me every
morning that I see him, and I can’t get his lotus
eyes and sweet smile… …out of my mind the whole day! Champa’s right! O Yashoda, sometimes
we forget our own boys, lost in sweet thoughts
of your little Krishna. You are so fortunate, Yashoda! I really wish Krishna
were my own little boy! Me, too! Me, too!! Me, too!!! O Lord, I have told you
everything as I have seen it. This little boy Krishna certainly
must be the Supreme Person. Bhanu, I am in charge of
conducting the material creation. And I know my master,
the Supreme Lord Vishnu. Surely He finds no need to
give up His abode in Vaikunta… …and chose to live among the
simple villagers of Vrindavan!! Pardon me my Lord Brahma,
but is there anyone else… …who can defy the powerful
laws of material nature? This very morning, he killed
the vicious demon Aghasura. Ah! Is that right??!! I am not bewildered, Bhanu. There is nothing about the
Supreme Lord that I do not know. As a responsible servitor, I make it a point to be informed
of his transcendental activities. Hence, I believe this is the feat
of a very powerful magician. Nevertheless, I must
make sure who he is, before he bewilders the innocent humans.. Yes My Lord! It is about time I dealt with this myself. I shall descend upon the earth, into the village of
Vrindavan where he lives. You will accompany me, Bhanu. Yes, my lord. My dear little friends, I’m as happy to see you,
as you are to see me! There is no place like the
beautiful forests of Vrindavan. I love these forests too, Krishna! And do we ever get hungry
around here, Dadhi!?? That’s the end of the fruit,
the monkey and the greedy boy!! So this is where the Blue Boy
hides, lost in play and pranks. Where then, does all the magic lie? What kind of magic can
this little cow herd make? The kind that can do this! This is the python Krishna
killed this morning! How can ů. Bhanu, O Bhanu! Why
are you so flustered? I have an idea!! Yesů.yes, my lordů.. …but I fear we have a very
clever wizard to deal with. Have you forgotten that the
Lord has given me charge… …of the greatest task
in the universe? Can Brahma not find out the secret
of this little magician’s tricks? Come closeů That’s it, Hamsi, eat up so you will
become a great, big cow someday, and give lots of sweet milk
for Krishna and Balaram. Hey! Wait!! Hamsi, Gai, where are you? Krishna, I have the
best samosas today! There’s enough for you too! O Krishna, look at these snowy
white rasagullas my mother’s sent! Please take some! My mother’s sent me
lovely little kachoris. She told me to share them with
you! Hmm! Hmm!… Hmm! Hmm! O Krishna, I have your favourite
rose sandesh! Hmm please take some! And now my beloved friends,
look what I’ve got! The sweetest, the most
fragrant mango srikhand!! And mother has packed
enough for all of you! “Yeh, yeh!” Krishna, Krishna!
I can’t find the calves! I’ve looked for them everywhere. Come on Subala! Sit down.
You haven’t even had your lunch. I’ll take care of it, Subala, they must have wandered into
the forest. Just sit down and eat. All of you stay here. I’ll
be back with the calves. Look at this, it’s raining…dust! Krishnaů..hasn’t
come b.a.c.ků..yettttttůů. I can’t find the calves anywhere.
I think I need your help! Madhu? Sridham? Charu! Subala!
Where are you all? Who is up to this mischief? Ah…so it is you, Brahma,
who wishes to play with me. I have appeared on the
earth on your call, and now even you
are really bewildered! Have you seen my son yet? Krishna
and the boys have not returned!! They should have returned hours ago. It is already late, and these mothers are
anxious about their sons. I shall not allow this
trick of Brahma… …to break the hearts
of these mothers. The dear mothers of
Vrindavan love me so much. They have longed to
have me as their son. And the cows of Vrindavan love
me even more than their calves. I shall give them all the
chance they are waiting for. I shall fulfill their pure desire!! There’s one more to goů Hurry! We must return to our families. They are already
anxious and are looking for us. Look! There he is! So bright and beautiful… …Madhu?! My son looks as bright and
beautiful as Krishna! Hmm! so does my darling Subala! O Yashoda!
