LIFE OF CHOTI BEHEN | Karachi Vynz Official

LIFE OF CHOTI BEHEN | Karachi Vynz Official

Amir! What about the Akber uncle’s work? Yes! I had a conversation with him, they were saying that… Go get us a cup of tea, hurry up! Whenever they are discussing something important, I am expelled out of the room. Bring tea! Bring water! Bring this! Bring that! There is no importance of a younger sister. Ayesha! What are you doing? I was trying to find a book. Why? What happened? Leave this! Make me a cup of tea. Brother! When will you be reaching home? I have to photocopy my assignment for tomorrow. Brother! Can you recharge my phone account on your way home? Brother! Bring chocolates on your way home. Can you bring noodles? Mother has cooked vegetables. Where are you? I have been waiting for so long. I also told you to recharge my phone account. Brother! You are here? I haven’t received any balance yet. Balance? When did you say about balance? Brother! I told you about balance, chocolates and noodles too.
You brought nothing? I’ll go get it in sometime. What do you mean by sometime? I have been hungry for so long. I was in a very big problem. What kind of problem? Try to understand, I was in a very big problem. What happened brother? Is everything alright? What kind of problem? The problem was that I FPRGOT! OOO!!! What? You forgot? What kind of excuse is this? I have been hungry for so long. Sister! Make me a cup of tea please! Hey! What is the meaning of “It’s not significant”? It’s not very important. No! No! It’s a very important message tell me the meaning. It means “It’s not important”. OOO Ok Brother! Why are you worried this much for these type of things? Just copy this message and U-Dictionary will translate it into Urdu automatically. Similarly, if you type a message in Urdu, it will translate it into English with it’s advanced feature. And, then you can copy the message and send it. Simple! By the way, I also knew it. You haven’t told me something new. Hunhh!! Brother! You didn’t know. I knew it! You can’t do good to anyone these days. Are you going to make tea? Yes! I told her yesterday. Ayesha! Mother is calling you. Yes brother, I am just coming. With whom you are talking to? I am talking to a friend. Which friend? What do mean by “which friend”? It’s a college friend. What is your friend’s name? Why are you asking this much questions? I am your big brother, tell me the name. I am talking to Neelam. Ok! You are talking to Neelam. He is showing these weird tantrums all the time. Yes? My brother was here. What happened brother? Father has called me up, some of his friends are coming. Do one thing, make 2 cups of tea. And, clean it up a little bit around here, pick these cups and glasses from here. Ok! I’ll make it. Take this bag along with you also. and if there is biscuits and nimko in the kitchen then bring them also. Hurry up! Come on! Come on! Come let’s watch match! Why are we sitting here? Let’s go outside somewhere and have some tea. Tea, biscuits and nimko, everything will be here. No way! Yes man! Wow man! Ayesha! Make me a cup of tea. BROTHER! Ok mother! I am going, I’ll be back till night. Where are you going? At my friend’s place. Which friend? My college friend. Why are you going? She has a birthday party at her place, I already told mother about it. So, where does she lives? She lives in C.H.S. Ok! So, send her number and address to your mother. I’ll send you. Till when you will be back? I shall be back till 11 or 11.30. No! 11 is too late. You should be back till 9. Dad! it’s a birthday party. Ok mother! I am going, I’ll be late tonight. Allah Hafiz! Dad, he comes late daily. aaaaaa….baaaa…aaaaa!!!!! Make me a cup of tea before going. Seriously! Mother! You have cooked such good biryani. You have magic in your hands. I didn’t cook this biryani, Ayesha cooked it. Ooohhhh! Ayesha cooked it? That’s why I was noticing, there is too much salt in it. Spices are also too much! Then just don’t eat it’ Oh my God! Mother! Look how is she talking to her elder brother? What are you doing? He is your elder brother, he is just kidding with you. Mother! You are always on their side. Mother! are there anymore potatoes left? I put a lot of them. I think we ate all the potatoes. You guys eat, I’ll bring some more. You can take some from me brother! By the way, you should not eat potatoes. You are becoming fat by eating potatoes. What is your problem brother? Just a second! Whom you are calling “brother”? To my brother! I think no one has told her. You tell her. No! Amir is our elder brother, he will tell her. I think it’s the time to speak truth. Look, when you were a small kid, our parents picked you up from a dustbin. You are not our sister! Whaattt??? Yes! And look, you are face is also not identical to us, how handsome we are and how weird you are. What is the problem? I am not going to eat food with you guys. Do one thing, give me my potato back. Hey! Hey! Give me that potato, you fat girl. Download U-dictionary now from google play store. Ayesha! My sister! Yes brother! Look what I brought for you! What did you bring? show me. It’s a gift for you. Show me!!! Surprise! Mother! Cockroach! Mother!

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  1. Bari behen ki to buhat importance hoti hai bhai . Mai chota bhai hoon aur mujhe pata hai kitni sunni prti hain mujhe.Chai tak mai banata hoon.

  2. I am also the youngest sis. Nd i experience all of this. The most entertaining video of karachi vynz?

  3. Exactly the same story.I have three brother and i am the only sister. thankgod the chai one doesn,t happen cause i am not that big

  4. You showed make a video of" How brothers irritate sisters " My brother also irritate me with different type of ideas

  5. ویسے بھائی ستاتے کیوں ہیں ؟؟؟ ??? شادیوں کے بعد اکٹھے ہو کر یہی شرارتیں یاد کر کے ہنستے بھی ہیں پھر سب ???? جیسے ہم سب

  6. Unfortunately, i have one and only elder sister,
    bari ho ye choti, sister cares like mother ?❤️?

  7. Shukr ha sirf mri ami abu chaye peety wrna to mri band bj jati coz we r five siblings and i m the younger one and that "kachry wala scene" mry sth bchpan sy hota a ra hehe

  8. Me and my sister are same

    But sisters are not for ever with us
    They have to go someday

    May all sisters be blessed ameen

  9. hahahaha yar very entertaining and funny. I really like the idea and acting. Keep it up the good work. Ma to sooch raha tha k aab TV se acha to abb youtube ha

  10. Importance ki baat nai choti bhen darasal bade hone ke baad bhi choti hi lagti hai islye khud hi mu se nikal jata hai ?? .sorry lil sis for that BTW????

  11. Meri bhen ne toh rule banaya huwa hai ke jab sab ke liye chai banegi toh . is ke elawa ek dafa bol do toh khane lagti hai

  12. This is so true oh my brothers and dad are begging me all day to make chai is so annoying especially the food when I make great food and I am a girl is SHEHERBANO

  13. Hum chaye peetay nahi,Coffee Peetay Hai,aur Maine tumko nahi kaha chaye pilane k liey jis ne kaha usse shikayat karo

  14. masha ALLAH yar bohat nyc yar qasam sai bohat pyari voice he ap ki dear AP ka name nhi pata agar is gilr k kisi ko name pata hai to mujhe batayen me insta pr follow karunga inhen qasam sai yar bohat pyari acting he ap ki 🙂 daily dekhta hn yeh me karachi vynz amezing yar

  15. My younger sister not from kachry ka drum, She is from Sunday bazar hahahaha, guyz ye video ham sb siblings ki akasi krti hy

  16. That kachrey wala to mere saath zaroor hota hai I have 3 brothers and unki ikloti sister …… Chai banado…..khana laado…..bahar nhi jaana that happened to meeeee every day ????????????

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