How bright all the boys look! They appear very
special this evening. Almost like Krishna, himself! You’re right;
there is some magic in the air! And so, as Krishna
continued to manifest himself… …in place of his
missing friends… …the days passed happily,
as did the seasons. And while Brahma kept the
cowherd boys and calves… …hidden in dreamland… …Krishna kept the parents of
Vrindavan filled with joy… …and the cows filled with milk
for their beloved calves. The villagers could not see the
cause of their constant bliss… …the truth was that
every home had Krishna. And every barn too!
Krishna was everywhere!! Yashoda, there is an
amazing sense of happiness… …in Vrindavan these days. That’s so true, my lord!
I don’t hear anyone complaining. Fathers and mothers are
so happy with their children. As for the cows, the milkmen have a hard time
taking their calves away from them. Their love for the calves
seems to overflow. I feel so happy to see the
mothers’ eyes light up magically, with great affection for their sons, just the same way
that I feel for Krishna. I have wondered… …what special magic spell I am
under when I am with Krishna. Now I see that happen
with all of them, too. That’s it! Magic spell! That’s what Vrindavan
seems to be under. Hmm.. A magic spell! Oh, Krishna, I know it’s you! Oh Lord!! How have
I got myself in to this fix!? Already one year
has passed on earth! Let me go to Vrindavan and
find out what Krishna is up to… …having lost the boys and calves. How can this be?! The cowherd boys are
asleep in the clouds… …and the calves hidden away
in the Happy Dreamland! H-How can they all be here,
playing with K-K-Krishna?! Waů.waůwaů.what is this?? And how is my L..orr..ddd
Vv..ishůn..u here?? I am Brahma! W..h..o..
are all Brahmas?? What, What is going on?
O Lord, what is going on? O, my LordůO my lordůůmy lordůů. What have I done?? What have
I done?? Forgive me my dear lord! Chaturmukha Brahma! I am
here to answer your prayer… …as I had promised! Alas, even such a powerful
person as yourself… has fallen into illusion and
forgotten the absolute truth. I know you are my devotee and have
no envy in your heart for me… …and so I have made this
elaborate arrangement… …to teach you the entire truth. Behold! I have summoned Brahmas of different universes, so you may understand the
complete truth about yourself. Of the thousands of universes,
you are in charge of just one. There are bigger
universes than yours… …and Brahmas more
powerful than yourself. Things are much bigger… …and morevcomplex than
you can possibly imagine. My lord, I am an insignificant
glow worm, before you, whose brilliance is more
than a thousand suns! But how is it that your
simple friends of Vrindavan … …are not bewildered
by your great feats, they just adore you
as their darling boy?!! Their love is pure
and intense, Brahma. Whatever I do, however small
or big, they simply love me. I cannot be understood simply by
Vedic knowledge or yogic meditation. I can be understood only
by love and devotion. O Krishna, origin of all
Vishnus, O master, please forgive my grave offence. You have mercifully
revealed yourself to me, and I am eternally grateful to you. May I always remember and cherish
you in this beautiful boyish form, playing with your friends
and calves, and remember… what a big fool I have been. My dear friends, how long will you stay asleep!! It’s time to return home. Krishna, I had the strangest dream Me too That’s what happens when
you sleep all afternoon… …with bellies full of goodies. It seems like we’ve
slept for a whole year! Yes, sometimes telling the
time can be very difficult.! O Krishna, what has happened??!!
Who broke the magic spell?? Dear mother, what are you
talking about?? Spells?? I’m just your little boy,
not a magician!! And soůLittle Krishna demonstrated
his wondrous feats with… …his super powers and his stories
of heroic valor as a best friend, a naughty prankster, a lovable child and the conqueror
of evil demons are cherished, …even today.

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